The Sleepover Kiss

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He held my hand, turned me around then laid his lips on mine. He stared at me for some minutes then walked away, leaving me in the world of my confused thoughts.. °°°°°°°° The relationship between Chloe Williams and Myles Smith still remains awkward, weird and confused. Their relationship can't be placed in a particular aspect. Were they friends? lovers? or secret admirers? One night, their relationship became even weirder. That night, Myles kissed her when he came for a sleepover. Chloe was left confused, if he liked her or if it was under the influence of alcohol. She doesn't know if it was real or not. One day, everything became clear. Then, she was left to think if she liked him or not. She doesn't want to believe that she likes him, neither does she want to see him with another girl.. Chloe is left in her own confused thoughts.. Will it end? What would happen at the end? ©2020 by Bernadette.

Romance / Drama
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Introduction; Myles and me

You know how girls reacts towards players? never gonna fall or date one.

All girls say that, but there is always a time when you would find yourself falling or admiring. You know players - cool, cute, perfect, and the worst part; date & dumps girls like they change their clothes.

Every girl doesn't wanna get played, but wants to date the player. All girls would hope for the player to finally see their inner beauty and fall for them. Well not me, I don't wanna get played so I stay away from the player.

I'm Chloe Williams, and I have the coolest guy in my school as my neighbor, brother's best friend and family friend. He's practically family. He's so close to us, and our family does everything together. We've known each other for decades - probably just about ten years or so.

His name is Myles Smith, he has a little sister named Jessica. His sister is the same age with my sister, they are of the same day, month and year. They are like twins from another mother and father, cool.

Myles and I are like friends, we talk about stuffs, laugh at people, and we play together too. It's just like a bro and sis thing. But as we started to grow older, it started to get weird and complicated.

He became so absorbed to his looks and body, he always want to look cool and cute for girls, then he started to date multiple girls at the same time. He believed he could get any girl he wants, and he got freaked up cus girls typically fall to his feet.

He wasn't ashamed of himself, neither does he feel bad about it. He's really proud of it and just don't care. I'm just left in the desert of how he just changed overnight. It must probably be in his gene, cus his dad had divorced like three women before meeting Myles mom.

With time, I started to drift myself from him, I don't wanna be part of his whole game and stuff. The way he trash talk girls to my bro, I don't want that to happen to me. I can't handle pressure or bad talk, I don't want to have a bad name. Although, my bro says it's normal for guys to do stuffs like that even though he doesn't do it. I'm so confused here.

Later, I came to understand that it wasn't necessary to drift from him. So I just let nature take it's course. Myles is my senior in school, he has a girlfriend named Samantha.

Samantha is Myles main girlfriend in school. There are many hot chicks in his class, so I don't think he would fall for a younger less hot girl like me, plus, I'm sixteen and he's eighteen, he can't possibly fall for a sixteen year old. I think I'm just over thinking things, so I stopped thinking about it and just flowed with it.

PS; I still avoid romantic scenarios and extremely close contacts. I'm just conscious of our relationship, I don't want our relationship story to be like those I see on TV or books, you know, falling for your brother's best friend.

I just want us to continue having our normal relationship, no strings or emotions attached. I just hope he would understand that, or if I would cus men he's so hot! With his silky dark hair, and his mesmerizing blue eyes, not to forget that built tall figure and the pink lips... He's every girl's delight. But I know he can't possibly like me, I'm not even blonde! I have a straight brown hair, brown eyes.. I'm not even short! I'm tall, but I still like myself though. Anyways, I'll try my best..


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