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I fucked up. Why didn't I tell her who I was when I had the chance now she won't return any of my phone calls or acknowledge me when I show up to her job. This shit wasn't supposed to hurt this bad, it was supposed to be a fling. But now it's so much deeper than that. I love her and it has nothing to do with her looking like my ex or maybe is my ex. I have to find her before I lose her forever.

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It had been almost a month since I’d talked to Ryan who I now knew as Chris Gomez Jr. He had tried texting, calling even showing up at my job, but I would make myself busy. I didn’t have time for him. It was bad enough that he was using me as a replacement for his dead girlfriend, and to make matters worse, my in-laws were still at the house and my period had stop flowing. I had missed last month and this one.

So, there I was sitting at the geologist office, my lower half naked and my legs open, waiting on her to tell me that I was premenopausal or that I was full menopause. Didn’t matter one way or the other, it wasn’t like I could get pregnant anyway.

Moments later, the doctor walked in the door with a smile on her wrinkled face. She was a nice woman, someone Cece had recommended before I stopped talking to her and the others for a week. I tried to go longer, but they were persistent, and I gave in only because they promised not to talk about Chris and let me see his daughter when he wasn’t around. Yes, the idea was crazy. She was his child with his ex whose name I still didn’t know, but she felt like mine and a part of me truly wanted her to be. Just like the other part of me wanted to meet his sons.

“Great news Mrs. Washington, you’re not premenopausal,” she beamed.

“Then why did it stop?” I asked, confused “It’s the stress, right?”

“No, you’re pregnant,” she said, through a straight face.

At first, I just stared at her trying to compute what she said, then once I realized that she said I was pregnant, I laughed, “I’m sorry that’s hilarious. I can’t be pregnant, I have a weak womb,” I said, recounting what the doctor back home told me.

The doctor forwarded her brow, “Who told you, you have a weak womb? Your womb is very health and from what I can tell you’ve birth a few children,” she explained.

I shook my head no, then rubbed my head, “No, my last baby was a miscarriage, they told me he died in the womb,” I sobbed.

She placed her hand on my shoulder, “Calm down, would you like to hear your baby’s heartbeat?” She asked, distracting me from my thoughts.

I shook my head yes. She pulled out the ultrasound device, opened my hospital gown around my stomach, then spread some gel on it and finally placed a handheld device on it and began to move it around. It was cold, but I ignored it and kept my eyes glued to the monitor. Then I heard a strong heartbeat and I started to cry tears of joy. I had always wanted children, and now I’d have one.

“That’s your baby,” She said, pointing to the tiny dot on the screen, “and you are a about six weeks.”

“Six weeks?” I asked, recalling my affair with the American Prince. I closed my eyes and knew it was his. Lenny and I had only been together once in the month that it would have happened. Fuck I thought, I can’t tell him. I’ll have this baby and never let him know. He doesn’t deserve to know. But his children deserve to know their sibling. Tamira always wanted a sister. I could be carrying her sister.

She wiped my belly then left out the room, so I could get dressed. After receiving her congratulations again, I hopped in my car and headed back to work, calling Tiana on the way there.

“Hey Laura, how’d it go?”

“I’m pregnant,” I said, bluntly.

“Really? We have to celebrate, you said you always wanted a child,” She squealed, “And I get another niece or nephew. It is just one and not twins right?” She asked.

“First, so far it is only one and second, how do you know it’s Chris’s?”

“Please, like Lenny, got you pregnant? No, that child is a Gomez and you need to tell Chris,” She declared.

“No, I don’t want to tell him. I’d be happy if I never saw him again,” I lied, truth was I missed him. I was going crazy just thinking about him and looked forward to his pop ups at my job, house, and other random places.

“Liar,” She said, again as if reading my mind, “I know we promised we’d never talk about it, but you miss him, and he misses you,” she said, pleading his case.

“Is it really me he misses or the woman I look like?” I asked because I really wanted to know.

“Ask him that question and Laura you have to tell him,” she scolded.

“I know, see you later for drinks with the girls?” I asked.

“You get one glass of wine and the rest are virgins”

“Yes mother,” I teased

“Bye girl.” She said as we hung up.

I smiled then pulled up at my job, only to run into Chris.

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