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Three weeks later

Wright's Mansion

At Party

Time: 9.00 pm

The humongous chandelier was hanging in the middle.

Yellow lights were lit everywhere with soft music playing in the background. Everything was so calm, like a calm before the storm. Except for the people who were constantly chattering with each other but still, the whole atmosphere seems calm tonight.

Wrights's exactly know how to throw a party.

I was sitting on one of the bar stools sipping on red wine looking at people like, Cersei Lannister sipping on her wine while looking out of her window balcony with an evil smile playing on her lips, The only difference is I am not a VILLAIN here. Period.

Or am I..???!!

"No. Of course not". I defended my self immediately because I know my self-better than anyone in this world, I would never hurt anyone. I would rather hurt my self but not anyone. I'm too sentimental if I say in my case.

Godd I was scared for a second by my own overdramatic visualisation

Fudge you Cersei, for ruining my tasty wine moment.

"Someone is looking smoking hot tonight" someone cleared their throat behind me.


God bless this woman for saving me from these evil imaginations.

"You look sexy Lisa," I said looking at her body. She really is a sexy woman with 5 feet 6-inch height, her model like a body and Beautiful blue eyes.

She smiled looking sexy in her beige colour body hugged dress. She has a body to die for but she doesn't know how sexy she looks, and I don't forget to tell her that every day.

We were chatting and laughing when some guy came to us dressed in a black tuxedo. By the fabric, you can just tell how rich this guy must be.

When we turned, I caught him, He was shamelessly ogling Lisa from top to bottom.

Lisa frowned looking at me...

I just smiled in response...

"May I know the names of these beautiful ladies?" Mr. tuxedo asked taking his eyes off her and now looking at both of us, giving his million-dollar smile.

"NO" Lisa whisper yelled.

But me being a nice person as always introduced ourselves to him, giving Lisa a warning look at the end

To which she just glared hard at me.

While talking to him, we got to know that Mr.Tuxedo's actual name is Blake.

'Blake Willson', son of "The Andrew Willson" and sole heir to Wilson Corporation.

No doubt he looks Rich with that expensive suit. Bulking muscles. Six-packs abs. Sharp jaw. And the look he gives to others. He screams royalty. Overall he is a complete package.

"Like what you see?!!" He asked adjusting his tie and cocking his right eyebrow.

I think I forgot to mention cocky earlier!!

I just rolled my eyes in response and excused my self to powder room so I can give a little chat time for them to catch up because I think they'll really look good together and the way his eyes were glued on her and her body I can definitely say he was more than interested in her.

I wished my matchmaking skills 'All the best' mentally and made my way toward Powder room. I asked a waiter for the direction in the middle.

It was quite far to my liking.

While I was walking through a hallway, searching for my destination, I saw few couples making out in the corners, I rolled my eyes ignoring them but before I can turn my eyes off them one couple caught my eye because of their wild make out session. Kissing and talking angrily in between. They're so engross in eating each other's face.

Totally oblivious to their surroundings.

Geez! Get a room. I mentally yelled at them.

Finally, I found my destination.

After a century!!!

I entered in the powder room, did my washroom business and head towards the mirror to do some touch-up. After I was done, I left the powder room to get back to the hall. But me being me I got lost.

Don't blame me this mansion's too big to remember.




Wright's Mansion

At the party

Time: 11.45 pm

After a few minutes, I found myself back at the party.


Such a relief !!!

I immediately started looking for Lisa in the crowd. My eyes caught her. Thank God! I directly went to her direction without wasting any more of time. She saw me while walking in her direction. She excused her self hurriedly and made her way to me. When I saw she's making her way in my direction, I stopped where I was, so we can both make our way out of this crowd to talk.

We had an important talk for a while and head towards the parking lot to leave the party. I quickly bid bye to her and left to my dad's car, him and mom were waiting for me by the car.




Time: 12.55 am

Right now I'm sitting in a car with my family looking outside of the window thinking about all the situations I found myself in.

That was so much of drama for tonight.

But what got me thinking about was, what happened before I was going to a Powder room than what I saw after getting out of the powder room.

Ohh, Katherine !!!

And let me clear one thing here I know what I did is wrong but all I know is, It's for everyone's benefit.

Or is it !!??? My subconscious mocked me.

Yes! I answered confidently.



Next day Lisa came to my house, To talk about what happened yesterday. I told her everything I saw yesternight in details. Actually, she was the one who told me to take pictures of them so I can use it for my project.

When I first saw them kissing, I immediately texted Lisa about Katherine, she told me to take pictures of them. I didn't know the purpose, though. But I still took the pictures.

She was telling me it is best for my project cause it will give me more amount of views on the Internet and that will lead me to good marks. She also told me how important this project for me to top the university and changes my dad's decision about, me continuing his business further.

The last day to submit our project is next week and I really didn't have any other news that will give me good marks.

I told her it is not good to use cause it will bring 'Wright's' in the news. And I also feel a little bit bad for that guy I said mentally. Zander.

But Lisa reminded me that even if I post the news in our project site no one will get to know about who posted it, so it was safe to post. And no one will get to see the post too in college. The only thing that will display is 'Views'. The more number of views, The more number of marks it was like that. And I really need marks!

No doubt "Wrights" are more famous in the media. It will surely benefit me to get the number of views. And top of that my name will be hidden and the source of the news too, so no will get to know who did it. The project site was actually made for that purpose, so you can get the best of your news without hesitating and can post it with all privacy.

If I top, I would get to open my own company that was the only thought was making me do it.

"And in this career, you have to be a bold decision-maker, without that you can never be a good journalist, be a risk taker.," Lisa said suddenly taking me out of my thoughts mimicking our professor's lines in his voice which he used in his first lecture of journalism. And we both burst into a fit of laughter.


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