The Sleepover Kiss

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5; Ten bucks

I woke up to the yells coming from downstairs. This people would not let me get my extra hours of sleep! I'm so sure it's Bryan and his jerky friends. They come to our house way too early in the morning and leave so late, don't they have families?

I turned to my other side, trying to get a comfortable position to continue my sleep.

"Chloe!" Ella screamed immediately she entered my room. She hopped on me and my bed and she continued to scream my name. Note to self; Order a new sister..

"Why are you pounding me" I yelled.

"Wake up, we're going to the mall and everyone is waiting for you downstairs"

"But I don't want to go, I want to sleep" I said laying down again to sleep.

"Noo, get up, mum is getting you the clothes you wanted and she's gonna get me Mrs Fiddles, now get up!" Ella jumped on me again.

"Ugh! Stop doing that! Wait, did you say she's gonna get me the clothes? FancyPlum?

"Yes! Now get up" Ella said. I rolled my eyes then got up to shower.

"And I borrowed your shampoo and perfume to make pudding" Ella said before shutting the door behind her.

"What tha? Ella!" I screamed. Note to self again; order a sister immediately! Pudding?

I showered really quick, then got into a skirt and a top. I don't really wear skirts, cus all the skirts I have are short, but my mom made a five day jean rule; so stupid right? She says I must not wear jeans for five days straight, I must wear a skirt or a gown after the fifth time; So uncomfortable! I know I could just lie about it, but I can't; because my mom has a calendar for it.. a calendar!

I rushed downstairs, then slowed down immediately I saw Myles, Jessica and his mom seated.

Don't tell me we're going with them..

"Chloe! Thank goodness you're done, we're running late" Myles mom said before grabbing her bag.

"Yes Chloe, guess what? Mom is buying me the latest football game" Bryan said so excited.

"And I'm getting you those FashionPlum clothes" My mom said trying to do a squee; I don't know how I'm gonna tell her not to ever do that in public, it looks like a bug is crawling up her legs..

"Great, let's go" I said with a smile. I made eye contact with Myles. He licked his lips then kissed the air. I shook my head then rolled my eyes. This is going to be a long day..

"Everyone get in" My mom said unlocking the car. I wanted to enter but Bryan stopped me.

"Let me enter first" Bryan said before entering. What's the big deal in entering first.. Jessica and Ella got in, then Myles waited for me to get in before getting in.

Oh now I see the big deal, I'm in the bad spot, I'm so uncomfortable, especially in this short skirt. This Range Rover can't take all of us.. Why do I have to be squeezed to Myles.. I'm practically resting on his chest.. and Myles raised his arm, and put it at the back, making me lie closer to his chest.. This is gonna be a long ride..

Myles kept looking at my legs and then, he would look outside the window. It's really making me uncomfortable..

I tried to avoid looking at him until we got to the mall, I was so uncomfortable.

About an hour later, we got to the mall.

"FancyPlum here I come" I said to myself after I got down from the car.

"Okay, we're gonna split now so we can get what we need really quick, and so we would get home fast before David gets home. You know we still need to surprise him" Myles mom said.

Oh, so this is what it's about. She wants to throw a surprise party for her husband David.. how cute.

"So Jessica and Ella would go with me to get David's present and their toys, Chloe, you would go with your mom to get your FashionPlum clothes, and Myles and Bryan should go get their boy games. Remember you still need to get gifts for David. Everyone split" Myles mom said.

We all nodded then went to our respective destinations.

"I can't believe I'm gonna get the clothes of my dreams! I'm gonna wear them on the first day of school, everyone won't help but stare at my clothes, and moi" I said.

"Yeah hon" my mom said. We got to the section of the clothes, I can't wait to put them on! You may be wondering what they are, well FancyPlum is a brand and it just released a new set, it's a joggers with a jacket designed with glitters.. it's just so so dope..

I grabbed the outfit I think would be my size, then went to the dressing room. My mom just sits at the bench outside the dressing room texting. I put on the clothes then sighed in relief that I took the right size.

"How do I look" I said walking outside then folding the tip of the joggers.

"You look absolutely stunning" Wait, that's not mom's voice, she doesn't sound like a man.. I looked up and saw Myles.. Myles?? Where is mom? She ditched me!

I don't know what to say now, it feels so awkward.. he said I look stunning!!

"What are you doing here, aren't you supposed to be with Bryan" I managed to say.

"I'm tired of walking around with him, that dude is so crazy about football" Myles said chuckling a little.

"That's Bryan for you" I said before turning around to go into the dressing room.

