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The moment we arrived at the airport I practically jumped out the car almost forgetting to close the door behind me. The cops were no longer behind us, guess I was going to fast on the highway, or they got the call from my brother, whatever the case I was grateful. The children and I ran into the airport like some maniacs with them calling for their mother. I checked my phone to see if there was a text from CJ, but to my horror there was nothing. I could have run around the entire airport looking for them, but I had no idea what time the plane took off and searching would take hours.

I felt completely helpless until my phone rang. Sandy tried to take it, but I answered it and to my delight it was Nick.

“Where are you?” I asked, trying to calm down my heart.

“Gate E. We got Tonya and CJ, get over here now,” Nick said, giving me the hope I had been longing for ever since I heard she was missing.

“Come on, we gotta go, Nick says they got a lead,” I said, for some reason feeling the need to omit the fact that Tonya and CJ were okay. We damn near sprinted to the other side of the building with Sandy lollygagging behind.

My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw Tonya asleep in her sister’s arms, finally I could breath.

“Mommy,” Cory said, as he and his siblings ran to their sleeping mother’s side. The place was empty with only my brother her sister, our friends and those bastards Lenard and his family tied to a chair staring at me in shock.

“Mr. Chris what’s going on? Your family attacked us as we were on our way to Florida and stole my wife,” Lenard said pissing me off even more than I was.

The moment he called her his wife I found myself punching him repeatedly in the head and body. “Who the fuck is your wife?” I asked, as I savagely beat this man in front of his family and my children. All the frustration that I had built up over the years due to Tonya’s sudden disappearance was releasing with every blow I dealt Lenard Washington. Suddenly, I felt hands grab me and pull me away from the now bloodied bastard as his wife and father screamed and cried for mercy.

“Chris stop,” Michael said, pulling me away before I could kill him.

“Chris have you lost your mind? Are you alright sir?” Sandy asked, helping Lenny sit up and staring at me with eyes full of disappointment.

“Chris go to Tonya,” Nick ordered, stopping me from lunging again at Lenny through Sandy and bringing my attention back to what was really important, Tonya, just as the police arrived.

“Nobody move,” one of the rookie officers ordered drawing his gun and scaring my children who were trying to wake up their mother. There were about ten of them all wandering the room checking the exits and making sure they had everyone.

“What do we have here?” One the officers asked looking at Lenard’s bloodied face, then realizing that they were tied up. “Call an ambulance and arrest everyone in this room that’s not tied up,” he ordered.

“You gotta be shitting me, get your boss on the phone,” I demanded.

“Shut up, you don’t give the orders here, and from the looks of your hands, it seems like you’re the one who attacked this man,” the other officer said, accusingly.

“This man and those people kidnapped my sister,” Tiana said, stopping me from saying something I knew I’d regret.

I was livid, and these officers weren’t helping. Instead of doing their job they were trying to arrest us.

“Your sister was not kidnapped, we don’t even know who she is,” Lenard’s mother claimed.

“Really then who the fuck do you think she is?” Cece asked, turning the police’s attention to a sleeping Tonya. At least I hoped she was sleep and nothing was wrong.

“That’s my daughter in-law Laura. They’ve been married for twenty years,” His father said, sounding as helpless as his wife.

“Twenty years? She’s twenty-five, you mean to tell me you two were married when she was five, I don’t think so,” Paula yelled.

“Enough,” the third officer ordered, “You can settle this down at the station, for now wake her up and take this one into custody,” he said, about me.

I snorted then said, “Okay, Nick call dad tell him to meet us at which station?” I asked, offering the officer my wrist.”

“Normandy station,” The first officer said.

I smiled as they cuffed me and said, “You heard the man,”

Catching my hint, my brother called our father as the officers helped Lenard and his family off the ground. Another then tried to wake Tonya.

“Sir, she won’t wake. We were flying her to Florida for treatment,” Lenard managed to say through a busted lip.

“What did you do to my mommy?” Tamira demanded.

“That man shot something in her neck,” CJ, said, pointing an accusing finger at Lenard’s father whose face told me and everyone else that she was telling the truth.

“What the hell did you do to her,” I asked, again, lunging towards Lenard’s family only to be stopped by three officers.

“Chris honestly why would he hurt his own wife. Officer I think my husband was misinformed just like our friends,” Sandy said, making me realize that she was in on it just as Paloma said; however, the only person who could confirm that, was lying in her sister’s arms with our children around her.

“Misinformed? Bitch, this is my sister and that son of a bitch took her?” Tiana said, sternly.

“I did no such thing. That is my wife Laura. We have been married for twenty years and I have the license to prove it.” Lenard said, “And I will be pressing charges.”

Just as he said those words two male paramedics came in with two gurneys, one for Tonya and one for the asshole I wanted in a body bag. “Excuse me,” The shorter of the two said as he reached for Tonya, while the other helped Lenard up.

“Mommy please wake up,” Tamira cried, as the paramedic placed her on the gurney.

“Until we can figure out what’s going on here, we are going to the station and she is going to the hospital. Get her out of here,” the head officer ordered, as the kids cried and begged for them not to take their mother.

“Mommy,” Cory screamed.

“Mommy,” Trey called.

“Please wake up,” CJ said, as the paramedics began to wheel her and Lenard away with me behind them in handcuffs and everyone else following.

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