The Sleepover Kiss

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6; Sleepover day one ~ Alyssa in

Why is nature doing this to me! What have I done wrong! If it's because I framed Ella up last night, then I'm so sorry. I feel so unlucky right now.. why? Well cus..

One, Myles mom called yesterday and extended the sleepover to a week!

Two, my FashionPlum clothes got ruined yesterday! Ella, spilled engine oil on it.. How did she even get that!

And three, Ella thinks I'm pregnant, crazy! She read some stupid book and she said I'm pregnant. I may be unlucky now, but I know I'm not fully unlucky.. I was angry yesterday but still got free ten bucks.. score!

Here I am in my room, waiting for Alyssa to come online so I can ask her if she wants to have a sleepover at my house; yeah, I can't bear the burden of both Myles and Ella, I need Alyssa to be around so I won't go crazy..

“Hey girl, can you come have a sleepover for a week, ugh.. Myles is here and I can't think I can handle things”

“Wow, I'll ask my mom, maybe she would let me come tomorrow”

“No, I need you to come like today, now”

“Okay, would try my best” Alyssa said before hanging up. I just hope she makes it..

I sighed then went downstairs to grab some juice. I went into the kitchen then grabbed a cup. I poured some juice in then drank. Feeling refreshed, I turned around to go back to my room.

“Ahh” I screamed immediately I saw Myles beside me.

“Are you a ghost!” I yelled again.

“I just came to tell you that I don't give up anymore, I'll still try my best, infact I'm gonna kiss you now” Myles stretched out his lips to kiss me, I pushed him away then ran to my room.

Alyssa where are you!!!!!

I ran to my bed then picked up my laptop. I video called Alyssa again.

“Great news Chloe, my mom is dropping me over tonight, see me in an hour” Alyssa said before hanging up.

I sighed in relief, then heard my door open, it was Myles.

“Um, I just came to tell you I give up, and won't try to kiss you anymore, this time it's for real. I still think you want to kiss me though, anyways, see ya” Myles left slamming the door behind him.

I still don't trust him, I'm sure he's still up to something..

I went downstairs, then sat on the couch. I'm so bored! Myles and Bryan were watching football, I feel like sleeping, I don't know when Alyssa would be here. I laid my head on the couch, then closed my eyes.


My eyes adjusted to the darkness as I looked around. Everywhere was dark, and there were loud music. I turned around to see two shadows. Why is everywhere dark.. and why am I hearing sounds of..

“Are you guys kissing in my room?” I said to the two shadows.

“Why don't you come and join us” One of the shadows said.

“What! Are you guys... Come to think of it, I don't think this is my room” One of the shadows moved, and the lights were turned on. I looked around.. football.. jersey.. PlayStation.. clothes on the floor.. this is not my room! I'm in Bryan's room!

I stood up quickly, looked at the people kissing, then went downstairs.

“Why is there loud music?” I said to myself. It's like a party around here, loud music, people rocking.. and hey look, it's Alyssa dancing with Myles.. Wait Myles! I invited her over to play with me, and rock with Myles.. Why Myles! Come to think of it, I slept in boredom, then woke up to a party.. crazy. At least, my day got better..

I grabbed a soda, then sat on the couch. My eyes scanned around; but mostly on Alyssa and Myles though..

“Hey” Someone said beside me.. I just hope it's not one of Bryan crazy team mates, cus if it is.. I just hope they love soda bath...

“Oh, hey.. um.. Brittany's brother” I still don't know his name though.. surprising..

“I'm Alex.. and I can see you're surveying the party” Surveying?

“Yeah, I'm not much of a party person”

“I noticed.. I'm not much of a party person too.. I just sit and criticize everyone”

“LOL, I do that too”

“Hm, who's your target now” Alex said before taking my soda, then drinks it.

“Mine is that redhead over there with that fat dude” Alex said again.

“Me too” Okay, that was a lie.. a white lie.. I hope.

