Lost and Found (The Man With A Hundred Names - Mini Series - Book Three)

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Chapter Seven: Lizzie

Dreamer growled as he shoved his palm into the man’s nose. The man screamed then gurgled. Dreamer let him go, and the man fell to the floor.

He then turned to the other man with the knife and grabbed hold of his wrist when the man rushed at him, the knife aimed for Dreamer’s chest.

The man looked into Dreamer’s red eyes and screamed. Dreamer turned the knife on the man and shoved it upward, into the man’s lungs. The man gurgled as Dreamer pulled the knife out, then slammed it up into him again.

He let the man fall to the ground, the knife still in his chest, and turned to face where Ariel still hunkered beside the bed.

Ariel stared at the man she loves with all her heart. She has never seen this side of him before. It was like he’d turned into a different man when she’d permitted him to be The Sapphire Dreamer.

Lukas saw the fear in Ariel’s eyes and shook his head to clear his mind. The rage subsided as he ran to her.

“Ariel, are you okay? Did the bullet hit you?” Lukas asked as he looked her over.

“I’m fine.” She said as she stood.

She looked into his eyes and smiled when she saw her Lukas.

“I’m sorry I scared you.” He said as he brushed her hair from her face.

“It’s okay; you had no control over the bullet.” She said as she smiled up at him.

He shook his head. “I mean when you saw what I was before I found you.”

She sucked in a breath when he pulled her into his arms.

“It’s okay. I knew you were dangerous.” She said as she held onto him.

“Not to you, I’m not.” He said as he kissed the top of her head. “Never to you.”

She smiled as she held onto him.

“Luka? Ariel?”

They turned and found Abraham standing in the middle of the hall, staring down at the two dead men on the floor.

“You missed all the fun, detective.” Lukas said as he turned to watch the man.

Abraham shook his head as he stepped over the bodies.

“Lukas.” He said as he nodded to the red-eyed man, who looked like his partner.

“Sorry about the mess. There was no getting around it.” Lukas said as he studied Abraham’s face.

Abraham shrugged his shoulders, then looked at Ariel. “Are you okay?”

She nodded as she wrapped her arms around Lukas.

“Well, taking out the trash has taken a lot out of me.” Lukas said with a sigh. “These ones always do. I will need to rest.”

“No, don’t let Luka come back, he can’t take the pain…”

Lukas slumped to the floor, too heavy for Ariel to hold him up.

“Great.” Abraham said as he shook his head.

“Help me.” Ariel said as she tried to lift Lukas on her own.

“Don’t do that; you’ll hurt yourself.” Abraham said as he joined her beside Luka. “Who is he now?”

“I don’t know.” Ariel said with a shake of her head.

She watched as Luka’s eyes opened, and the lightest blue eyes looked up at her.

“Hello, Lizzie.” Ariel said with a smile.

“Ariel!” The girl cried out with excitement as she wrapped her large arms around Ariel.

Ariel laughed. “Remember, Lizzie, a little girl in a big man’s body.”

Lizzie pulled back, and her cheeks turned pink.

Abraham stared at his partner. He has never seen the man blush before. And that voice. He sounded like a little girl, or a large man poorly imitating a little girl.

“Lizzie. You should say hello to your core’s partner.”

Lizzie looked up at Abraham, and shyly smiled at him. “Hello, Abe.”

“Hello, Lizzie.” Abraham said as he watched the little girl inside his large friend.

“You’re cute.” Lizzie said as she turned her head and hid it against Ariel.

Ariel laughed at the look on Abraham’s face.

Abraham cleared his throat. “We need to get out of here. Lizzie, can you walk?”

Lizzie nodded and pulled herself up from the floor. Ariel stood with her and leaned her head on Luka’s shoulder.

“We need to get him some clothes.” Abraham said as he looked his partner up and down.

“Yeah. I don’t like this dress.” Lizzie said as she stared down at the hospital gown.

Ariel laughed. “His clothes are in the closet in his room.”

“I’ll go get them and sign him out, then reroute the backup and call this in. You two head for the exit.” Abraham said as he headed down the hall.

Ariel nodded, then led Lizzie down the hall. Lizzie made a face when they stepped over the two men’s bodies.

“Did Lukas do this?” She asked as she turned her head to stare at the men as they passed them.

Ariel pulled her around a corner away from the two bodies. “The Sapphire Dreamer did.” She mumbled.

“You gave him permission.” Lizzie said with a nod. “He wouldn’t have tapped into that if you hadn’t.”

Ariel nodded. “They wanted to kill us, Lizzie.”

“All of us?” Lizzie asked, shocked.

“Yes, sweetie. All of us. Me, Luka, Lukas, and you.”

“But I’m just a little girl. I didn’t do anything to anyone.” Lizzie said with a pout.

Ariel sighed. Sometimes she thinks Lukas hides her from too much. Speaking of which.

“Lizzie, how are you here? I mean, doesn’t Lukas keep you from coming out?”

Lizzie nodded. “He and Luka are out cold. And I heard you and knew you needed Luka to move. And its fun being out, I hope Lukas lets me do this more often, now that he has you.”

Ariel smiled as she walked with her arm through Luka’s. She loves this man so much. His alters and all.

“Warts and all.” Ariel whispered with a laugh.

“You want warts?” Lizzie asked as she looked down at Ariel.

Ariel laughed. “No. I was just thinking of how much I love Luka, warts and all.”

