The Sleepover Kiss

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7; Sleepover day two; Sitting with her?

After the whole pregnancy fiasco, Alyssa tried to cheer me up.. but I don't think she can cheer someone up. She tries to make you forget about something, but she still ends up reminding you of it, how am I supposed to forget!

I did not even know that Amanda was at the party yesterday, she posted it in our class group chat, she sent ‘Great news guys, we're gonna have a mom in our class, I can't guess the father... You all know the girl right? It's Chloe Williams!” That was so stupid of her, I knew her to be stupid, not stupid dumb and useless.. She then went further to ask me who the father was.. on the group chat! The damage has already been done anyways..

There are so many things going on right now.

One, my mom is at the verge of grounding Bryan, she was so furious last night. She's having second thoughts about grounding him, cus he's already eighteen. She believes that he's an adult already, but I think otherwise..

Two, I made a big mistake inviting Alyssa over. My mom told me that my dad was planning a vacation for us, but because of Alyssa, we can't go. Why didn't my mom tell me this earlier! Oh she can't.. cus I did not inform her before I invited Alyssa over, but she should have at least given a hint.. I would be free from Myles, and would have had a good time.. I so hate myself now..

And three, Myles hasn't talked to me since. Usually, he would be all over me cus of the stupid kiss challenge, but he hasn't done anything. I think he's ignoring me or something, or he's angry with me, Why would he be angry cus I did not kiss him! Come to think of it, why does he want to kiss me.. I should have asked him. I'm a little worried..

“Why are you just sitting here, let's do something” Alyssa said sitting in my bed.

“What can we do? And I'm still worried about Myles.. I think he's annoyed” I said holding my pillow.

“I don't think he is, let's go see what he's doing now, he may be hatching a plan right now”

“You're right! Let's go” We both got off my bed quickly, then tiptoed over to Bryan's room. The door was opened a little, I peeped through and saw Myles on the bed. We looked at him for about a minute, but he wasn't doing anything. He was just texting..

“I don't think he's doing anything” I said looking over to Alyssa.

“Yeah, I don't think he's gonna do anything” Alyssa said.

“Gonna do what?” Someone said from the door. Please don't tell me it's Myles.. I turned around to the door, boom it's Myles.. mind blowned..

“Uhh.. nothing” I said giving a fake smile at the end.

“Hm, okay?” Myles kept his earpiece on his neck, then walked towards the living room.

“That was close.. let's still follow him” Alyssa said. I nodded my head, then followed Alyssa.

Myles went to the kitchen, then drank the apple juice in the fridge. Alyssa and I pretended like we were sitting down on the couch. Myles looked at us, smirked, then went to Bryan's room. Did he just smirk? I think he knows we're following him.. Ugh! This is so dumb.. lemme just leave him alone..

“Alyssa, I think this is dumb.. why are we even following him”

“Cus we want to see if he's hatching a plan.. and by the way, you said he thinks he's angry with you.. if he was angry, he wouldn't have replied you, he would have just ignored us”

“You're right.. and what's the big deal if he's angry with me.. I don't want to kiss him, it's not by force” I stood up, then turned to Alyssa.

“It's my decision” I continued.

“Yeah, you know what, let's forget about it and let's go do something else” Alyssa said. She stood up, grabbed my hand, and then dragged me upstairs to my room. I sat on the bed, and Alyssa sat beside me. I'm very sure she's gonna bring up lovey-dovey now..

“Let's talk about something else, how about lovey-dovey.. can you guess what he texted to me yesterday?” Alyssa said with a smile on her face.

I was right.. Hearing about Justin makes me recall last night, Myles and Alyssa dancing.. ugh.. stupid..

Alyssa kept on talking about Justin for hours, I just laid on the bed listening to all her stories. It's not like I don't what to hear about her crush, I'm just not in the mood when she talks about him.

“I'm thirsty” I said getting up from my bed.

