The Sleepover Kiss

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1; Kiss you? Never..

Just like how I look at pickles- eww, that's how I'm looking at Ella right now. She's claiming to prepare soup for Jessica. She's just creaming a lot of things that shouldn't go together, and there is no fire. How can you cook without heat? This girl is really blowing my mind. I told my mom about it, but all she said was ‘Leave her alone, she's just seven’ I know she's seven, I'm just speaking on behalf of Jessica's stomach! And her butt too, cus it's gonna sit so many times on the toilet, they might even get married..

That's not even a problem, the problem I have right now is going to Myles house. I dunno why my mom still insists I go there, I have no one to hang with. She says I have to watch over Ella, that she can get all crazy; I totally agree with that. All I do is watch Myles and Bryan have fun, watch Jessica and Ella have fun playing with dirt and toys, and I just hang with myself alone in an empty room; making me feel like a depressed werido.

Sometimes, I just pretend to be texting on my phone, it's not like I don't have anyone to text to, but they are like always busy with one thing or the other, by ‘they’ I actually mean Alyssa, my bff.. Alyssa is social and all, and I'm not like that, I blame my gene cus I'm sure I inherited it.

“Are you guys gone already,” My mom said from her room. Mom and Dad must be up to something, I say so because I don't know why my mom wants us out of the house badly, typical mom and dad.

I dragged my feet as I followed Ella outside, Ella is always over excited when we're going to Myles house. I don't see the reason why, cus it's just approximately twenty steps from our house.

As usual, I said hello to Mrs Smith when she opened the door, then went straight to my spot, the abandoned room. I sat down, noticing some unusual boxes, I stood up in curiosity.

Should I go through? But it's bad to invade people's privacy..

I noticed a writing on the box, it said ‘Myles' junks’. I smiled then walked over to the box with confidence, he goes through all my stuffs, why can't I go through his? He went through my drawer, and saw all my private girl stuffs. He saw some sanitary pads, my emergency underwear, and finally a boob enlargement cream; note, that boob enlargement cream wasn't mine, it was for my aunt, she forgot it there. I mean I love my small-medium boobs even though I wish I had bigger..

I sneaked to Myles room to check if he was home. I tiptoed over, leaned closely to the wall, then peeped through the little door opening. I saw Myles sitting on the bed with a blonde on his laps, he held her waist while they smooched; eww, I wish I hadn't seen that.

Delighted, I tiptoed back to my hangout room and opened the box. There were so many junks as it said, then I sighted a book. I picked it up and laughed when I saw what it said. It said ‘Myles private journal’. The handwriting was very bad so it must be his second or third grade journal, not like his handwriting is any better now.

I sat down on the floor then rested my back on the wall, at least I've seen something interesting to do. It read thus;

Dare Journal,

Twoday I was laughed at beecus I peed in my pants. I was so hershamd beecus it was in front of Veronika. Veronika was calling me Myles peebody. Twoday is a bad day for me. My mom is cooking brokli for dinner.

See you later

Myles peebody

“OMG” I said laughing so hard and loud. My stomach is hurting right now from all the laughing.

“Myles peebody?” I said shaking my head laughing. I flipped the page over to the next.

“And what are you laughing at?” A voice said. I shivered in shock, then turned around to see who it was.

“I haven't seen this in years" Myles said squatting beside me. I looked down trying to avoid staring at him. He was currently wearing boxers only, meaning he was totally shirtless; PS, he had a great physique, he was complete, he had abs and a built chest.

“What's funny in this?" Myles said smirking and looking straight to my face.

“Are you kidding? You spelt almost all the words wrong, and Veronica eyy?" I said wiggling my eyebrows.

“I was just in first grade, at least I could write, and I was less cool then,” Myles slipped his hair to the side and licked his lips.

“Now I'm so cool and cute, all girls love me”

“Really?” I said with a little sarcasm. I rolled my eyes then picked up my phone, then resumed my routine - pretend texting.

“Yeah, the blonde with me couldn't deny, she was all I wanna kiss you, your lips are so soft and cute, I love your eyes” I chuckled at the girl voice he was using.

“I'm so cute all the girls wanna kiss me” Myles started throwing different poses and then winked at me.

