Lost and Found (The Man With A Hundred Names - Mini Series - Book Three)

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Chapter Four: The Cat is Out of the Bag Now

“Do you think she’s still alive?” Luka asked his partner as they looked at the board, they had put together on the different locations that have reported sightings of a girl fitting Hannah’s description.

“I sure hope so. For Ariel’s sake.” Abraham said as he shook his head.

“It has been a week.” Luka said as he stared at the board.

“How is she doing?” Abraham asked as he watched his partner.

“She is still blaming herself.” Luka said with a shake of his head.

“Any sign of The Sapphire Dreamer?”

Luka shook his head. “Not since he saved Ariel from that crazy ass doctor.”

“Speaking of the doctor. He skipped the country not long after kidnapping Hannah. Quit his job at the hospital and closed down the club.” Abraham said as he picked up a folder and tossed it into a basket.

“Gunnar, Princeton, my office, now.”

They turned towards their captain as the man walked back out of the room they had been using to look for Hannah. They found their captain pacing his office.

“What’s up, sir?” Abraham asked.

“We just received a note from The Sapphire Dreamer.” The captain said as he held up a piece of paper.

Luka stared at the paper. What the hell? He knows for a fact that The Sapphire Dreamer is gone. Tomorrow is his last pill; then, Dreamer will be asleep for good.

“What does it say?” Abraham asked as he watched their captain.

Dear Detective Dog Shit,

We have your girl. If you want her back, turn yourself in and finish this mess you have created. You know what I mean.

The Sapphire Dreamer

“Ariel.” Luka breathed as he took the note from his captain.

But how do they know that I’m the Dreamer?

“Call her, Luka, make sure they have her.” Davis said as he looked at his detective.

Luka nodded as he pulled out his phone and speed-dialed Ariel’s phone.

“Hi, babe.” She said when she answered her phone.

“Ariel.” He breathed with relief.

“Are you okay? You sound worried.”

“I’m fine, now that I’ve heard your voice.” He said as he nodded to his captain.

“Oh, goodie. Can we have dinner at our restaurant tonight? I want to get my mind off the fact that we still have no clue where Hannah is.”

He sighed with a smile. He knew Ariel meant the restaurant he had taken her to, on their first date. She always refers to it as their restaurant.

“Sure, love. I will be home soon.”

“Hey, what are you doing?” Ariel squealed when a man ripped her phone out of her hand.

“Hello, Detective Dog Shit.” A gravelly voice said over Ariel’s phone.

Luka motioned to his partner and captain.

“We have your girl. Now, do as we say, and we won’t harm her.” The voice disguiser still didn’t make the man sound like The Sapphire Dreamer.

“What do you want?” Luka demanded of the man.

“We want you to confess.”

“Confess to what?” Luka demanded.

“To the killings of Jude Ryker and Edward Sullivan.” The man said with a sneer.

“I had nothing to do with those deaths. That was The Sapphire Dreamer.” Luka said, hoping he sounded convincing enough.

“But the Dreamer is dead, and we want revenge.”

Luka took a deep breath. This has nothing to do with Hannah’s kidnapping, or him being The Sapphire Dreamer. They still believe he’s dead. Good, maybe he can buy them some time.

“You have one-hour, Detective Dog Shit.”

“Wait, are you telling me that this isn’t from The Sapphire Dreamer?” Davis asked as he held up the paper.

“No, sir. The Dreamer left the country last week; after he saved Ariel. I don’t think he’s coming back.” Luka said as he watched his captain.

“And why wasn’t I informed?”

“Because Ariel and I just found out, and we wanted to make sure it was true; before we said anything.” Luka said, hoping his captain didn’t see through his blatant lie.

Abraham looked at his partner. “So how are you supposed to confess to the murder of those two men? If The Sapphire Dreamer killed them, they were low life scum…”

“I’m not going to.” Luka said as he headed for the door.

“What?” Abraham asked as he followed his partner out the door.

“I will find Ariel and rescue her without a confession.” Luka said as he left the precinct.

“How are we going to do that?” Abraham asked as he joined Luka in his car.

Luka looked at his partner. “We?”

“Yeah, you didn’t think you would do this without me, did you?” He asked with a smirk. “So, how are we going to find your girl?”

Luka grinned as he held up a tracking device. “With this.”

“They more than likely threw her phone away.” Abraham said as he took the tracker from Luka.

“That’s in her necklace. I got it for her last week.”

“Whoa. Does Ariel know you’ve tagged her?” Abraham asked as he watched the dot move across the little map.

“Yep. Ariel picked out the necklace herself.” He said with a grin.

“Smart woman.” Abraham said with a laugh. “Should have tagged her months ago.”

Luka laughed. “Yeah, well, with The Sapphire Dreamer out of the country, we figured it was time I had a way to find her. Because as we all know, she has a dam magnet on her ass.”

Abraham laughed as his partner turned on the siren and sped down the streets, whipping around corners and skidding across intersections.

“Turn left.” Abraham said as he looked at the tracker. “Turn off the siren; we don’t want them to know we’re coming.”

Luka flipped off the siren and followed his partner’s instructions as they tracked down his girlfriend.