“He doesn’t have warts.” Lizzie said as she shook her head.

Ariel laughed as she pressed the down button on the elevator.

“Do you mean me?” Lizzie asked with a hurt look on her face.

Ariel sighed as she laid her head on Luka’s shoulder.

“You’re not a wart, Lizzie. It’s just a saying. It means that I love Luka no matter what baggage he has…”

“Now I’m baggage?” Lizzie asked with a cry.

“Oh, Lizzie.” Ariel said as she turned the girl to face her.

It was so odd talking to a little girl with the face of her boyfriend.

“You are not a wart or luggage. You are a wonderful little girl who protects the man I love.”

Lizzie smiled as she sniffled. “Lukas is the wart.”

Ariel burst into laughter as she hugged Lizzie.

Lizzie giggled as she hugged her back.

The doors opened, and Ariel turned to face the elevator. She froze in fear as three men stepped off the elevator, followed by the man who had almost strangled her to death, just the other day.

“Just the two I was looking for.” The man said with a grin.

“Go away.” Lizzie said as she glared at the men.

“Easy, Lizzie.” Ariel said as she pulled the girl back away from the men. “Do you think you can wake Lukas?”

Lizzie shook her head. “He’s out cold.”

“We will need him, or we’re going to die.” Ariel said as their backs hit the wall.

“I can help.” Lizzie said as she stepped towards the men.

“Lizzie, no.” Ariel said as she reached out for the girl’s hand.

“You touch my Ariel, and I’ll hurt you.” Lizzie said as she glared at the four men.

“Oh, Lord.” Ariel whispered as she watched the men laugh at the sound of Luka’s voice. “Lizzie.” She hissed as she tried to get the girl to get away from them.

“What did you do to your voice, Detective Dog Shit?” The man asked with a laugh.

Ariel rolled her eyes as she grabbed hold of Lizzie’s hand and pulled her away from the men and down the hall; they had just come from.

“No.” Lizzie whined. “I wanted to hit them.”

“That’s Lukas talking.” Ariel said as she dragged the girl down another hall.

Lizzie shook her head. “No, it’s me. I like to hit mean people.”

Ariel looked up at the girl, then shook her head as she pulled her into a room and closed the door.

“Lukas just doesn’t let me do it, because I don’t know when to stop.”

“Do what?” Ariel asked as she looked at the girl.

“Before mama had put me and Lukas to sleep, I had beaten up a boy in school. He was calling us a freak. Lukas had to pull me back in and shove me into a corner. I hurt the boy, real bad.”

“So that’s why he keeps you locked away. He said it was to protect you. I thought he meant from the world. But he meant from yourself.” Ariel said as she looked at the girl.

“I’m a bad girl.” Lizzie said with a frown.

“No.” Ariel said with a shake of her head.

Ariel paused when she heard a noise outside the door, then motioned for Lizzie to be quiet.

“Check every room.” The man hollered as they passed the door of the room Ariel and Lizzie were hiding in.

“Come here, Lizzie.” Ariel whispered as she moved further away from the door.

“Why are we hiding?” Lizzie whispered as she followed Ariel.

“Because we don’t want them to find us.” Ariel said as she pulled Lizzie closer.

They watched as the door opened, and a man walked into the room. Ariel hoped it was dark enough that the man couldn’t see them.

The man caught something in the corner of his eye and turned to find them hovering in a corner. What a wuss. The man thought to himself.

“Come on now, stop cowering over there.” He said as he watched them.

“It’s called hiding, not cowering.” Ariel said as she got to her feet and helped Lizzie up with her.

“What a wussy you have for a boyfriend there. Maybe you should try a real man.” The man said as he pulled Ariel to his chest.

“Not on your life!” Ariel yelled as she tried to get away from the man.

“Let go of my Ariel.” Lizzie demanded as she stood there seething.

“Listen to how you talk. You sound like a little girl.” The man said with a laugh.

Ariel kneed the man in the groins making the man squealed like a girl as his hands went to his crotch.

“Now who sounds like a girl?” Ariel said with a smile.

“Bitch!” The man hollered as he raised his hand and slapped her across the face.

Ariel lost her balance and fell to the floor. She glared up at the man as she placed her hand to her cheek and shook her head.

“Don’t touch my Ariel!” Lizzie screamed as she jumped at the man and tackled him to the floor.

“Lizzie!” Ariel called out as she got to her feet.

Lizzie was pounding on the guys face so hard, blood was splattering everywhere. Ariel looked at the man’s face and sucked in a breath when she noticed his dead eyes.

“Lizzie, enough.” She whispered as she took hold of Luka’s arm.

Lizzie turned and pushed her away. Ariel fell backward and hit her head on a shelf. She rubbed her head with a groan as she slid to the floor.

Lizzie stopped hitting the man when she saw what she had done to Ariel. She jumped to her feet and ran to Ariel, where she fell to her knees.

“I’m sorry, Ariel.” She said with a sob.

“It’s okay, sweetie.” Ariel said as she looked at her.

Lizzie looked back over at the man and screamed. “I did that!”

Ariel pulled the little girl in her boyfriend’s body down, so she could hold her. Lizzie covered her face with her hands and cried as she continued to repeat the same words over and over.

“I did it; I did it, I did it, I did it.”

“Shh.” Ariel said as she ran her hand over Luka’s soft hair.

The door opened, and Ariel sucked in a startled breath, expecting it to be one of the bad guys. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Abraham.

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