Lost and Found (The Man With A Hundred Names - Mini Series - Book Three)

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Chapter Two: The Core Personality

“Everything okay?” Lesa asked when she saw Ariel.

“Could you guys help me with this?” Ariel asked as she pointed to her cheek.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry we hadn’t noticed that.” Lesa said as she looked at her cheek.

“It’s okay; there were more pressing matters.” Ariel said as she let them lead her to the same bathroom as before.

“I’m glad you’re so understanding.” Lesa said as her husband retrieved the first aid kit.

“Well, it makes things easier now, knowing I was in love with one person, just two personalities.” Ariel said with a smile.

“I’m just glad that they both had had the right sense to fall in love with you. Don’t know what I would do if they had each fallen in love with a different girl.” Lesa said as she rolled her eyes.

Ariel laughed. “You wish you had known back then, what you know now. And raised both boys.”

Lesa sighed with a nod. “Maybe I could have prevented some of the blood my son has on his hands.”

“We can help him now.” Ariel said with a smile.

“Abraham didn’t find Hannah. They think they’ve already shipped her off to wherever they were sending her off to. They’re already looking into it. I told them we at least needed tonight to relax, and we will join them tomorrow. I told him about your cheek, and he said something about a magnet on your ass.”

“Lukas.” Lesa scolded as she looked at her son.

“He said it.” Lukas said as he raised his hands in defense.

Ariel laughed. “It’s okay. Luka and the others say that I have a magnet for trouble stuck to my ass. Because something always happens around me.”

“Well, they have that right.” Lukas said with a smile.

“All done.” Kole said as he placed the last piece of tape to her cheek.

“Thanks, Mr. Gunnar.”

“Please, Ariel, you’re family. Call me, Kole.”


Ariel stared at the information she had found on the computer, about the different types of MPD. There’s so much information out there on it; she would get no sleep if she read all of it tonight.

“What are you looking at?” Lukas asked as he joined her at the desk.

“Information on MPD.”

“Anything good?” He asked as he rubbed her shoulders.

“Tons. I’m learning a lot. Like, did you know that we can tell Luka about you, and maybe you two can communicate without being hypnotized? Don’t know if anyone has succeeded yet, but maybe you two will be the exception.”

“Maybe, huh?” He asked as he smiled down at her.

“It would help if he knew about you. And if he knew that he’s The Sapphire Dreamer.”

“But, he’s not…”

“His body is.” She said as she looked up into his red eyes. “Also, I found that you’re an enigma.”

“I’m a what?”

She laughed. “There is nothing recorded anywhere about an alter’s eyes changing color. And red isn’t even a color our eyes can change to.”

“Well, aren’t you a fountain of information.” He said with a laugh.

“Also, you seem to have speed and strength that Luka doesn’t have. That’s not something anyone has seen, either.”

He laughed as he pulled her up into his arms. “I pull most of what I can do from Luka. He’s well trained; he just doesn’t use it. And the strength and speed, I already knew it wasn’t normal. Nothing about me has ever felt normal.”

She sighed. “Did you know that an alter can also have allergies?”

He laughed. “Do tell, Miss Lawson.” He said as his lips came down on hers.

“You can also have better eyesight then Luka.” She said with a heavy breath as his hand slid up her shirt.

“You don’t say.” He said with a grin. “Right now, I only have eyes for you.”

She tilted her head back and laughed. He can be so corny sometimes.

He leaned over her as he kissed her throat.

She moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She will finally get to make love to Lukas without that silly mask.

“Ariel, Lukas, can you come down here, please?” Lesa called up to them.

Lukas grumbled as he let her go.

She sighed as he took her hand and led her down the stairs.

“Sit, please.” Lesa said as she pointed to the couch.

Ariel and Lukas looked at each other, then moved over to the couch.

“We have been talking, and we have decided that we should tell Luka about Lukas and Lizzie.” Lesa said as she watched them.

“Yeah, I think so too.” Ariel said with a nod. “If he knows about them, he can work with Lukas…”

“He may not want to.” Lesa said as she looked between them.

