The Sleepover Kiss

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4; Stuck in the Basement

"Are you kidding me? He took you to the seniors lounge!" Alyssa shouted through the phone.

"He totally did"

"What! Well, you played well girl. Anyways, I gotta go, I don't want to waste my morning" Alyssa said with a weird smile.

"We video called from seven to eleven! Your morning is already over"

"Wow, since it's already wasted, lemme just tell you what I heard about lovey-dovey. I heard he's not dating Amanda anymore" Alyssa let out a loud squee after saying that.

"Wow, I think I just heard my mom call, I'll talk to you later" I said before hanging up my phone.

I'm tired of hearing about lovey-dovey's breakups. It only lasts for about a day maximum, and then boom he's with another girl. I don't see why Alyssa should be overexcited when she hears about his breakups.

I went downstairs to have my breakfast.

"Mummy, Chloe is already up, let's go" Ella yelled immediately she saw me.

"Go where?" I said totally confused.

"To Jessica" Ella said stomping her feet.

"Oh no, I'm not going with you" I walked over to the kitchen, then grabbed some orange juice.

"Mom!" Ella screamed.

My mom came to the kitchen then carried Ella.

"Chloe said she wouldn't go with me to Jessica" Ella said with a baby voice.

"Go and have your shower now Chloe, you're going with her to Jessica's house" My mom said to me before leaving.

"But mom! Bryan is there, he can watch over her, I don't what to go" I said following my mom at the back.

"Bryan is a boy, he can't watch over Ella. He's gonna be busy playing videogames and talking about boys stuffs. You're in the right position to watch over her, now go have your shower no more complaints"

I shook my fists in agony then looked at Ella who was looking at me devilishly. I'm sure she's up to something.

"I'm not hearing the shower run" My mom shouted.

"Why me" I said to myself while going upstairs.

About thirty minutes later, I was already dressed up. I dragged my feet behind Ella as always to Myles house.

"Yay, to Jessica" Ella said as we walked on the yard.

"Yay, to Jessica" I said sacarsticaly.

I'm so gonna not enjoy this. I don't want to get into Myles and his I wanna kiss him problem. I'm not in the mood for any fiasco today.

I got into Myles house, and I was surprised to see Brittany's brother sitting in the couch, like what's he doing here again..

"Jessica" Ella shouted then she ran to hug her. I rolled my eyes then walked towards my hangout spot.

"Chloe, come play with us, it's cooler than staying alone like a lonely girl" Bryan said.

"What kind of game"

"I dunno, any kind, just come and join us" Bryan said pulling my arm.

"Okay okay" I followed Bryan at the back then sat beside him on the couch. I made an eye contact with Myles then he let out a killer smirk. I looked away trying to hide the tingly feeling I have inside. That smirk can kill!

"I have a great idea! How about truth or dare" Bryan said with a smile on his face.

Wow, what a great idea - NOT!

"Yeah, that's a wonderful idea" Myles said with a smirk on his lips. He looked at me then winked.

Oh if he does that again, I'm gonna die!

"Go get a bottle" Myles said.

Bryan came back with a bottle then placed it on the floor. Everyone sat crisscross on the floor, then Bryan spined the bottle. It landed on Bryan and Brittany's brother.

"Truth or Dare" Bryan said to Brittany's brother.


"Who do you like"

"Um, I..I"

"Just say it, we won't tell" Bryan said.

"If you say it, we'll give you twenty bucks"

"Deal, um.. I like.. um.. Chloe!" My eyes open wide. Everyone turned to look at me.

"No, not this Chloe" Brittany's brother.

"Oh" Everyone shouted.

My heart stopped for a bit back there.

Myles spined the bottle then it landed on Brittany's brother and me. He looked at me then let out a creepy smile; he should never do that again or I'll have nightmares!

"Truth or dare" Brittany's brother said.


"Um.. who do you have a crush on"


I should have picked dare! I mean, I don't have a crush on anyone.. or do I? You know there's that feeling you get when you're asked that kind of question, especially from someone you don't know.. shy girls would understand.

"No one" I said.

"Hm" Everyone echoed.

"What" I said wondering what the hm was about.

"Uh.." Myles said pointing at his face. I rolled my eyes then shook my head.

"" I said folding my arms.

"I know you do" Myles said before smirking again.

Brittany brother's phone rang, then he talked for about five minutes.

"Sorry guys, gotta go" Brittany's brother said.

"I'm hungry, I'm gonna go make something" Bryan said before getting up. I looked around for some minutes, then got up to go to my hangout room. Myles came beside me then threw his hands over my shoulder, embracing me from the side.

