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I had been waiting at her job for hours. I had gone to work earlier but couldn’t concentrate and ended up driving here. I knew she had work, but I didn’t expect her to run late. I had so much I wanted to say to her. The first was I’m sorry. The second was I no longer saw her as Tonya. And the third was I wanted to be with her. To move her into my house and introduce her to my family as my wife. I did love Sandy, but it was over the moment Laura and I made love in that shower at the hotel.

“Laura?” I said, once she pulled up. My heart was going a mile a minute and felt like a hammer beating against my chest. It had been too long since I was that close, and I still wasn’t close enough.

She slowly got out the car and to my surprise stood in front of me.

I smiled, she had given me hope. It was slim, but I would take it. “Hello Mr. Gomez,” she said, sounding professional.

“Laura,” I said, softening my voice. “Can we talk please?”

“Talk?” She said, holding something in a manila envelope close to her chest.

“I know you think I was only with you because you look like my ex, but that’s not it. Sure, I was angry when I thought you were her but when I realized you weren’t I was happy. I don’t want you to be her. I don’t love her. I love you,” I said, meaning every word. Because of Laura, Tonya had been completely removed from my heart. She meant nothing to me. I didn’t even see her as the children’s mother, Laura had taken her place and I needed her to understand that.

“You love me?” she asked teary eyed, making me fill as if I had broken a barrier.

I took another step towards her shaking my head yes. I wanted to throw my arms around her and kiss her right there, but she wasn’t ready yet, so I said, “yes, I love you. It was after you asked me about this tattoo and you comforted me in the shower. That’s when I realized I loved you and I want to be with you not just for sex and not just behind Sandy’s back, but forever.” I said, meaning every word. After the charity event Sandy and I split up. She’d come by the house, but I’d make sure to avoid her.

A tear escaped her eyes as she listened to me and I found myself wiping it away happy to hold her in my arms again then she said, “I was so mad at you when I found out who you were and who you thought I was. And when you didn’t show up that night I thought,”

She had gone. I knew she would. She wanted to hear me out then. "I’m sorry. My brother talked me into staying and then when I tried to leave I was forced to play basketball with my father and father in-law. I tried calling and texting you that.”

“I turned my phone off,” she said, teary eyed. “Why did you lie to me?”

“I don’t know. I guess I didn’t want you to know who I was because I wanted to keep you. Most times people find out about me, I lose them. You were worth keeping. Are worth keeping. Please forgive me,” I begged.

She looked down towards the envelope in her hand then said, “I have something to tell you,” then handed me the envelope.

“What’s this?” I asked, looking from her to the envelope. She, said nothing as I pulled the flap back. There was a picture inside, so I took it out and looked at it. My heart felt as if someone had taken and ax to it as the realization of what that picture meant sank in. It was a sonogram. My eyes quickly turned from the picture to her. I didn’t know how to feel. She was pregnant, and I wasn’t the father. “Congratulations,” I said, feeling sharp pains in my chest. “I know you always wanted children,” I said, dryly.

“Yes. I did always want children. I just never imagined it would be yours,” she said, softly.

“Right mine,” I said, ready to leave until I replayed what she just said, “wait what?” I asked, praying to God I heard her right.

“The child is yours,” she repeated. I flung my arms around her and kissed her right there in that parking lot. I didn’t care if anyone saw us. The woman I loved was having my baby and she wasn’t trying to fight me off.

I pulled back and looked at her. Her eyes were shaking but I could tell she was just as happy as I was, “Thank you,” I said, kissing her soft lips and feeling that familiar happiness and excitement I always felt when I was with her.

“You’re not upset?” She asked, confused.

I shook my head, “Why would I be upset, I love you,” I reminded her.

“But your wife,” I kissed her again. Sandy was the last person I wanted to think of when I was with her, especially since we were in the middle of a divorce.

“Come with me,” I said, grabbing her hand ready to whisk her away.

“But I have to work,” she said, pointing to her job.

“Take a sick day and come with me,” I insisted.

“My car,” she asked, warming up to the idea.

I smiled, luckily my driver Rico was with me, “Rico take Laura’s car back to her place, I will send a car behind you to pick you up,” I ordered.

Rico smiled then reached out his hand towards Laura, who hesitated before handing him her keys. Then I opened my passenger door and she got in. I crawled into my seat then sped off. She laid her head on my shoulder and I interlaced my fingers into hers. Being with her was like magic and I wasn’t ever going to lose her again.

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