Lost and Found (The Man With A Hundred Names - Mini Series - Book Three)

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Chapter Twelve: The Morgue

“Is it done? Can I come in now?” Abraham called from the entrance to the penthouse.

Luka opened the bedroom door, just enough he could stick his head out. “Sure, partner, but we won’t be out for a while yet.”

Abraham laughed. “Take your time; I’m just going to watch some TV.”

Ariel giggled when Luka returned to her on the bed.

Abraham turned the TV on and flipped through the channels until he found the one he was looking for. They contacted him, and now he’s looking for the messages on the news to where they are to meet their help.

There was still no message; when Luka and Ariel joined him on the couches.

“They contact you?” Luka asked as he looked at the news on the TV.

“Yeah, waiting for a message, saying where to meet them.” Abraham said with a nod.

“There.” Ariel said as she pointed to the screen.

“Where?” Abraham asked as he squinted.

Ariel got to her feet and touched the TV. “Right there. The camera has scrolled over this sign more times than necessary.”

Luka smiled at her. “That is why having an investigative reporter as your fiancée is a grand idea.”

Ariel laughed as she walked over to him and sat on his lap. “Say that again.” She said as she kissed his lips.


She shivered as she kissed him again.

“Okay, miss investigative reporter, that’s the place, where’s the time?” Abraham asked as he averted his eyes from them.

Ariel turned to the TV. “There. That clock shouldn’t be there.” She said as she pointed to the TV.

“Damn, you’re good.” Abraham said as he wrote the place and time to meet up with the men who will help them get into the morgue to see if the body is that of their friend.

“When, though? Doesn’t say am or pm.” Abraham said as he looked at the clock.

“There, that calendar, they circled today in red.”

“Tonight.” Abraham and Luka said at the same time.

“Well, it looks like we have some work to do.” Luka said as he stood and set Ariel on her feet.

“I just hope it’s not her.” Ariel said with a frown.

“As much trouble as this is to just look at the body; if it’s not her, I hope these men can help us figure out where she is.” Abraham said as he picked up his bag and opened the secret compartment, then handed Ariel and Luka each an earbud. “We are staying in contact, no matter what happens tonight.” He said as he placed his into his ear.

“Let’s get this show on the road.” Luka said with a nod.

Ariel looked up at Luka as she placed the earpiece into her ear. “Are you ready, Lukas?”

Luka’s eyes turned red, and he smiled at her. “Do you have to ask?”

She smiled up at him as she placed her hand on his arm. “Just checking.”

He grinned. “I was born ready, Sweetheart.”


“I have never seen so much security for a morgue before.” Ariel whispered as she watched the armed men walk in and out of the building.

“This is a high-security hospital.” The leader of the men they had hired to help them, said from his position on the other side of Luka.

They had met the men just over an hour ago, and Luka hasn’t let a single one of them close to her. They seem intrigued by how well she can speak their language and swarm her when Luka isn’t watching.

“We will go in through that door. Will have to time it just right.” The man said as he pointed to the door where security has been walking in and out.

“Are you sure about this?” Luka asked as he studied the building.

“You asked for our help, no?”

“Yes.” Ariel said with a nod.

“Then let us show you how we do here.” The man said as he motioned for his men to head towards the door.

“I guess we’re going in.” Luka said as he took hold of Ariel’s arm.

“I don’t like this.” Abraham said as he followed close behind them.

“I’m not thrilled either, but it’s the only way we can see if it’s Hannah.” Luka said as he looked at his partner.

“I don’t trust them.” Abraham whispered.

“You guys, this is all we have.” Ariel whispered as she looked back at Abraham.

“I don’t trust them either.”

Ariel looked at Luka. His eyes were red, and he was glaring at the men ahead of them, getting ready to breach the hospital.

“Lukas, do nothing; unless you need to.” Ariel hissed.

Lukas looked down at her and smiled. “You know me, Sweetheart, whatever you say.”

She watched his eyes turn back to blue and smiled. “Thank you.”

“I take it Lukas doesn’t trust them any more than I do.” Luka said as he watched the men enter the building.

Ariel shook her head. “But he promises to be good; unless I say otherwise.”

“Good.” Luka said with a nod. “Really don’t want to explain to the captain, why I got arrested in a third world country, while on vacation.”

Ariel laughed, their captain knows why they’re here, but to protect him, they prefer he pretends his men are just on an ordinary vacation.

“Stop.” Luka said when he saw a guard come around a corner.

“Looks like we didn’t time ourselves right.” Ariel whispered.

“Or they set us up.” Abraham said with a silent growl.

