Cabin for Eight

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It was the summer before senior year and Amren was planning on enjoying a vacation with her friends. Four girls, four boys, two weeks, and one cabin. What could go wrong?

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Chapter One

I waited impatiently on my driveway, frustrated but not surprised. Col was always, as he put it, fashionably late. I could just feel the precious seconds of our getaway slipping by.

Finally, I saw the large white van turn onto my road. In a flash, I stormed down to the car and got in, throwing my bags in front of me.

“Amren, darling,” Col adopted a British accent as I squeezed between Flynn and Saylor. “Let’s not kill everyone with your luggage,”

“I’m going to kill you for being so late,” I glared at him, before scanning the van. Zayn and Emmett were nodding off in the backseat and Kynlee was in shotgun. “Let’s go get Jas.”

As I reached for my seatbelt, I felt Flynn shift and grab it for me. I sighed, and turned towards him. “Hey, stranger.” I tousled his dark curls.

He grinned and tapped my nose. “It’s only been a week, Am.”

“You’ll have to tell me all about your new job later,” I smiled back at him.

I saw Saylor and Kynlee exchange a familiar glance, and I glared back at both of them. My friends - however much I loved them - had been trying to hook me and Flynn up for four years. It’s not that I couldn’t feel the chemistry, I just didn’t think he could. We also speculated that he might be gay.

Either way, I just wanted him in my life some way or another, and I was very content with having him as my boy bestie.

We pulled up at Jas’s house and she tumbled into the backseat, bringing in a smell of rain and hay from the farm. Zayn scooted over to make room and we were off.

“Vacation!” Jas crowed as we sped along the hillside. We had been saving up for these two weeks for a couple months now, and the cabin wasn’t too pricey when split between eight people. I felt a rush of excitement.

“Baecation,” Kynlee corrected, grinning.

“Not if I’m wearing my Speedo,” Saylor smirked. “Good ol’ swim team coming to my rescue.”

Jas gasped. “We need to go bikini shopping!”

I rolled my eyes. “I brought one too, y’all. Chill,”

Kynlee and Jas turned their heads to me unhumanely fast.

“I’ve brought five suits,” Kynlee looked at Jas.

Jas nodded. “Seven for me. They’ll have plenty to choose from.”

I slumped back in my seat, sharing an eye roll and a sigh with Saylor but knowing that I’ll be wearing a bikini for this trip.

Jas reached in her bag and pulled out a heap of colorful strings and tiny triangles and I choked on air.

Saylor pounded my back. “We’re not wearing those,” I gasped out.

Flynn eyed the swimsuits and plucked out a blue one. “What about this one?”

I glared at him. “Boys,” I muttered and shoved the suit back into Jas’s bag. “Let me see yours, Kyn,”

Kynlee’s were slightly better, but not by much. Col looked over from the road and pointed at a pink one. “Wear that, Kyns.” He said. “You’ll look good.”

“Hm,” Kynlee surveyed the suit. “Alright.”

Kynlee and Col had the most platonic relationship I’ve ever seen. They were so comfortable with each other, but you could also tell that no romantic feelings were involved. They just were the best of friends.

Zayn, Emmett, and even Flynn flirted with the rest of us occasionally. I guess it was because Col had a girlfriend from a different state and Kynlee wasn’t interested in guys in the first place.

Our little group was a funny sight to see around. Colson was the quarterback, popular and handsome. Kynlee was a cheerleader, blond and stereotypical in all ways but the fact that she’d rather hang out with us than anyone else. Jas was a theatre kid, with the prettiest voice. Flynn was the artist of the group, into design and architecture. Zayn and Emmett were our blonde pranksters, naughty but still loved. And I was just Amren, pretty average all around.

Kynlee threw me a black suit. “You’ve got a great bod, Am. Show it off.”

Flynn looked at me studying the suit. It covered more than the other ones, but my torso would still be exposed and the bottoms would rest higher on my hips than I would like.

He bent his head towards my ear and I gave an involuntary shudder when I felt his breath. “Wear it, please? For me?”

I froze, my mouth probably hanging open. Flynn leaned back casually, like nothing happened, but the girls all eyed me.

I replayed his words, thinking about what they could’ve meant. For him? Why would I wear it for him? Still, I stuffed the suit in my bag.

Jas and Kynlee looked very pleased with themselves for the rest of the car ride.

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