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“Mommy,” I heard my son say causing me to open my eyes. I found myself on a gurney in what looked like an empty airport. There was a paramedic behind me, wheeling me away towards a place I didn’t know. Then I remembered my son’s face the moment Lenard put me in that car and I was mad. Suddenly I rose to a seated position and got off the gurney, shocking the paramedic and whoever else was behind him. Only I didn’t care, I needed to find my son.

“Mommy?” I heard my son say from behind me and looked at him. My four-year-old was now ten but I’d recognize him anywhere as he stood next to his twin my Cory and my younger two. The son I had thought I’d lost six years ago and the daughter I didn’t know I had. Next thing I knew they were in my arms and I was kissing their heads while happy tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Laura, what are you doing?” I heard Lenny say distracting me from my children.

I looked up at him with eyes full of fiery and noticed the crowd of people around us. My sister Tiana, my friends Cece, Paula, Michael, Kyle, my brother in-law Nick my fiancé Chris, Lenny, his parents and about ten cops and two paramedics all gathered around me waiting on my responds.

“Ma’am you know these children?” An officer with a long nose asked.

“Yes, they are my children,” I said, proudly.

“Laura, we don’t have children you know this.” Lenard said, through a busted lip that judging by the smile on Chris’s face. told me that he did it and gave him that black eye as well.

“Correction you and Laura Washington don’t have children. Tonya Braden and Chris Gomez Jr. have four children and fifth one on the way.” I said, proudly.

“You’re pregnant? And you didn’t tell me?” Cece said upset and offended.

“Sorry, I just found out today and before I could tell you they shoved me in a car in front of CJ and drove away leaving my son crying in the middle of the street.” I said, glaring at Lenard who was looking down at the ground.

“Wait you’re The Nick and Chris Gomez as in American Princes?” The second officer asked, through a stutter.

“Oh, you’ve heard about us?” Nick asked, confidently.

“I’m so sorry sir, please don’t fire me,” an officer said, as he uncuffed Chris then placed Lenny and his family in handcuffs.

Chris walked over to me and wrapped me in his arms. “You remember?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I then looked at Sandy the bitch that stole my life and my children, “You can arrest her too. She and her family were in on it. Her father took my children, she lied about my son being in trouble and then she and her mother made me believe I was crazy when I told them I had two sons and a fiancé waiting for me,” I said, staring Sandy up and down.

The pain in her face when I said those words, was more enjoyable than my first idea of bodily harm, though I wouldn’t have mind both. “It’s not true Chris. I would never?” Sandy whined.

“Why did you delete CJ’s text message and why did you say I was misinformed if it wasn’t true. Why did you do it?” Chris asked, seemingly cool; however, I knew he was hurt and wanted to choke her out, so I held on to his arm while our children held on to me.

“Because I love you. She didn’t deserve you. We were happy remember?” She asked as the officer placed her in handcuffs and took her, Lenny, and his family away.

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