The guard turned and moved in their direction. They watched as one of the men in black; they had hired, snuck up behind the guard and shoved something into the man’s neck. The guard slumped to the ground, and the man in black pulled him out of sight.

“Come on.” Their leader said from the door as he motioned for them to follow him inside.

Luka grabbed hold of Ariel’s arm and ran to the door, Abraham close behind them.

“What did your man do to that guard?” Luka asked as they entered the building.

“Sleep.” The man said as he raised his hands to his cheeks to indicate someone sleeping. “Let’s go.” He said as he headed down the hall.

They traveled down several halls until they came to doors that said, Morgue. They walked through the double doors and looked around the clean, stainless-steel room. The leader left two of his men outside the doors to keep watch.

“She here?” One of the men asked as he opened a drawer.

Ariel looked at the toe and knew right away; it wasn’t her. “Man.” She said as she pointed to the large toe with a tag around it.

The man nodded and closed the drawer, then opened another. Ariel shook her head, and they went to the next. When they opened the fifth drawer, they found that it was a woman, and Ariel sucked in a sharp breath.

Luka read the name tag and growled. “It says, Hannah Kieran.”

“No.” Ariel cried as she pulled the cover off her friend’s face.

Ariel fell back against Luka when she saw the face of the woman on the table.

“It’s not her.” Abraham said with relief as he looked at the dead girl on the table.

Ariel turned in Luka’s arms and cried. Now they still have to find what happened to her friend.

The man covered the corpse, then pushed it back into the drawer.

“What now?” Abraham asked as he looked around the room.

“You hired us to get you in and out.” The man in charge said as he watched the three of them.

“Please.” Ariel begged in his language. “We will pay you to help us find out what happened to our friend.”

The man watched her face, then nodded. “You pay, we will help.”

A noise outside the doors had them turning to the doors.

“Time to go.” The man said as he headed for the doors.

They got out into the hall just as guards came around the corner. They turned to the left and ran towards the exit.

“Great.” Luka said when they found chains on the door.

“Is this a setup?” Abraham asked as he looked at the men in black clothes, standing around with them.

“No setup. Trap.” The leader said as he looked back at the guards coming their way. “Get to roof.”

Luka took hold of Ariel’s hand as they ran down the hall. They got to the roof and looked over.

“Too far down to jump.” Luka said as he shook his head.

“No, we glide.” The man said as he and his men pulled gliders out from behind the small shack on the roof.

“They thought ahead.” Ariel said with a smile.

“Or they planned this whole thing.” Abraham said as he took a glider from one of the men.

“Either way, we are getting out of here.” Luka said as he took a glider from the leader.

“You come with me?” The leader asked as he pointed at Ariel.

“She comes with me.” Luka said as he took Ariel into his arms.

The man looked at Luka, then shrugged his shoulders.

The large door opened, and men came barreling out, firing at them. Ariel screamed as she hit the ground. Luka growled as Lukas switched and ran at the men who were still firing at them.

Lukas was barely fast enough to avoid being shot as he disarmed the men and threw them across the rooftop.

“What is he?” The leader of the group asked as he watched Lukas fight the men on his own.

Ariel smiled. “He’s my man.”

The leader looked down at her, then over at the man who was still fighting off guards and disarming them. He had hoped to win her over, but it looked like someone else already had.

When the guards were down, Lukas turned to Ariel with a grin as he walked over to her. She sighed with relief when he pulled her up and into his arms.

One of the men Lukas had thrown across the roof, sat up and pointed his gun at Lukas and Ariel. The leader pushed them aside and took the bullet in his shoulder. One of the other men ran at the guard and kicked him in the face, knocking him out.

“Crap.” Lukas said as he got to his feet and pulled Ariel up with him.

“I’ll be okay.” The leader said as he looked at his shoulder. “Go.” He said as he pointed to Ariel, then the glider.

“Are you sure?” Ariel asked in his language.

He smiled at her. She was so beautiful; her scars just made her even more appealing. “I will be fine. Go to safety, I will call you on burner, in two days.”

“Okay, thank you.” She said with a smile.

Lukas set the glider up, then wrapped his arms around her and jumped off the roof.

“Thanks.” Abraham said to the leader before he jumped off the roof.

“Are we going to help them?” One man asked his leader as they watched the Americans glide away.

“I promised I would.” He said as he looked at his man. “We may get help from them to fix our government.”

The other man laughed. “They can’t even fix their own.”

“We will see what happens.” The man said as he strapped himself into the glider and winced when a pain shot through his arm.

“Must let mother look at that when we get home.”

The leader snorted. “She is going to be upset.” He said, then jumped off the roof.

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