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When fate binds together to people.That couldn't be more different.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1
I sat in my bedroom staring at the ceiling.My ears now twitching at every slight noise was now a hundred times more sensitive than previously.Unlike in primary, elementary and kindergarten I hadn't made any new freinds due to the fact I was obsessing over the GCSE.So I was hoping,assuming that I got the scholarship,I could cut myself some slack at the university.i had been longing for an eternity to leave this old Victorian house in the depths of London.I wished again and again this was the only thing I wanted.I hadn't wished this hard since I was seven,but unlike the other children in my year,I wasn't wishing for. A unicorn or a game boy instead I was wishing that my parents would pay me some form of attention.Of course I had given this up years ago,and I had saved up to rent this old house.I suddenly heard a bang on the door I rushed down the stairs and opened the door the post man handed me the letter.i mumbled a thanks closed the door and ripped open the letter.And stared at the page it read,

Dear Miss Asher
I am elated to inform you that you ,due to your exceeding marks in the entrance exam, have secured a place xxx university.Due to the small inconvenience,everything you need will be available in the parcel you will receive along with this letter.

Yours sincerely:
principal of xxx university
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