“Don't worry, lemme get you some juice.. you're already stressed” Alyssa said before leaving my room. It's nice of Alyssa.. I picked up my phone, then glanced through my chats.. Oh great, I've received many mocking messages from my classmates.. the most painful one is from David, he said ‘Yo Chloe, I heard you're pregnant.. hope the father is cool.. so your baby can be like him not you’ I don't know why they are talking this seriously! It's not real! My classmates are jerks, I know they would use this opportunity to make fun of me cus I turned Derek down.. I told him I was not interested in dating him, and it became a problem..

I stood up from my bed to show Alyssa the messages. I went downstairs, then ran into Myles.

“I'm sorry” I said.

“Hm” Myles said then went upstairs..

Hm? Hmm? Why would he say hmm? Ugh!

“Alyssa, did you just see what just happened” I said walking to her.

“Yeah, but it doesn't mean anything.. he's not angry with you.. you know what.. let's not talk about him again. You don't what him to bother you and he isn't.. be happy”

“You're right, if he's angry that's his business” I said.

“Yeah. You know what we should do? Kn dramas!” Alyssa said.

“Yeah, Kn dramas!” I love Korean movies..

“I don't think so, we're watching something else” Bryan said.

“Ugh! Hope it's not one of those assassin movies” I said.

“No, this time it's kinda a romantic movie.. but you know I can't watch movies without action.. so it's not” I rolled my eyes after Bryan said that.

“Fine” Alyssa and I chorused. After Bryan set up the movie, he called Myles. I sat on Myles favorite couch; he said it was his favorite cus it's in the perfect angle to watch a movie.. I agree .. it was my favorite before he said it was his.. we argued about it sometimes..

Alyssa sat on the couch opposite to me, and Bryan sat on the couch in the middle. Myles went upstairs for some seconds, then sat beside Alyssa. My eyes froze on both of them, I blinked, then looked at the TV.

It's normal girl, nothing is fishy.. But why did he sit there.. what's my business! Chloe just forget about it.. But why her!

About ten minutes later, the popcorn that Bryan ordered arrived; yes, he ordered popcorn..

Bryan ordered three popcorns, and we were four.

“I think I ordered the wrong number of popcorn.. I forgot Alyssa” Bryan said before taking a sit on the couch. Hm, if I give Alyssa mine, Myles might give me his.. if he doesn't then it's official that he's ignoring me or hates me..

“Alyssa, take mine”

“Awwn, thanks girl” Alyssa took mine and sat down. Ugh! This a huge sacrifice, it's my favorite! I wasn't focused on the movie, I was watching Myles and Alyssa; I couldn't help it..

Myles lifted his arm, and kept it on the top of the couch.. it was like he kept his arm on Alyssa's shoulders.. they were so close!

Myles turned to look at Alyssa, it was like he was saying something. The movie was so loud, so I could not hear what he was saying. He let out a smirk and Alyssa blushed; she literally blushed! Myles winked at her, then gave her his popcorn, but she already has one! Gosh!

I tried not to look, but I couldn't help it. I let out a sigh, then went to my room. Normally, I would expect Alyssa to come with me, but she didn't. I'm sure she's gonna be on the couch with Myles flirting. Why am I worried anyways.. I wanted him away from me, and he is, why am I seeing a big deal in this..

I heard my door open. I turned around to see who it was, and it was Bryan.

“Chloe, what and you doing here, come watch the movie, and there is ice cream”

“I'm coming” I mumbled. At least there's ice cream, it should brighten up today for me.. I love ice cream. I let out a sigh, then went downstairs. I sat down, then faced the TV.

“Where's my ice cream” I said to Bryan.

“Ugh, have mine, I gave Alyssa yours.. I did not buy for her too” I exhaled the little anger that rushed through me.. This is so not happening now! Like what is happening! Ugh!

“Keep it the the freezer for me, I don't think I can take any ice cream today” I managed to say.

“No p” Bryan said before crossing his legs.

I feel so isolated and lonely right now, this was not what I planned! I wanted Alyssa to hang with me to prevent Myles from kissing me, not to flirt with him and take my ice cream! It's not like I'm jealous, I'm just feeling weird right now.. I know it's nothing, I just have the habit of over thinking things.. there are no strings attached..

I let out another sigh, then went to my room.. to sleep hopefully..

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