"You haven't said anything yet" Myles said.


"I said you look stunning"

Okay, this got so awkward..

"Um, thanks" I said before walking into the dressing room.

After about thirty minutes later, my mom came. What the heck was she doing! I sat here for good thirty minutes. All the teens passing by where staring at me disgustingly, they would be like 'Yuck, why's this lameo sitting on the bench like a lameo, ugh, she's such a loser'.. thanks to my mom.

"Sorry darling, I went to get the presents we would give David" My mom said showing me three birthday cards.

"Three birthday cards?"

"Yeah, isn't great" My mom said smiling.

Oh it's great alright, I can't imagine the look that's gonna be on David's face when we give him three same birthday card as his gift..

"You should have at least bought different cards, how would Bryan, you and I give him the same birthday card!"

"Oh, I didn't think that through, lemme go get another" My mom said before speed walking away.

I'm left alone again, Oh crud, some group of teens are coming towards me again! The worst part is that they are from my class! I can recognize Amanda from afar. Amanda is such a cute drama queen, everything goes her way in school, she typically tells people want she wants and they do it.. I think she might be an alien that can control minds, cus I don't see why people would obey her every word.. I hate associating with her, and I hate when people fall to her smelly feet.. Surprisingly, Alyssa is in her so called 'ADDY' group..

"Hey Chloe, what are you doing here" Amanda said.

"Oh, you must have came here to shop obviously. Anyways, see you later" Amanda continued. She let out her killer smile then sashayed away..

I hate that smile with all my guts! That's the smile she used to steal by one and only cute crush!.. by saying cute, I made Ryan out of the picture.. She brainwashed him from crushing on me, then controlled him to date Nia, one of her minions in her group; except Alyssa, I mean Alyssa may be in her group, but she's not a minion, especially Amanda's, gross..

"I can see the hatred in your eyes" Someone said beside me. I turned around to see, and not surprised, I saw Myles.

"I don't hate her, I just dislike her" I said. Myles chuckled, then sat beside me.

"What's the difference, I can tell she's bossy from the look on her face"

"Yeah she is"

"Anyways, tired of Bryan again?" I continued.

"Nah, not really, although he's still in the game centre trying out all the games, I just decided to come"

"Lemme just say, my spirit just want me to come here". I chuckled after he said that.

"Or you just want to throw another move, heads up, it's not gonna happen" I said looking at him.

"Oh come on, I've tried my best. I took you to the seniors lounge, I created a romantic moment in the basement, I tried to kiss you when you were asleep, what else can I do!" Myles said.

"Wait, when I was asleep!" No wonder I kept saying I love Myles in my dream!

"Just forget about that, what can I do that you're gonna admit that you love me and that you want to kiss me" Myles said holding my hand.


"Stretch out your hand" Myles said before sipping his hands into his pocket.

What's he gonna give me, what if it's a ring! What am I suppose to say!!

"Have this" Myles said after he dropped some cash on my hands.

"Are you giving me this to kiss you?" I said surprised.

"That's ten bucks" Myles said bitting his lips.

What!! What is he thinking!! He literally thinks I'm gonna kiss him for ten bucks!! Even if he gives me a million bucks, I'm not gonna do it.. maybe. But he thinks I'm one of those chicks he picks on the streets, I'm not those street girls!! Ten bucks? Really?

"What? I can't believe this, you think I would kiss you for ten bucks!" I rolled my eyes then stood up. I saw my mom coming from afar.

"You know what? I give up" Myles said.

"I can't believe you!" I said again.

"Honey, let's go, Myles mom is waiting in the car" My mom said immediately she got came close to me.

I nodded then looked at Myles before leaving, Myles just followed at the back. We got to the car and we got in, great, close to Myles chest.. I'm so glad - NOT! The ride home was awkward, cus Myles kept on looking at me and touching my arm and I was still close to his chest. I know he knows I'm a little mad, but he can't say sorry, He has never said sorry to anyone apart from my brother, his parents and my parents, he never says sorry to anyone else.

We got down then went to my house. Myles mom phone beeped, she looked at it then frowned.

"Change of plans guys, David just texted me that his colleagues at work threw him a party, he wants me to come join and we're gonna crash at the house his workplace gave him.. so I guess Myles and Jessica are gonna sleep here for tonight".

"It's alright Barbara, they can crash here, go have fun! Remember to give him our gifts" My mom said.

"No problem, Myles go pack up" Myles mom said before leaving.

Someone please pinch me.. a sleepover?

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