“How would she be kissing that dude, he's all fat, and his lips are huge.. I don't think he's kissing” I burst into laughter after he said that. I never knew he was a little funny...

“Exactly! Her name is Jessica, and I'm so surprised she's with him, all guys love her” I said sipping my soda.

“Hm, why does the good have to suffer... Check out those two” Alex pointed over to Myles and Alyssa.

“It's like they are bonded.. like soul bonded” Yeah, bonded indeed. I can't believe this, why would they be dancing? Alyssa hates Myles guts.. she's always talking about throwing in some fireworks into his stomach, and then watch it blow up; I know that was so harsh, and horrible too..

“I don't think so” I said shaking my head.

“Why, you can see it.. the bonding.. just look at them cuddle” I don't think it's right, but watching them cuddle kinda makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm feeling all furry inside.. I don't even know what I'm saying.. furry?

“Yeah, what of these guys over here” I said.

“Yeah, but they're not bonding like this two” Alex said pointing over to Myles and Alyssa again.. What's wrong with this dude..

“Yeah.. yeah” I'm a little disappointed at Alyssa though.. why would she dance with Myles?

“Excuse me for some minutes” Alex said. Please take hours!

“No problem” I turned around, then set my eyes on Myles and Alyssa again. Alyssa turned around, then looked at me, she waved then walked towards me.

“Chloe, you're awake”

“Am I? Oh, I thought I was dreaming, cus Alyssa dancing with Myles.. it has to be a dream”

“I don't understand either, I just came in and saw a party, you were in the couch sleeping.. and Bryan carried you to his room.. and then I was called to party.. it just kinda happened”

“Oh, I see..”

“And it's just a dance, it's not like it's gonna be all complicated”

“Yeah, just a dance”

“This is like our sixth sleepover after so many years, we should enjoy this one” Alyssa said

“You're right, I'll go make a list of all the things were gonna do” I smiled, then went to my room. I grabbed a pen, then remembered, I haven't seen my phone..

I went downstairs again, then froze when I saw Alyssa with Myles again.

“She still went back to him? Really?” I shook my head, then went to the couch to look for my phone.

“There are so many people here, I can't find my phone. Why would Bryan throw a party anyways, mom is gonna be so furious.. where is mom anyways? Ella? Jessica? What's the time?” I said to myself.

I turned around to look at the wall clock, but bumped into someone. Great, it was lovey-dovey..

“Hey Chloe”

“Hey lov.. Justin! Hey Justin” That was so close, I almost spilled the beans. He would have found out that he was lovey-dovey. Alyssa and I often talk about him in school, even in his presence..

“Your brother's party is really rocking.. I'm surprised to see almost all the school here”

“Yeah, me too” I said giving a smile.

“Anyways, see you later”

Wow, so Justin is at this party.. and Alyssa is rocking with Myles! She would have been all over him.

I turned around, then my eyes landed on the door. The door opened, and my mom, Jessica and Ella walked through. Bryan is so dead! I could see the anger in her eyes. My mom froze for some seconds, scanned through the party with her eyes, then stared at Bryan. Bryan looked at my mom, he understood with her glance, then turned off the music.

“What is going on here” My mom said over to Bryan, who was still trying to be cool.

“Its.. it's a party” Bryan said.

“Oh, so the best thing to do when your parents are not home is to throw a party!”

“No, it's not..” Bryan said before my mom signalled for him to be quiet with her hand. She looked at him, then walked away.

“Hello Mrs Williams” One guy said.. I think he's John. My mom looked at him, then continued walking to her room. Oh! That guy got snubbed..

Ella looked at me, then ran up to me.

“Why are you in this party, you're supposed to be in your room.. don't you know you're pregnant!”

One, it would have been okay if the music was still on..

Two, it would have still been okay if it wasn't in front of people I know, and would still see for about two more years..

And three, it's already stamped.. I'm getting a new sister!

I looked at her, then at everyone. Someone burst into laughter, then some people followed. I looked at Ella again, then went to my room embarrassed. I think I'm having a streak of bad luck...

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