“Eww" I said before focusing on my phone again. Myles let out a fake gasp and covered his mouth with his hands.

“I know you wouldn't admit it, but you know deep down you wanna kiss me” Myles stood up then fold his arms.

“Kiss you? Never" I rolled my eyes after saying that, then went back to my phone.

“That's what they all say, I know you know you want to kiss me so bad, but you just don't want to”

Okay, this convo is getting weird. If he keeps saying that, my mind is gonna start going crazy, I'll end up thinking about it and asking myself if I want to kiss him..

“No, I don't want to kiss you so bad” I stood up then went to the kitchen to get some juice. I wasn't thirsty, I just wanted to leave that place maybe he'll change the subject. Unfortunately, he didn't.

“Hm, so it's Tom you wanna kiss” Myles sat on the kitchen counter. I choked on the apple juice. Trying not to cough, I cleared my throat. I'm sick and tired of hearing that name.

Tom is in Myles class, he's cute too and part of the big boys gang. When I was in seventh grade, I crushed on him. I was so stupid then, so I told my bro to go tell him. I don't know what I was thinking then, what did I expect Tom to say? That ‘hey, I love you too let's date’ Anyways, he laughed at me and my bro then announced it to the whole class. We but mostly me became the joke of the whole school, ever since then, I hated his entire existence.

“Stop it” I said walking to the living room. I sat on the couch, then crossed my legs.

“I was over him years ago,” I said looking straight at Myles. Myles just stood at my front crossing his arms.

“I know, I know” Myles said nodding his head. He sat beside me then stared at me.

“But, you want to kiss me right?” Myles said putting his face extremely close to mine.

“No!” I moved my face away from him, but he held my head and put my face close to his again.

“Just say it, I know you want to do it deep down there, we can do it right now you know” Myles said slowly.

“No, I don't want to kiss you” I said. I broke free from his hands then walked back to my hangout room. I sat on the floor again then rested my back against the wall.

“I forgot it's Ryan you want to kiss” Myles said sitting on a box next to me.

“Eww” I said rolling my eyes in disgust.

Ryan is a nerdy weird guy in my class. He has been crushing on me since we were ten. He doesn't want to accept that I'm not interested, I've been telling him a no since he asked me out in third grade, he doesn't just want to accept it. I don't blame him, I blame the cartoons he usually watch. He believes that one day I'll fall for him and then eventually marry him; I've been praying it never happens.

“You said a eww for Ryan, how would you say eww for me, we're not on the same level and we're not even to be placed together” Myles said standing up from the box.

“And neither are you guys on the list of the boys I wanna kiss”

“Hm, so who's on the list then”

“Celebs obviously, high class guys, highly placed dudes”

“I'm not talking about the guys you wanna kiss in your dreams, I'm talking about guys in our school or neighbourhood” I let out a gasp, covering my mouth with my hands, I shook my head. Did he just say in my dreams?

“Well, no one” I pointed out clearly.

“So, you've not kissed before?” Myles said in a little state of shock.


“Gosh, I think it's illegal for a teenager not to kiss” Myles said fully surprised.

I chuckled then prayed in my mind for the conversation to end.

“Well, all I know is that you want to kiss me” Myles said before leaving the room.

Gosh, the conversation was a weird one. It got my mind wondering into different places, he's asked the same question so many times and now my mind keeps saying it. I don't know if I want to kiss him or not anymore.

He's cute and all but he's a player, he just wants me to join the league of girls he can use anytime. What if he doesn't want that? What if he wants that? I'm confused right now. I think he thinks I'm falling for him. But my cuddling aspect wants to be released. Sometimes, I just wanna cuddle and feel loved, I wanna feel how it is to be cuddled by a hard chest.

I hit my forehead with my palm hard. But not in the chest of a player dumdum, what are you thinking?

“What am I thinking? I stood up then went to Jessica's room.

“Come on Ella, let's go home, it's getting late” I said before walking to the sitting room.

My brother is so gonna get it today, he ditched us. He went home and left us here. It's all his fault that Myles brought up that kissing him stuff, and because of him, I'm feeling so awkward right now.

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