“What do you mean?” Ariel asked, confused.

“He’s a cop, Sweetheart. He won’t like that I’ve been running around in his body, killing people.” Lukas said with a frown.

Lesa nodded. “He may decide to…”

“Get rid of me again.” Lukas finished for her.

“No.” Ariel cried.

“Ariel, Hun. You need to let Luka decide.” Lesa said as she watched the girl.

“But how…”

“We still have those experimental pills.” Kole said from behind Lesa’s chair.

“This is crazy. You’re talking about getting rid of a person…”

“You mean, personality.” Lukas said as he laid his hand on her lap. “It’s okay; I know it’s up to Luka.”

“I think we should tell him tonight.” Lesa said with a frown.

“Tonight?” Ariel asked in shock.

“It will help show him.” Lesa said as she looked up at her husband, then back at them.

“That makes sense.” Lukas said with a nod.

“Really?” Ariel asked, shocked.

“He will not understand how he got here; the last thing he will remember is going after you.” He said as he looked at her. “No matter what he chooses, remember that I love you.”

“I love you too.” She cried as she threw her arms around him.

“I think it’s time.” Lesa whispered.

Lukas nodded, then closed his eyes.

“Luka?” Ariel whispered as she looked up at him.

Luka opened his eyes. What the hell was going on? Where is he? He felt arms around him and looked down to find Ariel clinging to him.

“Hello, love.” He said with a smile. “Thank God, you’re okay. What happened?”

Ariel burst into tears and buried her face in his stomach.

“Hello, Son.” Lesa said from her seat across from them.

Luka looked at his parents in shock. “How did we get here?”

“We need to tell you what happened to you when you were ten.”


Luka stared at his parents. Were they serious? Why had they never told him before?

“Luka?” His mother asked as she watched him digest the information.

“So, you’re telling me. That when I was ten, and had those voices in my head and thought I was possessed, it was multiple personalities?”

“Yes.” Lesa said with a nod.

“And when I saw myself with red eyes, it was Lukas, doing what now?”

“It’s called, switching. When one of the alter personalities come out.” Ariel said as she held his hand.

He looked at her. “And how long have you known about this?”

“Just a few hours, I promise. I googled it before we had Lukas bring you back.” Ariel said as she watched his face.

“And you two have known since I was ten?”

“You knew too. For a while, but then you would forget.” Lesa said with a frown.

“It’s called disassociation; it causes a form of amnesia. That’s why you don’t remember what Lukas does.” Ariel said as she squeezed his hand.

“So, I’m The Sapphire Dreamer?” He asked as he stared at his family.

“No, of course not.” Lesa said as she shook her head.

“No.” Ariel said as she pulled his attention to her. “Lukas; is The Sapphire Dreamer. He’s the one who killed, not you.”

“But, he is me.” Luka said with a frown.

“No, Luka. He’s a whole different person.” Lesa said as she watched her son, her heartbreaking for him.

“It is like three people live in one body.” Ariel said as she watched him.

“Three people? Am I a triple murderer now?”

“No, Son.” Kole said as he watched his son. “You have nothing to do with any of the murders.”

They won’t see it that way.” Luka said as he shook his head.

“No one will ever catch him; you know that.” Ariel said with a smile.

“You still love him.” Luka said as he looked into her eyes.

She nodded. “More now than ever before.”

He shook his head as he turned from her.

She moved to kneel in front of him and forced him to look at her. “Because now I know what drew me to him. He’s a part of you. And now I am free to love you both, with all my heart. If you send him to sleep again, I will still have you. You’re the best part of the complete package.” She said with a brilliant smile.

“I love you.” He whispered as he touched her cheek.

“I love you, too.” She said with a smile.

“Got yourself banged up again.” He said with a frown as he touched her bandaged cheek.

“Just a scratch.” She said as she leaned forward and kissed him.

“If you decide to put Lukas to rest, the pills will be in the kitchen.” Lesa said as she stood.

