Friends With Benefits (LGBTQ)

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Ariana and Brielle always spend lots of time together. Something happens between them...

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Trying New Things

Hi, I’m Ariana, I’m a 16 year old junior in high school. Today we are taking a test in math class. *knock on door* “Wake up sleepyhead, at this point I knew I fucked up don’t you have a test today?” “yes mom I have a test.” *sighs* I got out of bed and said hello to my dog Lily. “Aww aren’t you a cute lil one!” I got ready for school then went downstairs to the breakfast table where I saw that my mom had prepared the most delicious looking waffles, they smelt so good the aroma was filling the air. I got a text from my best friend Brielle that said, “Hey, are you ready, Adrien and I are outside your house.” Brielle, Adrien and I have been best friends since 3rd grade, can you believe that? Usually friends don’t stick together that long especially when they go into high school. “Bye mom, Brielle and Adrien are here to pick me up.” “Ok honey, do good on you’re test today okay?” “Okay mom, love you, bye!” I rushed out the house and my dog barked, that’s how she says goodbye. “Hey girl!” Brielle said. “Hey!” “Thanks for picking me up today” “Anything for my bestie!” “Hey guys can we start driving now cause I’m not trying to be late today.” Adrien said. “Okay” I said “Let’s go!” We drove to school and when we got there it was so crowded. No this is not our first day of school but I just wanted to point out that it was crowded. We walked in and all three of our lockers are right next to each other. I think the teachers knew that we were best friends or something. “I gotta go catch up with Jordan, I’ll talk to y’all later.” Oh yeah did I forget to mention that Adrien is bisexual and is dating Jordan? Well yes they are dating. “Bye!” Brielle and I said as Adrien walked away. Brielle and I had 1st and 7th period together so at least we could talk to each other in class. “I’m so not ready for the test today.” Brielle said. “yeah same, but we have to try to do our best, I guess.” “Yeah you’re right.” Brielle and I walked into our 1st period ELA class. Our teacher Ms. Carpenter she’s like 20 something so she’s young and actually understands us teens. “Ok everyone listen up!” Ms.Carpenter said. “Today you will be reading books of your choice because I forgot the work, oops!” I chose to read a Harry Potter book and Brielle chose a Twilight book, ya know they have like a whole series. I’m too lazy to read more than one book so I only got one book. We spent like half an 20 minutes reading already so that’s when Brielle whispered in my ear and said, “hey wanna skip class, I can just tell the teacher that we have to go to the bathroom because of girl problems.” “Yeah let’s go!” I said. “Hey, Ms. Carpenter, may Ariana and I please go to the restroom, we have girl stuff to take care of.” “Yes you may.” Brielle and I skipped and giggled down the hallway and went out the back door to sit on the walls of the school outside. She pulled out her vape, I personally did not do anything like drugs or smoke, but Brielle did sometimes. “Wanna try?” Brielle said. “I don’t know.” “Aww come on it’ll be fun.” She said. “Ok I guess I will.” So I did it I vaped once in my life. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, it made me feel more relaxed like I wasn’t worried about anything bad in my life. I felt chill ya know? Brielle looked at me and I looked at her back. I just gazed into her eyes, her beautiful eyes. I was always looking at her, sometimes she even would ask me why I was looking at her and I would just make an excuse like saying “I don’t know” or Something like that. “You good?” Brielle said. “Huh?” “I asked if you were okay, you were just staring into space or something.” “Oh yeah I’m fine, I was just thinking.” “Ok!” So Brielle and I just sat there and admired the sky and smoked. Then the bell rung.

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