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My legs shook as I slowly approached Sandy. She was sitting on the opposite side of the playground. I guess it made sense for us to be out of ear shot. After all the last thing I wanted was for the children to hear us arguing.

“Sit,” She said, without looking at me and I obeyed. “After everything that we’ve been through how could you do this to me? I love you Chris. I love your children as if they were my own and I was there for you when that bitch broke your heart.”

“Don’t you ever call her that again,” I snapped. I didn’t mean too; however, after finding out who Laura really was and learning that it wasn’t her fault she left, turned me back into the Chris from high school that would beat someone’s ass for disrespecting his girl.

“Why? Wait a minute. Is she back? Is she the one you’re leaving me for?” She asked, looking as if I had just slapped her in the face.

I lowered my eyes and shook my head yes then felt a sharp pain in my face. I looked up and saw Sandy holding her hand as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Of all people, you chose her. She’s going to break your heart again Chris and this time I won’t be there to pick up the piece,” she said, just as my younger three came running towards us looking terrified and talking at once.

“Slow down, what happened?” I asked, turning, my attention from Sandy.

“Children we’re talking,” Sandy said, as she whipped the tears from her eyes.

“Daddy, some bad people took mommy,” Tamira said. I stood up and looked towards the car. Tonya wasn’t there.

“I think you saw wrong Tamira,” Sandy said, shaking her head, “After all your mother’s dead, right Chris?” She asked, in a condescending tone that sounded as if she were hiding something.

Trey shook his head, “Her not dead, she ran to me and called me CJ and told me she was my mommy. I ran to go get CJ but when we tam back the bad people was putting her in the tar,” he whined.

“Where’s your brother?” I asked, reaching for my phone to call my own brother.

“He went after her. She was trying to get out, but they wouldn’t let her. Daddy we have to get her,” Cory pleaded.

“We will,” I said, while I dialed my brother’s number as the children and I started towards the car. Nick picked up on the second ring.


“Tonya’s been kidnapped, I think he’s headed out of town,” I said, trying to stay calm but was losing my mind.

“Wait Chris slow down what do you mean Tonya’s been kidnapped you found her?” Nick asked.

“Nick please just get to the airport I’m going to Lenard’s house,” I said, just as my passenger door opened and Sandy got in.

“So, she’s really Tonya?” He asked, sounding just as excited as I felt when I found out.

“Yes, but that’s not important get to the airport I have to call my son,” I ordered.

“And the cops?” He asked.

“You can call them, but I want that asshole for myself,” I said, starting up the engine and driving like my life depended on it.

“Alright,” with that we hung up and I glanced over at Sandy.

“Why are you here? You don’t like Tonya.” I asked, confused.

“I’m not here for her, I’m here for CJ, he’s out there chasing some stranger’s car for a woman that abandoned him,”

“Mommy didn’t abandon us. Those people took her and made her forget us.” Cory said, sticking up for his mother.

“But she conveniently remembers now?” Sandy asked, in disbelief. “Chris this woman played with your heart for years then broke it, do you honestly think she cares about you and the children?”

“Yes, mommy loves me, betause if her didn’t, she wouldn’t have spent all that time with me. Reading and taking me to the park and zoo,” Tamira said, causing me to glance from the road.

“When was this?” I asked, recounting my two months with her and though some of that stuff did happen when I was around, I didn’t remember the zoo.

“It didn’t it was her imagination,” Sandy said, shaking her head and dismissing Tamira’s statement as a childish fantasy

“Yes, it did. Te Te Tiana was with us you tan ask her,” Tamira replied back.

“It’s not important, right now what’s important is finding her and CJ okay,” I said, making a mental note to have a conversation with my sister in-law when this was all over.

Just as I was about to make a turn onto Lenard’s house, my phone rang, it was my son, so I pushed my bluetooth. “CJ, where are you?” I asked, feeling a little bit relied that he had called me.

“Airport. Dad theses people took mom,” He said, distraught.

“I know son. Are you still by them?” I asked, turning the car around and speeding towards the airport. I could hear sirens going off behind me, but I wasn’t stopping. I couldn’t stop, not until I made it to the airport. If they wanted to arrest me, they could do it there.

“Chris you should pull over, and it sounds like she’s going voluntarily,” Sandy said, sounding more relived, than worried.

“No. CJ. Follow them, make sure that they don’t take your mother on the plane I don’t care what you have to do okay.

“Okay dad. And Sandy, my mother is not going with them willingly, she’s unconscious they knocked her out. I saw it,” he declared.

“Ignore Sandy, we should be there in ten your uncle should get there before me. Text us the gate,” I said, picking up speed as I weaved my way through the crowded highway. Sandy was saying something, but I stopped listening. I was too focused on her that I didn’t see that asshole and his family take my girl away from me for the second time, but I refused to let them get away with it again. Tonya was coming home. We were getting married and my children would have their mother back. As for Lenny and his accomplices, If the cops didn’t get to them before me, I’d beat them to death.

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