This is both uncomfortable and satisfying..

"Come with me to the basement" He whispered in my ear.


"My second attempt"

Oh crud!

"What are we gonna do there" I said confused.

"Find out"

"What? I'm not going.. what are we gonna do there.. I mean, we're of opposite sex" I said again.

"You're making it sound like we're gonna do something, I'm not gonna do anything! Just come with me to the basement"

"I'll rather pass" I said before walking to my hangout room.

I entered the room, then sat on the floor resting my back against the wall. Now I have nothing to do, I should have gone with him to the basement. Oh no, I can't do that, that's what happened to Lizzy in that movie I watched. I still wanna walk, unlike Lizzy who couldn't after she followed her brother's friends to the basement..

Ella came in and interrupted my thoughts. She came in crying; I could tell it's fake though..

"What's wrong" I said pretending to care - after all, that's why my mom insists I come here.

"Mr Fiddles is in the basement" Ella said crying, sorry, fake crying..

"How did it get there?"

"Jessica forgot it there, and she's to scared to go back in, please help me" She said doing her irritating puppy eyes.

"Sorry can't help, I'm afraid of the dark" I rolled me eyes after saying that.

One, It's so obvious that she's lying, cus I saw Mr Fiddles in my mom's room when I was taking a shower before coming here.

Two, I'm so sure Myles told her to do this..

And three, I have no three, I just said that to make it complete.. wait why am I saying all this in my head?

"If you don't I'm telling mom, and you know what she's gonna do" Ella said shrinking her eyes.

Is she threatening me?

"Why do you want me to go to the basement so bad!" After I said that, I heard a scream from the basement. I'm pretty sure it was Jessica..

"You see what you've caused! If you had gone to the basement to get Mr Fiddles, Jessica wouldn't be screaming! You're a monster" Ella said.

She's such a drama queen! How can she call me a monster in this scenario? She's the real definition of drama..

"Okay fine I'm going, drama queen" I said before making my way to the basement. I got in the basement and the door shut behind me.

"Ella!" I screamed hitting the door hard.

I looked around, already terrified, I followed the light I saw from afar. I followed the candles and it led me to a table and chair. I looked around confused.

"Surprised? Someone said behind me.

"Haa" I screamed at the top of my voice.

"Myles? I said.

"Yeah, I figured that you don't want to kiss me in public, so I decided to bring it private, in the basement" Myles let out a smirk after saying that. He licked his lips, showing his deep and cute dimples.

"What! Basement? Ugh, I dunno what to say right now" I said rubbing my head.

"How about you say, Myles you're right.. now come here lemme kiss you" Myles said kissing the air.

"You know I can't say that, I don't want to kiss you!" I rolled my eyes then turned around to leave.

"Spider!" Myles screamed.

"Haa" I screamed. I turned around quickly then ran to Myles. He grabbed me, embraced me then looked deep into my eyes. He held me tight, I could feel his biceps around me and his abs on my chest. I was falling into his mesmerizing blue eyes.

What's wrong with me? I can't fall into his trap! But he's blue eyes are so mesmerizing.. and those lips, so perfect..

"What is taking Myles so long! I want my ten dollars" I heard Ella scream upstairs.

"Ten dollars?" I said confused. I pulled away from him.

"Yeah, I paid her to bring you down here"

"I knew it, it was so obvious" I said with a smile. Myles chuckled then opened a bottled water to drink.

"I love the decorations you did though"I said again.

"I know you would" Myles said with a deadly smirk. I let out a laugh then walked towards the door.

"What are you doing? Myles said.

"Going outside"

"You've not kissed me yet, so you can't leave"

"I told you, it's not gonna happen" I said before hitting the door, it's still locked.

"Open the door" I said to Myles.

"You have to kiss me first"

"But I don't want to kiss you" I said.

"Lies, I know you want to, but I'm just not making the right moment"

"I don't want to kiss you, now open the door"

"Okay, but you'll still kiss me, a week is not over yet" Myles said before throwing me the keys.

"Thank you" I said before walking towards the door. I looked at Myles who was staring at me.

"Remember not to pay a seven year old girl to lure someone to the basement next time" I said. Myles chuckled then said.

"Will never forget" Myles winked at me then smiled.

His smile gives me butterflies in my tummy, even though I try to avoid it..

I smiled then went outside.

Today was another crazy day just like always. Anyways, at least it's making my holiday fun before school resumes. School resumes in about three weeks, and I'm so not happy about it..

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