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"It's all happening by chance rather than intention"! ------- "I can sign those papers," I said to him, in a sharp tone, banging my hands on the table angrily and standing, to which he turned to look in my way. He cocked his eyebrow at me as if questioning me. "He.Is.My.Dad" I said clenching my jaw answering his unasked question. "Ms.Emarald, This is Business, not some club. Where you can enter in a VIP section, using your dad's name." He said insulting me in front of all Board members. That son of a bitch! How he bloody dared to insult me... That too in front of all these people. What does he think of me??? A school going teenage girl??? "In case if you have forgotten, I would like to remind you that 'I'm CEO of this company'" I said air quoting my statement. And you don't have to tell me, 'What is business'? I know what does business means?! and, I paused for a dramatic effect. This is my god damn business," I said rolling my finger around the room in a circular motion in the air. As if marking my territory! "Acting CEO of the company," he said air quoting his statement, mocking my previous action and ignoring what I said after that. Unedited

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Music was blasting out of the speaker, like this is the last day of us on the earth. Yay Party! Whatever.

Where people were rolling on the dance floor all I wanted to do here is roll my eyes.

Here I was sipping on tequila shots after shots like nobody's business. Lisa was continuously calling me to get on the floor with our friends, but I am not at all in the mood to dance.

Actually, I am a good dancer. Like really a good dancer but just not tonight.

I have lots of going on my mind right now. Like my Graduation.Yes right! I'm graduating this year in fact next month, and I have to top in university to impress my dad so he won't be forcing me to take over his company to handle his bullshit business.

I'm doing journalism and want to open my open own journalist company. It's my dream! But for that, I have to top the university, so I can manipulate my dad's decision.

Arghhhhhh thinks Irine think something best to get out of this situation.

..Wow, now I'm having a headache too. Just great!



Here on your right...

God, I wish I can just bang her head against this table and shut her voice for a while. Okay don't take me as a psycho criminal but right now she's really being annoying and I can't take any more of a headache than I already have.

Ohh god please help to get out of this.

While having this conversation with God, I saw through my peripheral vision that Lisa was coming towards me and by her face, I can tell how pissed she is because of me.

"What the hell are you doing here woman, sulking.."??? She asked frustratedly.

Errr why does she have to scream like that... This woman!

She is my best friend, my love, my trust, my soulmate and my everything but right now she is adding fuel to my headache.

"Godd women don't scream I can clearly hear you," I said.

"Is that so?! Then you must have also heard that I told you to get on the floor," she said exasperated.

"Now get your arse off of that table and dance with us and stop being a party pooper. You know we only have this next month till graduation after that we won't be able to be like this. God knows where we all will be. Different states, different cities or might be in different countries too, so come on let's enjoy now". She said getting all emotional.

"Ohh Lisa don't make me cry now I already have so much right now, Come let's go dance," I said and got off the table.

Move your arse...

So much of sweaty bodies.



After moving dozens of people out of the way, we finally reached the dance floor.

After a few minutes, I actually started feeling better when I started moving my body on music. Rihanna's 'Work-Work' was playing on, and this feels better. Trust me, nothing feels better than dancing on your favourite song like no one is watching.

I was so much into dancing that I didn't realise that someone is grinding on me. What the fudge!

Who the hell dare to...

I suddenly got my senses back and turned to see the face of that jerk but the moment I turned my eyes landed on the most beautiful pair of blue eyes.

Ohh, my sweet lord!

Someone, please hold me...

I was so lost in a pair of blue eyes.

Drowning deep into them...Wow!

"Hey beautiful," he asked with his one eyebrow crocked.

Darn too sexy to handle!

Me*Blush* blush* blush*

"Hey handsome," I said.

I Again blush** blush**

"Why did you stop?" he questioned and gestures me to continue our dirty little dance. And I like an absent-minded person gave my hand in his forwarded hand. He immediately pulled me by my hand and twirled so now my back is facing to his front.

Ahan!Someone is getting subconscious mocked me,

"Ohh it's alcohol doing not mine" and like a first bench student, I immediately answered or defended mentally but continued to dance like a shameless person I am.

Now the song has changed, and 'Sucker' by 'Jonas brothers' was playing. So he fastened his pace and so did I.We were so lost in our dance that I forgot about Lisa and my other friends, but after few seconds I started looking over my shoulder to find Lisa while dancing. My mind was so occupied in my 'Search-Lisa -Mission' that I forgot some hot hunk is dancing behind me with his hands all over my body.

Sneaking. Touching. Groping. Grinding

Ahamm..this guy definitely knows what to do, how to do and when to do. By all his doing he once again got me lost.

'Get a hold woman' my subconscious warned me. I am sure I'm gonna kill her one day for talking too much.

"What's the name of such a beautiful lady," he whispered nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck and I got chills all over my body by his lingering breaths on my neck.


"Irine is the name I whispered."

God, where the hell my confidence is gone.


Every damn time when I need it the most.

Then he turned me so now we're facing face to face.

Okok neck to face. My subconscious rolled her eyes at me. Gosh, he is so tall !!!

