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A siren is a temptress. Beautiful creatures that no one could resist once they start to sing, bending them to their will, making them do whatever they wanted. Emerald had all those things except for beauty when a fisherman had scarred her face. Unattractiveness was unacceptable towards their world, and so she's forced out to live in the lands. No longer able to join her sisters, she walks off the ocean, discovering the land of what is now today. But, she walks off too far, becoming lost and finds a huge wolf staring at her. Heph is the second born of the Kilmer pack. A wolf and the gamma of the pack. He had always been thought of someone who was weak because he wasn't like his siblings. Yet, he proved them wrong by taking up the Gamma position. As they hunt, he sees her. A wandering woman. His mate.

Romance / Fantasy
Bella O’Brien
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1. Emerald

The sun was setting when my feet landed on the ground. Mother was right—anybody who watched the sunset would fall in love and worship the God of Sun and Sea easily, without question. I had always prayed to Him, wished every blessing would befall our home and that no harm would come to my kind or any of those who are innocents.

Without fins, I was bare naked like the day that I was born. The sand beneath my feet tickled me and excited me at the same time. It had been years since I came back to surface and walk among the creatures of the land. The last time I was here, I was merely a child, not yet reaching puberty at the time. My eyes moved around the surrounding place, trying to see if a human had managed to see me.

When I had only seen a boat, a sigh passed my lips in relief. As I stalked towards the small boat, I stared down at the equipment men had been using for years. My eyes landed too long towards the blue fishing rod and its hook. The sound of the small waves passing the ocean made me relax, reminding me that even though I do not have a home anymore, the ocean is still my friend.

There were multiple fishing rods in the boat, an empty bucket that I came to learn that was being used for fishes to be placed in, a net, and a large red shirt lying on it. It was no longer wet but the scent of the fishes and sea made me smile. I’m in land and the smell of this shirt would surely keep me company for a while.

I pulled it over my head, shrugging at contempt when I noticed that the shirt was way too large that it went past my knees. Mother did say that it’s best to find larger clothes that would make sure everything is covered. Humans weren’t fond of nakedness, as she said, and if ever I had managed to find myself being treated in a way I do not want to be, that’s where we use enchantment to protect ourselves.

But only if it’s necessary. The God looks down and punishes those who use the magic unnecessarily and for evil.

The ocean’s waves were had become aggressive, making me turn around to face those who had created such waves. There, far away from me were three of my sisters—Thelxi, Lia, and Alga—all waving at me and smiling. I didn’t waste time to wave back and whistle softly towards them. They did the same thing, their melodic voices springing tears in my eyes.

I could not believe that they followed me to see me off.

“We love you!” Thelxi shouted on the top of her lungs, her hands cupping around the lips as for effect of a louder voice.

It was an unnecessary move, given that our kind can communicate one another at a long distance, by song or by words, but the gesture was beautiful. It sent a message that their love for me will never go away and all I could do was nod and wipe the tears falling from my eyes.

Giving one another a few more seconds waving, I watched as they turned around and flapped their fins, diving deep into the ocean, back to our land. Their land, now that I was no longer welcome.

The waves were calm by the time I had decided to turn and walk through the woods. This was the very first time I had landed at this place. I needed to be somewhere no one could find me and given that Mother had brought me to the same place in Italy dozens of times in order to train me, I had to bring myself here. In America. A land where no one will suspect of me being at.

Up ahead, were trees that were tall and humongous, all healthy. It has not been destroyed. As I walk through, I greet the animals I passed by, nodding to them. I was not a citizen of the land and I did not want any trouble. There were tons of animals lurking—I had seen a bunch of ox, buffalo, and snakes as I passed by.

The birds that lived in the trees chirped happily when their eyes land on me. It was not a surprise. They could hear that I meant no harm. At one point, a hummingbird had landed on my shoulder, beating its wings repeatedly to greet me.

“Hello,” I told the little bird, holding up my index finger to caress him. Its color reminded me of my name and the color of my hair. Only, his were mixed with red, orange, and yellow like the sun when it would set. “Quite late for you to be here, little fella. Night is beginning to set now.”

