Lost and Found (The Man With A Hundred Names - Mini Series - Book Three)

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Chapter Fourteen: Blood Brothers

“I’ve got you.”

Ariel screamed when the enormous man grabbed hold of her and pulled her to him.

“I will take you as replacement.”

“Dreamer!” Ariel screamed.

Lukas pushed the men off him when he heard Ariel scream. He looked over to find the enormous man trying to walk down the driveway with her. When had he gotten away from him? The man moved fast for a fat man.

Lukas punched a man in the face, sending him tumbling down the stairs, then rushed to the man who was dragging his woman away.

Lukas grabbed hold of the man so fast; the man screamed when Lukas spun him around to face him.

“No one touches our fiancée like that.” Lukas said with a growl.

The man stared into Lukas’s red eyes with fear in his own.

“Lukas.” Ariel whispered as she touched his arm. “Come down now.”

Lukas looked at her and felt his anger and hatred evaporate. He shoved the enormous man against the wall and let him fall to the ground, unconscious. Ariel smiled as he pulled her into his arms.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he held her.

She nodded. “Yes, but we need to get Abraham out of here, he’s bleeding, bad.”

Lukas nodded, then quickly kissed her. He then turned and ran to Abraham’s side.

“Be careful.” Hannah said as Lukas lifted his core’s partner into his arms and moved so fast away from her, she sucked in a shocked breath. “Dreamer, look out!” Hannah hollered when she saw the horrible man who has kept her in a dungeon, because she was pregnant with another man’s baby, point a gun at Dreamer.

A gun fired, and everyone froze as they watched the fat man fall to the ground, his gun still pointed at Dreamer. Another shot fired, and the man fell over dead.

Everyone turned to find the leader of the group standing near Hannah, his gun still smoking in his hand.

“Take out the trash.” He said as he looked at The Sapphire Dreamer. “Right?”

Lukas nodded at the man, then rushed to the car Ariel had found with keys still in it. It was a sports car, and it was just big enough to fit the girls and Abraham.

“Hannah, get in!” Lukas hollered over his shoulder as he slid Abraham into the front seat.

Hannah squeezed into the front seat with Abraham and held pressure on his stomach. Lukas nodded, then closed the door.

“Lukas!” Ariel hollered.

“There’s not enough room, Sweetheart. Besides, I have some business to take care of.” Lukas said as he tapped the roof of the car. “I will see you at the hospital.”

Ariel growled as she pulled the sports car out of the drive and sped away towards the hospital.

Lukas turned to the leader of the men who’ve helped them with so much. To think, they had once not trusted this man.

“Thank you.” Lukas said as he approached the man.

The man looked up at him and nodded. “I read about you. You’re supposed to be dead.”

Lukas laughed. “I don’t die that easily.”

“So, I have seen.” The man said as he looked around at the fallen guards around the yard.

“There are people to free in the house, do you think your men can take care of that? You and I have some other business to take care of.”

The man looked at Lukas, then nodded and turned to his men to give the orders.

Lukas pulled the man over to one of the Humvees and pulled out his phone.

“We can do this one of two ways.” Lukas said as he studied the man. “You never saw me, none of us were ever here, you freed these people and killed the fat man in self-defense, and I share with you what I get from him. Or, you ruin the lives of people who only wanted their loved one back, and you get nothing.”

The man studied his face, then nodded. “Kaison Milan.” He said as he held his hand out to Lukas.

Lukas smiled. “I’m Lukas, but most know me as The Sapphire Dreamer.”

Kaison nodded. “And the other guy, the one with blue eyes?”

“That’s who he says he is. I’m what I guess you would call his alter ego.”

Kaison laughed. “I accept. You and your friends do not exist; we never saw you. Now, what are we to do?”

Lukas grinned. “I plan to run his banks dry.” He said as he dialed a number he hasn’t had to use in a while.

Lukas gave the information he had gathered on the fat man and waited. He grinned when it was complete and handed the phone to Kaison.

“Tell him your bank information.”

Kaison stared at Lukas for a moment, then did as he asked and handed the phone back to Lukas when he was through.

“Okay, Lukas, I split the funds into the two accounts. Minus my ten percent, of course.”

“Of course.” Lukas said with a smile. “Great doing business with you again, Fisher.”

“Any time, big man. Great catch this time.” Fisher said with a laugh, then hung up.

Lukas watched Kaison stare at him.

“Look at your bank account.” Lukas said as he pointed to the man’s pocket.

Kaison pulled out his phone and looked at his bank, his eyes opening wide.

“Congratulations, your rich old grandmother just died. Or should I say my condolences?” Lukas asked with a smirk. “Don’t worry; it will never lead back to anything we did tonight.”

“How did… why?”

“I can’t tell you how, but I can tell you why. I can tell you that you are fighting for your country. You want things to go back to how they were. Maybe the money can help with that. You killed the chief supporter of those who are corrupting your country. Support someone who refuses to bow down to men like that scum, there. Hell, run for leadership yourself.”

“I…Thank you.” Kaison said as he held his hand out to Lukas again. “For everything.”