"Liam," he said.


"The name is Liam" he whispered in my ear.

"Ohh" I acknowledged.

He then hummed sexily...

"So are you a college student or what," he asked much to my expectation.

"Yeah, the final year of journalism," I answered smoothly.

"Journalism??!! Hmmm.." He replied.

"Then I must stay away from you, Don't know you must be prying for some information for all I know," he continued then chuckled.

"Ohh it means you have something that I can make news out of..?!"

I wittily retorted crocking my right eyebrow.

"Ohh cupcake, Businessmen are made of news..lots of news.." He replied then winked.

"Businessman huh...?!" I said surprised.

"Yeah just joined my father's business," he answered.

"So, Cupcake can I have your number now??" He asked raising both of his eyebrows.

And I pretended to think......






Then he started giving me a puppy face.

Aww...Now tell me how I can reject such a cute face right?! So I did what I did.

I gave him my number.



Suddenly I heard my name being called and the moment I heard that voice I knew who it belongs to.


"Let's go, your father called me because you were not answering your phone. We're in big shit now he sounded angry," She said panting as if she just ran a marathon.

"Ohh someone is in trouble" someone cleared their throat from behind and I knew who it was so I turned.

"Hey, nice meeting you Liam but right now I really need to leave before trouble comes here," I said rolling my eyes in the back of my mind.

"You mean your dad," he asked laughing.

"Yeah who else..I said rolling my eyes again. I really have to stop rolling my eyes too much.No offence but I should really care about my eyes, I warned my self mentally.

"let's go, woman, we don't have forever" Lisa almost yelled in my ear and start dragging me. So I quickly said bye to Liam and trailed behind Lisa.

We met the rest of our friends outside the club and told them about the "Angry-Dad-Situation" then bid bye to them to reach our main destination.


After like half an hour we reached our destination. Lisa quickly wished me "All the best" and waved bye to me then went to her way. To her house.

I sneakily got inside the mention I call home, before my dad can catch me and start giving me a lecture about 'How reckless I am'. How my late-night parties are not good for his reputation. And of course about the press too.

Like seriously, I am studying journalism I know how to avoid them and how not to be in the news but boy does he care about my degree. Then the answer is No. A big fat No!

Pufffttt !!!!!

Finally, I reached my room. Yay! To me for reaching without receiving any lecture.

Now I have to change. God, I hate this procedure. This is the only reason I don't like going outside.

I quickly changed and then jumped on my bed. Within a few minutes, I went into a deep slumber hugging my pillow.

Next day I woke up with a terrible headache like someone is banging my head with a hammer.

Arghh I hate hangovers. Oh god, help me!

After taking a glass of water and Advil, I felt better. I took a shower and headed to downstairs for breakfast. But much to my dismay dad was already there having his breakfast with his dear wife. My mom, Thank god she is there at least I'll have someone to control my dad from busting into a volcano.

I took my seat across mom while dad is sitting beside me, at the main centre chair where he usually sits.

Ignoring him, I started serving my self. SCRAMBLED EGGS.

I love you mom I screamed mentally and looked at mom and she smiled at me as if she heard what I just said in my mind. While having this telepathic conversation with mom, I felt my dad's continuous glares on me. But I decided to ignore and focus on the most important thing. FOOD.

"How many times I have to tell you ?"


It's started. Now there is no going back from this conversation. Ohh god, give me enough strength, I begged mentally.

Dad is constantly complaining about how careless I am and all... Blah blah blah

And then more of blah blah

After like a century he decided to stop, ending the conversation by threatening how he will force me to take on his business if I keep acting like a reckless person.

This is the shit I was scared of.

After that, he left to work, and I went back to my room to clear my mind.


Three weeks later

Wright's mansion

At Party

Time: 11.00 pm

I was walking through the hallway searching for my destination but while walking suddenly my eyes fell upon something. Or Someone. It was a girl, definitely! Blonde, in particular, and she was kissing a guy. Passionately!

I can't see her face because her back was facing me. She looks familiar, but I just can't put my finger on who exactly she is. And suddenly she turned and I saw her face but before she can see me I hid my self-behind the pillar.


Ohh yeah, it's indeed Katherine. Mr.Wright's daughter. I know her. I mean, of course; Mr.Wright threw this party. So everyone knows her here.

And she was kissing this guy whose face I can't see clearly because from where I was standing I could only see his half-face and by that face, he's quite handsome but doesn't look that rich by his appearance.

I mean I don't judge people by their clothes but looking at Katherine I compared because Wrights are one of the richest people in this world. As per dad, In the business world, everyone gets feared to go against him. He fears people. He can do anything for his business. He sounds Dangerous. Whatever.

I know I'm no one to intervene in their business but my inner journalist kicked in at the same time so here I'm with my spy skills.


I quickly clicked two-three photos of them and made my self-ready to go but suddenly someone screamed so I hid my self-back again.



The moment that name got called out that guy stopped kissing and bid bye to Katherine after giving her peck on her lips.


After a few minutes, I found myself back at the party.


Such a relief !!!


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