He just flapped his wings. A sign that he agreed with me. I could only laugh as I dropped my finger. “Go on then. I’m sure you are needed by your nest. I hope to see you quite soon, alright?”

With that, he took flight. I admired him, watching him fly through the air. What was once a sky filled of red-orange ombre colors was now filled with pure black, stars were beginning to pop out, and the moon only showed half of its face. The Goddess of Moon and Night was now at work.

I had always admired Her. There were many stories of the Gods and Goddesses and though I worship the God of Sun and Sea, the Goddess of Moon and Night made me curious as to the creatures She ruled over. Wolves and Lycans, as Mother calls it. I had never seen one before.

I almost jump to where I was standing when I faced where the snap of a fallen branch had sounded. It rang in my ears, making me pin-point easily where someone had stepped on it. A figure, larger than an ox, I was sure, moved fast, enough for me to look around and try to see where it was.

“Hello?” I questioned, placing my hands up in the air. As a precaution in a face of danger, Mother had said to always try the safest route—a route where I would not be exposed as a Siren—which was to surrender to them. I cannot assume that they are all bad, it was not in our nature to do so. If I hurt them without knowing of their intentions, I will not be different than those who murder in cold blood.

And Mother also said to act as if I am human. Supernatural creatures would recognize one another but humans cannot know of our existence as much as possible.

Another branch breaks, leaves begin to flow through the air from how fast the figure is. “I mean no harm. I am merely passing through. It is my first time here in America.”

The figure was no longer one. There were multiple of them, surrounding me, and before I can even talk, I was met with tons of growls that surely belonged to what seemed like dogs. I took a deep breath and the dog smell became stronger but there was something that caught my nose.

One of the figures smelled of rain. It was alluring and I stepped to my right where I smelled it.

I’m once again met by growls. This time, they’re loud, enough to ring in my ears and make me cover them with my palms. “Please do not hurt me, I am not a danger.”

The growls were long gone when I had removed my ears but there were a few grunts and moans that I have heard. Not only that, but I could hear the sound of their bones breaking and popping. Humans? No, Mother said that humans have no ability of any kind.

“We won’t hurt you.”

My eyes glanced towards the sight of a man. He stood tall, the muscles in his body were defined, he was wearing nothing but boxers. I may have not been in land for years but the sea where humans go to teaches me well. His dark red hair was disheveled, falling down to his brows; but what caught me the most were his eyes. They were nothing I’ve seen before. His eyes were in the color of fire orange. They matched those fires that humans would create when they would camp near the sea.

My smell did not fail me either. He smelled of rain. It was him that smelled of it.

He was young and yet, older than me for a few years, I deciphered. His pale pink lips were pursed before he started to talk once more, “You smell of the gardenia flowers.”

“No way!” My eyes snapped towards the man who came right by his side. He was muscular but lean, and shorter than the man in front of me. His “You’re smelling the Scent of the Soul! To me, she smells like fishes.”

My brows furrowed. “I’m sorry, Scent of the Soul? I do not know what you speak of.”

“It means,” a woman had popped by his other side. She was wearing a shirt and shorts. Her stature was shorter than me and definitely was more beautiful than I was. Her eyes were in the color of gold, matching her long blonde hair. She smiled at me brightly as if we were long lost friends. “you and the Gamma here, are mates.”

I could tell that she was older than me but it did not show in her face of what her true age was. Mother did say that some supernatural creatures possess immortality or the ability to age slower than humans. And… mates? Those had only existed in the creatures that belonged to the Goddess of Moon and Night.

My eyes widened. It had clicked all of a sudden. The dog smell, the growling, they were either Lycans or wolves. But it does not make sense. Mates? Sirens could not be mates with their kind. Oh, Gods and Goddesses. Is this a punishment as being an outcast? Is the God of Sun and Sea deeply mad at me? I do not understand. Mother will surely kill me if she finds out I am in this situation.

No, no, she could not find out because I am not there no more.

I looked up to the sky. It is said that when the Goddess takes over, God has taken a rest. Still, it does not hurt to try.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing?” The man with the fire colored eyes took a step forward to me and I took a step back, placing my hands up in the air. “I just told you we won’t hurt you. Are you… are you praying?”

I was about to start my prayer when darkness had taken over me, rendering me helpless.

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