The Road to Grace

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"I don't want you to watch me die... I think my time is up." "If it was up, you would've never woken up. You'll see. I never prayed so hard." "...that man said 'she can't stop this'. What is this? Good fighting evil?" "Every moment is good fighting evil." "Every moment?'s just an endless fight of good versus evil? Nobody ever wins?" "Yeah. You see, these moments of good fighting evil is choices in our lives. Many small battles, but in the end Good wins. Everytime."

Romance / Drama
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Live in the moment

Shawn felt most comfortable delivering to the football game where so much was going on nobody would pay attention to someone like him, even though he did always sneak in under the bleachers.

Nonetheless he wasn't that worried about it. He hadn't turned 18 yet so if he was a little careless they would surely take it easier on him.

"Sweet. You're the best." A scraggly haired blonde boy towering over Shawn at 6'4, said and slapped a big hand on Shawn's back as if it was the only way to seal the deal.

Shawn shrugged, "Anytime."

"Say- dick head Darren wandering around here somewhere. I know he's out. Been bumming off of me. Do you mind hanging around for a minute while I track him down?"

"Uhh...sure. Make it quick though."

"Awesome. Don't wander off too far. I'll be back."

Shawn nodded as Travis took off through the cheering crowd.

He stood still until his knee started aching and decided to sit on the front row of bleachers.

It wasn't wandering "off too far" and also served as a great view of the cheerleaders.

" that you?"

He hadn't noticed the voice until the petite blonde sat down to his right.

"Yeah...shouldn't you be out there?" Asked Shawn pointing to the cheerleaders in full position, poms flying as much as their tiny skirts.

She lifted up her right arm to reveal a plaster cast, "kind of sidelined for a little while but I'm here for support and...kinda having a sleepover all of us at the motel 6 after."

"Oh...okay...guess that's fun."

"It's, where you been? I've not seen you at school in forever? Did you move?"

"No...long story."

"Well if you haven't noticed I got plenty free time right now."

Why was she talking to him? They'd barely spoken a word even when he was going to school.

"Uh... I was in a car wreck back in June. Not really able to do the whole normal high school thing anymore."

"Oh I'm so sorry. Are you okay now? You look good."

Shawn nodded, feeling heat flush his face at the simple compliment, "Ended up with a few...complications from the wreck but I'm still here."

"What brings you to the game tonight?"

"I...was just seeing a friend. Not hanging around for long."

"Oh...that's too bad."

"Hey man...oh...can I borrow Shawn for a minute?"

Shawn rose, glancing to Kelsey McCann in all her American beauty perfection, and walked aside under the bleachers with Travis for their quick transaction.

"Now you can go back to your girl." Cackled Travis.

"We were just talking."

"Uh I'll see you around." Said Travis departing back into the crowd once more.

As much as Shawn was ready to get out of there he atleast owed Kelsey a good bye for talking to someone like him in the first place.

He ran his hand through his messy brown hair as he approached her where she was already looking his way as if anticipating his return.

"I guess I'm gonna go. It was nice talking to you."

"Do you have something to do?"

"Not really but...this place isn't really my thing."

"Honestly me either I'm bored to death."

Shawn grinned, "you got your sleepover to look forward to."

"That's not for a while."

"You hinting around something like... you wanna blow this lame place."


Was he dreaming again?

The only way to find out was wait to wake up or roll with it.

"How about this then... I'm going up back behind these bleachers 'cause it's kinda the way I come in. I'm parked in the right parking lot in a 1990 s10. Black. Meet me there in under ten minutes and we'll see if I can unbore you."

"...ten minutes? Okay... I just might."

Okay. He was definitely dreaming. He never had good dreams so somehow this was going to flip into a nightmare...

Shawn sat in his truck and turned the ignition on.

She wasn't had to be a trick so she could have a good laugh with all her cheerleader friends.

Nerves jolted through his body as his passenger side door opened and saw Kelsey toss a duffle bag in the floorboard.

She climbed in the seat, shut her door and looked to Shawn who was staring in awe, "What?"

"Uh... nothing."

"You didn't think I was coming!"

"No not really. Figured if you made it this far and saw this old truck you'd turn around."

"I'm not as uppidity as everyone thinks."

"That's not exactly what I meant."

"But kind of. Right?"

Shawn shook his head, "No it's just... I mean... we're pretty different kind of... nevermind. What did you want to do?"

"You were the one that said you could "unbore" me so...this is all you."

So... maybe he wasn't dreaming. He had really talked Kelsey McCann into his truck.

He knew he had to stop staring before she labeled him a weirdo and decided against their random time together.

Shawn nodded, "Okay," and left the parking lot.

"So do you mind if I ask you about your car wreck? When are you coming back to school?"

"Never. I already missed too much. I'll probably just end up getting my GED one of these days...the wreck was...pretty bad. Few broken bones shattered my tibia. I got a metal rod in it now."

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry."

"Shit happens. Not looking for pity."

"No. I didn't say you were. I asked about it."

"Yeah... you're, have you ever been to a natural hot springs?"

"Well I've been to a spa...does that count?"

Shawn smiled, wanting to laugh but held himself back. Of course. What other response did he expect from a rich girl?

"No. Not really. I know of this one place. The facility is closed but you can still get in to the springs. They built a gazebo looking thing around the hot spring."

"Sounds nice."

"Better than sitting side line at the football game?"

"We'll see."

"So. When you're not cheerleading running track, running key club, running for class president what do you do?"

"You forgot volleyball DACA and ROTC."

"Oh pardon me."

Kelsey giggled, "I study. The only time I go "out" is with the groups. My mom's so strict. I mean we go on vacation and stuff like that but during school time I barely have time for sleep."

"So much for high school being the best time of our lives."

"Yeah... maybe for others. Best time of my life will be when I leave this place for college where I won't have my mom pressuring me all the time."

"In other words you saw your chance at a little freedom with running off with me."

"No. Not exactly. You said you weren't sticking around long and I've missed seeing you at school. I wanted to catch up."

"...Um, okay. You never spoke to me at school."

"Yeah I have."

"To borrow a pencil or something?"

"Stop picking on me."

Shawn grinned, "You're just not used to people like me."

"What do you mean?"


"...Yeah. You're probably right. You're I find myself playing the part of popular girl or...whatever. Do you remember how awkward I was in middle school?"

Shawn shook his head even though that was a bold faced lie.

It was hard to not notice someone as gorgeous as Kelsey McCann. Even in her "awkward" stage as she claimed.

"That was before my mother had the bright idea of telling me how to succeed in life like her...I was a kid so I looked up to her we are."

"Life's too short to pretend to be something you're not."

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