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Just The Two Of Us

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A story about my best friend & I ; how we have gone through every breaking point of a relationship but yet after 14 years . Our love never faded.

Romance / Drama
Justin Wolf
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There is that one kind of love we grow to understand ; that of which is the love of our mom. I didn't get to have the best kind of experience . It took me years to understand how love is understood and expressed . People would blame it on the environment or their families as well as there friends. I've come to understand love through her. Who she is ? She's the one I am thinking of right now .
That one woman that I never thought I deserved because of how evil my heart turned due to being used as a carpet for others. I thought that it would wear off but I was mistaken. Given the time of how quick things happened . Who would've thought that things would progress to much more.
It was that one morning where I would begin in a new school. Going to Cambridge High School ; a name to go by at that time. I alone was moving schools because I just couldn't be the class type . Especially that I am more into the creative arts so sitting in a class for more than an hour is definitely not my thing. Here we are in class. I look around examining everyone. Oh well ; here's to a weird year ahead.
At this point no ; she was not around . She appears way later in the story . Now shall enjoy the idea of getting to that point. That hour seemed to last for hours ; going through the list of who is available. I don't understand this at all. Let me go out and explore the world called school . Seems like I didnt have much option but to suffer in silence. Let me tell oh kind reader to spare you the thought of how my mind works. One moment I want to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro in 2 mins the next I want to be in bed and never leave.
There are other days where I just cant seem to understand who I am or where I am. Oh well let's go on with how this one girl that I will soon meet ; that then I didn't know would be the beginning and how she later changes everything. Some people say you will meet people that will change your life . In my world ; it was just one woman.
Coming to the truth that maybe I am wasting my time here ; i wouldn't be able to connect with someone. Don't we all have that question cross our mind eventually ? that all these people sitting around me actually want to connect. Nah ! I doubt it look at me trying to be my own therapist. Where am I going to get such a good teacher while im struggling to be a good student. I dont even like to be taught . I want to discover . Well ; that is exactly what I did. The day continued and I got to know the so called popular group . Yeah ; you got it. Those people. How not common to mention in a high school related story. Well ; no . She isn't the popular girl. You got that wrong. She's not a plastic one either.
This day goes on with the thought that maybe I will find a new friend. Yes ; I tell myself that so I don't feel alone. Maybe my mind will get some rest knowing that I'll achieve something today before I head home . What else can i do ? hmm ; maybe just maybe I have something & someone to look forward tomorrow. We grow up with our parents telling us ; School is meant to help us get a career and be happy. Did they tell us the full truth? Maybe. I give that thought a chance.
Here we are in 2006 ; Grade 7 . Walking in the corridor of school ; thinking how can I get a new friend. Part of me feels lonely ; the reason I don't want to go home . wanting that special person to text all day & night . That someone that I can smile and looking forward to greeting in the hallway.
I didn't even think about it ; Do we even wait on the sidelines thinking this is the exact angle I should stand to see that one person that I know will make a huge difference ; and maybe much more. Little did I know I was getting the closer than I thought. It wasn't even her face that caught my attention ; a distant laugh coming from the class next door. That familiar sound that maybe in a dream I had once as a child and I knew I heard it somewhere.
Am I dreaming now ? rubbing my hand on my head.
Nah. It couldn't be. I just let it pass. So I decided to walk in and see for myself who this familiar laugh belongs to.
She stood alongside the "others" ; I didn't even know whether she wasn't human and I was from the same species as her. I gave her a second look to scan her from top to bottom. She looks at me wondering who is this stranger .
At that moment she smiled and said "Hey".
Little did I know that she said it like we are reuniting from a past life .
Haha .... What is going on? Asking myself what just happened.
What are you on about ? as she looks at me with that spark in her eye.
The way she spoke to me stood out so much ; I didnt understand how she can so natural . Oh well ; I thought maybe its nothing special about me that this is the way she spoke to everyone.
My name is Justin ! What about you ? nice to meet you though.
She looked at me and winked and walked away . I didnt understand why she couldnt give me a reply. I dont want to have this going through my mind why she just wouldnt give me a response. As the day passed on I realised that she was part of a group that made her stand out even more.
As the time passed even more ; I noticed she didnt treat them the same way . Am I hallucinating ? Am I seeing her as the kind of woman that I would want to be best friends with? oh no! what if she can hear my thoughts?
Imagine the whole part of how this my second da

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