“Goodnight, Son.” Kole said as he waved to the couple.

When they were out of the room, Luka looked into Ariel’s amazing green eyes.

“I can put a stop to the killings.” He said as he stared into her eyes.

“But he’s a part of you.” She said as she watched him. “Maybe you should meet him first?”

“I can do that?” He asked, shocked.

“I’m not sure. But it’s worth a try.”

“No.” He said as he shook his head. “I will think about it.” He said with a heavy sigh as he stood. “Time for bed.”

She giggled as he lifted her into his arms and carried her up to his bedroom. When he laid her on the bed, she smiled up at him. He climbed up her body and nipped at her lips.

“Will you miss him?” Luka asked as he moved his hand up her shirt.

She sucked in a breath. “I will miss that part of you, yes. But it is up to you. I will still have the best part of you.”

She heard a growl and looked at Luka. His eyes flashed red before they returned to blue.

“Damn it, Lukas, stop listening in.”

“What was that?” He asked as he kissed her.

“Nothing, just telling your alter to stop listening in on our conversation. Lukas is upset over what I said.”

“Tell him to take a hike; this is our time.” He said as he kissed her stomach.

“He can hear you.” She said with a moan.

“Go away, Lukas.” He grumbled as he slid her skirt down her legs.

“Luka.” She moaned when he kissed her inner thigh.

“So beautiful.” He whispered as he worked his way to her panties.

“Luka.” She breathed when he kissed her panties, where her hot, moist pussy waited for him.

“Clothes, off.” He said as he sat up and yanked on his clothes.

She laughed as she pulled her clothes off and laid back on the bed, naked.

He looked down at her, then pushed her knees up high and dived into her like she was a tub, and he was bobbing for apples.

“Luka!” She cried out.

“Shh.” He said with a laugh. “Don’t forget, we’re at my parent’s house.”

She covered her mouth as her cheeks turned a bright red.

He chuckled, then went back to what he was doing. He slid his tongue inside her and groaned when she bucked against him.

“Luka.” She whispered as her orgasm took her breath away.

“That’s it, love.” He said as he lapped at her juices.

“Please.” She begged as she grabbed his shoulders.

He laughed as he moved up her body and settled between her legs.

“What do you want?” He asked as he looked into her eyes.

“I want you.” She whispered.

He groaned, then slid inside her.

She cried out in ecstasy as her body shivered.

“I love you.” He whispered as he moved inside her.

“I love you too, Luka. So much.”

“You feel so amazing.” He said as he kissed her.

He moved faster and harder, and she sucked in a breath when he slammed into her.

“Lukas.” She said when she looked up at him.

He smiled down at her, his red eyes blazing.

“Please leave us be.” She said as she watched his eyes.

He frowned, then shook his head.

“What the hell was that?” Luka asked with a groan.

“That was Lukas.” She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“How long was he here for?” He asked as he looked into her eyes.

“Long enough for me to tell him to go away.” She said with a smile.

He smiled as he moved inside her again. “I want you to tell me about all your encounters with my alter.” He said as he slid in and out of her and kissed her lips.

“Are you sure you want to know them?” She asked as she wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him deeper inside her.

“I’m sure.” He said with a nod as he turned his hip so he would hit her favorite spot.

“Oh, God, you will make me go insane.” She breathed as he slid in and out of her in soft, smooth motions.

“Take me with you, then.” He said as he moved a little faster.

“Luka?” She asked as she watched him.

“Yes, love, it’s still me.” He said as he pushed himself harder and deeper inside her.

“Oh, God, yes, right there.” She said as she tilted her head back and felt her orgasm explode throughout her body.

He grunted when she tightened around him and came deep inside her.

She pulled him down to her and held onto him as their bodies floated back to earth.

To think. Just yesterday, Ariel had had two boyfriends, both hot for her in every way. And now, it turns out she only had one boyfriend, with two personalities.

She shook her head as Luka rolled off her and pulled her against him.

“I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” She whispered back as she closed her eyes and let sleep take her.

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