“There.” Abraham said as he pointed to a sizeable building in front of them.

“Let’s hope they didn’t see us.” Luka said as he pulled into the lot across the street from the building and turned off the motor.

“Are you ready?” Abraham asked as he looked at his partner.

Luka took a deep breath. He was so used to The Sapphire Dreamer helping him save Ariel. He shook himself.

You have saved her many times without his help. Get your ass in there and save your woman!

“Ready.” Luka said with a nod as he stepped out of his car.


Ariel sat in the metal chair they had set her in when they had entered the empty building. She played with her new necklace, hoping the tracker was working, and Luka would come for her soon.

“He hasn’t confessed yet.” One man said as he slapped the top of the TV.

“He still has fifteen minutes.” The man who had disguised himself as The Sapphire Dreamer said as he looked at his watch.

The man had taken off his hideously made black mask and horrible voice disguiser. She sighed as she closed her eyes.

Please, Luka, come for me.

A loud noise had them all looking at the large doors across the space of the sizeable room. Another sound and the doors were shoved open. Ariel watched as Luka and Abraham barged into the room, their guns aimed at the men in the room.

“Don’t move.” Luka ordered as one man went for his rifle.

“Luka!” Ariel screamed as she was lifted out of the chair by her throat.

The leader held onto her as he held his gun to her head. “Stupid move, Detective Dog Shit.” The man said with an angry growl.

“Only The Sapphire Dreamer can call me that.” Luka said as he glared at the man, who held a gun to Ariel’s head.

“Put your weapons down, or I swear I will shoot her.” The man hollered as he pressed the gun into Ariel’s temple.

Ariel’s face scrunched up as the gun pressed into her head. She watched as Luka and Abraham raised their hands in the air and set their weapons on the floor.

“Kick them away from you.” The man sneered.

Luka and Abraham kicked their guns away and stared up at the man, as he tightened his hold around Ariel’s throat.

Come on, Lukas, I could use you about now. Luka thought as he watched the woman he loves in danger, again.

I’m sorry I locked you away again, rather than working together. I was jealous. Even though I now know that Ariel was drawn to you because you’re a part of me, I couldn’t stand the thought of sharing her. But if anything proves anything tonight, she needs us both. Ariel needs us both to protect her; she needs us both to love her. Damn it, Dreamer, she needs YOU!

“Luka!” Ariel screamed when the other men in the room ran at him and Abraham.

Luka fought off the men as well as he could. He has had training, but he’s so rusty, he needs to use it more often.

“Luka, look out!” Abraham hollered as he watched a man come up behind his partner, and smashed the back of his skull, with a two by four, knocking him to the floor.

The other men rushed at Luka, kicking him in the stomach and back.

“Luka!” Ariel screamed as she tried to escape the man holding her.

Lukas, we need Lukas!

Abraham watched as his partner was kicked and punched while he laid on the floor unconscious. He tried to get to him, but three of the men kept him from reaching the other seven, who were beating on Luka.


Abraham stared at Ariel, who kept screaming the name, over and over.

Who is she calling for?

Ariel watched the men as they beat on the man she loves. The man who had his arm around her throat had loosened his grip as he watched his men beat on the detective.

“LUKAS!” She screamed again. “Lukas, don’t let them kill Luka!” Ariel cried out. “Don’t let them kill you! Lukas, we need you!” She hoped it wasn’t too late, she knew Luka only had one more pill to take tomorrow, and Lukas and Lizzie will be in a forever sleep. “LUKAS!”

The man tightened his arm around her throat, which made her scream as she gasped for air.

Lukas’s eyes popped open. “Ariel.” He mumbled when he heard her scream. She gurgled out his name again, and his blood pumped through his veins.

With a loud growl, Lukas came up off the floor, knocking the seven men off him.

Ariel stopped screaming and stared at The Sapphire Dreamer.

“Lukas.” She whispered with a whimper.

Lukas turned to Ariel with a brilliant smile on his bloody face. “Hello, Sweetheart.”

“Lukas, watch out behind you!” She called out as a man came up behind him with the two by four, again.

The man holding Ariel tightened his grip on her. She cried out as she tried to breathe.

Abraham stared at his partner. How had he come up out of that so easily? And where had he learned those moves? His partner looked at him, and he sucked in a shocked breath.

“Sapphire Dreamer.” Abraham mumbled with a gasp.

But how?

“Look out, detective.” The Sapphire Dreamer hollered as he pointed behind Abraham, and punched out a man who ran at him, at the same time.

Abraham turned just in time to dodge an iron bar. He punched the man in the stomach, then kneed him in the face and tossed him aside.

Lukas laughed as he punched another man. It’s good to be out again. He heard Ariel try to scream and gurgle instead. He turned to find the leader of these morons strangling his woman.

“Ariel!” He hollered as he shoved past the men around him and made it to Ariel just as she passed out. “Not the right choice.” Lukas growled as he pulled the man off Ariel so fast the man squealed.

Lukas caught Ariel with one arm and held her assailant with his other hand. He looked from Ariel up to the man he had dangling in the air and growled the most demonic growl, not even his voice disguiser could have created it.

“No one hurts Ariel without punishment.”

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