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I woke up around five. The children had probably been home, and Laura was sleeping soundly in my arms and I couldn’t tell if it was really Tonya or not. The way we felt when we made love and her kisses felt like Tonya, but there were no marks on her body. I tried to find one, but there was nothing. I was about to give up until I touched her chest and something like paint rubbed off. Curious I climbed out of bed, walked to the bathroom, wet a towel and returned. I didn’t want to wake her or give any second thought to Tiana’s theory, but I needed to know. So, I took the rag and began to carefully wipe away whatever was on her chest. It was kind of hard to remove at first which would explain why it didn’t come off in the shower, but the moment I finished, I stared at her chest stunned filled with all kinds of emotions. The key was there, our words were there. She was Tonya, but she didn’t remember. I then looked at my sleeping fiancé’s face who I had thought abandoned me and cried. “I am so sorry baby. I didn’t know,” I said, kissing her shoulders and she woke up staring at me with those big beautiful brown eyes that I had loved since we were children.

“Chris, what’s wrong?” She asked, reaching for her glasses.

I didn’t know what to do or say, so I wiped my eyes then handed her the glasses and she rose to a seated position.

“It’s nothing. I just have a question for you,” I said, nervous and unsure of how to ask.

“What is it?”

“Will you marry me?” That was not the question I wanted to ask. There were a billion other things I needed to know that I knew she couldn’t answer but for some reason that was all that came out.

“What?” She asked, smiling back at me.

“What I mean is if I were to ask you to marry me, what would you say?”

“I don’t know. We just met a few months ago. We’re both married,”

“But do you love your husband or me?” I asked because I really wanted to know if I still had a place in her heart or if she really did leave me.

She took my hand then kissed it, “If you would have asked me that question four months ago, I would have said Lenny without a doubt, but the truth is, the moment you and that beautiful little girl walked into my life I felt a connection like I belonged with you.” She dropped her head, “It sounds crazy.”

I raised her head towards mine then kissed her, “It’s not crazy, I felt it too, I just ignored it but when we were in the Arch I couldn’t stop myself, just like I can’t now,” I said, climbing on top of her again and forgetting about the children who would probably be looking for me..

“I love you too,” she said, through our kisses.

Hearing her say those words after six years of being apart, made me not want to leave the room. I knew she still felt the same way even if she didn’t remember me, her heart was still mine. Now I needed to get rid of the bastard who took her from me.

The thought of Lenard made me stop kissing Tonya, who then looked at me confused. “Come take a shower with me, the children are here, and I want you to meet them,” I said determined to reintroduce her to our sons.

“Wait isn’t Sandy here? And I should be getting home,” she said, worriedly.

“No, she’s not here and like I said this is your home. You’re not going back to him, unless you want to be with him over me?” I asked, hoping she’d choose me and to my satisfaction she kissed me.

“Why is it so hard to say no to you?”

“Because you love me,” I assured her.

“Yes, I do love you and if you are asking for real I should at least tell you my age,” she said, avoiding eye contact.

I chuckled then kissed her then said, “I already know your age.”

“You do, and you don’t care?” She asked pulling away and looking at me as if I had said something foreign.

“Nope, now come on,” I said, standing her up and escorting her to our master bathroom. That was still decorated the way she left it.

“Why is your bathroom bigger than the first floor of my house?” she asked, as I walked towards the shower to turn it on. The toilet was in a closet by itself the bathtub was a deep square in the middle of the room, there was a his and her sink and the shower was glass.

“You like it?” I asked as I turned on the water.

She shook her head yes and smiled that beautiful smile I had missed for the past six years. I then reached out my hand to her which she accepted, and we stepped into the shower together.

The purpose was to just take a shower and join our children downstairs, but the moment we were inside something came over me. My cock felt like it was on steroids because it was standing straight up at attention the moment her ass brushed against me. I tried thinking about something else like that asshole Lenard and what I would do to him once I saw him, but it didn’t work. Just knowing that the woman I had fallen in love with was the woman I had loved my entire life was enough to make my dick stiff as a board.

Suddenly, she looked at me and smiled, then with out warning dropped to her knees and took me deep inside her mouth. My head fell backwards, and my eyes closed as the feel of her mouth bobbing on my cock and the water raining down from the shower aroused me. “Shit,” I said, as my hands shot to the side of the shower walls, so I could hold myself up. Then her hands grab my ass and squeeze it while her mouth toyed with my cock like it was some sort of lollipop. Sucking, licking and kissing the sides in a slow circular motion.

I opened my eyes for a second and saw her gazing at me with lustful eyes as my body jerked and did as she pleased. I was completely at her mercy and if I wasn’t holding the walls, I would have fell backwards from the pleasure that that one move was given me. And at that moment I decided I didn’t care what she said. She had already agreed to marry me six years ago therefore, there was no going back. Then I felt that need for release and as much as I wanted to release my seed inside her tight pussy walls, I didn’t have the strength to lift her and she wasn’t stopping.

Instead she just smiled as if begging me to cum in her mouth and as if she commanded it, I released my seed down her throat as she sucked it up and I fell back against the wall exhausted but excited. She stood then wrapped her arms around me and giggled. Her hair was soaked and curly and her glasses were foggy. I wanted to return the favor, but my dick was deflated and just as tired as I was. “Oh, you think that’s funny?” I asked, breathless and dazzled.

“A little bit,” she admitted. I wanted to lift her up and make love to her against the wall, but since my strength was failing me I stuck to kissing her for a few minutes then we took a shower, brushed our teeth and walked to our bedroom. “What am I supposed to wear?” She asked, sitting on the bed with a towel wrapped around her hiding our tattoo that she didn’t realize she had.

I smiled then opened the closet and pulled out a red jumpsuit that tied around the neck and a pair of her lace panties and a matching black bra. I just couldn’t bring myself to throw away any of her clothes and luckily, I didn’t. “This,” I said, handing her the clothes.

“Chris, whose clothes are these? Are these Sandy’s?” She asked, with an attitude.

“No woman, these are yours put them on,” I ordered.

“Mine. You bought me clothes?” She asked, through a meaningful smile.

I wanted to say no, you bought them but instead said, “Yes, now get dressed,” then grabbed me a pair of jeans, boxers and a button up and got dressed.

After we were dressed I escorted her down the steps and towards Tamira’s room whom I knew would be happy to see her; however, she wasn’t there. In fact, none of my children were there. I looked at my phone it read 5:30pm. The children would have been back by now.

“What’s wrong? Where are the children?” Tonya asked, sounding just as worried as I was.

I didn’t answer instead I walked to my butler and demanded an answer, “Where are my children?”

“Ms. Sandy came and took them,” he said, just as my phone rang.

A sigh of relief rain over me as I answered my phone, “Hello Sandy, where are you?” I said, sounding more at ease.

“How could you have some woman over our house when our children were there? Is she the reason you want a divorce?” She cried.

“Where are you?” I asked, feeling guilty about hurting her but not ashamed.

“Forest Park. The children are here too and you can explain to them why you did this,” with that she hung up and I just stared at the phone.

“She knows, doesn’t she?” Tonya asked, releasing my hand. “You should go talk to her I have to go home.”

I grabbed her hand, “You’re going with me,”


“She already knows about us, might as well. Besides, I want you to meet my boys and Mira misses you,” I said, determined to keep her from going back to that house.

“Okay. Let’s go,” she said, following me out the door.

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