Lukas smiled as he shook the man’s hand. “Now, I have people to get back to. Do you think I could get a ride to the hospital?”

“Actually, what do you think of taking that Ferrari for a spin?”

Lukas turned to the white convertible in the drive and almost fell over. Kaison laughed. Lukas moved over to the white convertible and ran his hand over the red interior.

“How the hell am I going to get this beauty home?” Lukas wondered out loud.

Kaison smiled as he slapped Lukas on the back. “No problem, I will have it shipped to you when you guys leave.”

Lukas shook his head. “We may never go home again.”

Kaison laughed. “In that case, enjoy.” He said as he handed him the keys.

Lukas grinned as he got into the driver’s seat and started the motor. “Listen to that baby purr.”

“I will see you later, Dreamer.” Kaison said with a smile.

Lukas nodded to the man. “Don’t stay up too late.” He said, then drove out of the driveway.

Now to get to his woman and the others at the hospital.


Lukas entered the hospital and found both women in the waiting room.

“Lukas!” Ariel hollered as she ran into his arms.

He held her close as she cried against him.

“Have you heard anything yet?” He asked as he looked up at Hannah.

Hannah shook her head as she sat in the chair, rubbing her stomach.

He shook his head; they would have never guessed those two had been secret lovers.

“What took you so long?” Ariel asked as she looked up at him.

He kissed her, then walked her to the chairs and sat down next to her.

“Had to take care of some business. I think we will stay here for a while. Help Kaison take back his country.”

“Who’s Kaison?” Ariel asked as she looked up at him.

“The leader of the group we hired.” He said with a smile.

“You got his name?” She asked, shocked.

He nodded. “We made a few deals…”

“Miss Lawson, Miss Kieran?”

The girls stood when the doctor called their names. Lukas stayed seated, so he didn’t freak the doctor out with his red eyes.

“Your friend has lost a lot of blood, and we don’t have his type…”

“I’m his type!” Lukas said as he jumped to his feet.

Ariel stared up at him as he turned his back to the doctor and stood in front of her.

“You are?” She asked, shocked.

Lukas nodded. “Luka and Abraham had discovered they were blood brothers during a blood drive.”

“We need Luka; they will freak…”

Luka blinked as he stared down at Ariel.

“Ariel.” He breathed as he pulled her into his arms.

Ariel sighed as she held him.

“Miss Lawson?” The doctor asked.


Ariel pulled back and looked up into Luka’s eyes. “They shot Abraham, Luka; he needs your blood.”

Luka turned to the doctor behind him. He was getting used to finding himself in places and not knowing how he’d gotten there. As long as Ariel was there when he woke, he could wake up in an ice cream truck, for all he cared.

He could swear he heard Lukas laughing in his head over that.

“I’m the same blood type as Abraham.” He assured the doctor.

The doctor nodded as he motioned for him to follow him. “Will have to cross…”

“I know.” Luka said with a nod as he followed the doctor.

Ariel and Hannah sat in the chairs and waited.

Four hours later, Luka returned to them. Ariel forced a smile as he sat down next to her. She leaned against him with a sigh and fell asleep as they continued to wait.

“Ariel.” Luka whispered as he shook her shoulder.

Ariel slowly woke as her eyes fluttered open.

“The doctor is here to talk to us.”

Ariel sat up and shook Hannah awake. Hannah sat up and looked at them blankly; Ariel pointed to the doctor. Hannah looked at the doctor, then jumped to her feet.

“I’m sorry. We have done all we can.” The doctor said as he watched them. “There was too much blood loss.”

“Is he going to make it?” Hannah asked with a hitch in her voice.

The doctor sighed. “I don’t think he will make it through the night.”

Luka turned from them with a growl and kicked a chair across the room.

Ariel jumped as she turned to him. He turned back to her, his face in such sorrow, she wanted to cry.

Hannah cried out as she collapsed to the floor. Ariel and Luka were at her side in an instant.

“Hannah.” Ariel cried as she shook her friend.

The doctor called for a stretcher as he watched them try to get their friend up off the floor. The nurses and doctor loaded her onto a stretcher and rushed her through the hospital. Ariel cried as she leaned into Luka.

What is happening to her world?


“Hannah.” Ariel whispered as she walked into her friend’s hospital room.

“Hi.” Hannah said with a smile.

“What did they say?” Ariel asked as she moved closer to her friend’s bed.

“The doctor was angry that I hadn’t told him what I had been through. But my concern was with Abraham.” Hannah said with a frown.

“I know.” Ariel said with a nod. “So was I. I’m sorry I didn’t think of what you must have gone through…”

“Don’t be.” Hannah said with a sigh.

“So, what did they say?”

“Dehydrated and need lots and lots of vitamins and food.” She said with a smile. “We’ll be okay, Ariel, and so will Abraham.”

Ariel just nodded. She didn’t want to upset her friend in her fragile state. But the doctors are sure Abraham won’t make it, and if he did, he’d be brain dead.

So really, he’s better off dead.

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