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Chapter 2

Leandro Grey

“ sir, you have appointment this 10:30am, from the west high school and the organisers are with them” the secretary reminded at me. I hate this kind of project, but my father did everything to this school, and i have no scape about this cause after i take the position this is the first list of his will that I’ll be continued the funding of school.

“ good morning mr. Grey the head of the organisers, as they enter one by one at the conference room, i never expected the sheriff daughter and her friend with them. Anton introduces the 2 student I expected some of the old teachers but never expected this young girls.

“ let’s begin!” Anton nodded and he showed us the theme and the rest about the event. I observed her, not so small for a senior, long black hair up to her waist, slim body but perfect ass curve, small breast and the most got my attention is her eyes and lips. She have a beautiful green eyes like nature forest and those small lips. After i saw her yesterday, she’s always appear in my mind, even i close my eyes her beautiful face i see. The she talks and explain, not bad she’s good.

“ so, mascaraed party? Well i like it, so if something got wrong Anton please notice me ok?!,” why this feeling that she’s not comfortable.

“ Anton, before you go back, finish everything here, I’ll manage you’re staying here!” They just nodded at me and dismissed.

“ I’ll call dad, first Perl.” I heard her talk to girl name Perl and she excuse Anton for a while.

A fathers girl, i heard her the way he talked to his father, well she’s talking to her father in front of my door at my office so I can’t go in.

“ opps” when she turn around she hit her head at My chest, i hold her waist,

“ careful Hope!” I lean at her and whisper to her ear, she smell so good.

“ I’m sorry Mr. Grey” she push me slightly, but i hold her tightly, i can’t just let her go, i love this kind of feel this so close.

“ i think you should let me go mr. Grey, this is sexual harassment!?” What feisty woman, i like more her personality.

“ and what if..”. She cut me off of what I’m saying

“ this is disrespectful Mr. Grey, yes the school thank fully for the gratitude of you’re family for helping our school but I’m not the payback of pleasure Mr. Grey!” Whoa she talks me straight to the eye.

“ then you may pass? But i like the smell strawberry around you Ms. Evans” in the last minute i smell her and i feel how she reacts.

My secretary well let know Anton that they well staying at my house for over night, my secretary look confused at me but she didn’t ask questions about it she knows how her limits. Well I didn’t allowed entering strangers at my house even it for works related, but tonight i want to see her more.

Hope Evans

“ woah, his house beautiful isn’t hope?!” Well it’s true, but the owner is a beast for me and disgusting, earlier happened at his office, I don’t know what to say, my mind say it’s bad but my body reacts of his touch and it’s is the first time i have those feeling.

“ perl?!” I want to tell her about what happened earlier but I'm hesitant to tell Perl what happened earlier.

“ Hope? Have I ever noticed that you feel anxious?” I could see in her eyes the worry

“ yes, I’m ok! No worry about, you know this is the first time I’m here at the city without dad?!” I make some excuse to her, i just don’t want her to worry about me.

So after we eat dinner, everyone ready to get sleep, perl and the rest will be leaving early morning tomorrow to back in town, i and sir anton stay for a while until afternoon cause we have something to visit. I even tell dad about it and explain him everything.

It’s 11pm but i can’t sleep and thirsty, so i went to the kitchen to get some water but when I’m heading to the kitchen someone talk at the living area.

“ you’re still up!?” I stop and face him, i think he just got home cause his still wearing his suit, but his hair is messy and his sleeves are messy too.

“ I’m sorry Mr. Grey, I’m thirsty so I’m heading to the kitchen to get some water?” I explain to him without looking at him straight,

“ do i look disgusting to you hope?!?” He sound like irritating for something

“ do i have to look at you like that?!” I’m still looking down

“ talk to me straight from the eyes Ms. Hope Evans!?” He raise a little bit his voice

“ like this mr. Grey? Contented? May i go!?” I tell him, i hate him, before i turn around he grabbed my wrist and dragged me and push me to the couch

“ don’t tease my patience Hope!” What hell he wants? But i like the way he tells my name

“ mr. Grey please let me go or else,,” before I finish my word his lips crushed to my lips, i try to push him but he was so strong. He take my first kiss and his not even my boyfriend. My brain tells to kick him but my body reacts to his touch and when he try to open my lips, i close my eyes and respond to his kiss. Find he wants to play with me I’ll play his games. I touch his hair and press his body closer to mind. I like the way he moan when i touch his chest. I grabbed him to change our position and I’m on top on him and i feel the bulge of him in my thigh.

“ are you that hungry for me Mr. Grey?!” I kiss his neck and even open the 3 button of his sleeves but when i got the chance i jump to out of him and he groaned harshly to me.

“ but no to sorry Mr. Grey but you’re not lucky to get it!” Before he reacts i leave him and back to the room.

“ good morning everyone!” I heard he great us, he joined us for breakfast, i take a small glance at him, his so fresh from after shower and his wearing grey shirt and black pants. After what happened last night it bothers a lot at me. I realised he has soft lips and i like the way he smell.

“ hope? Mr. Grey waiting for you’re answer?!” Perl tap my shoulder to back my senses

“ huh?!? What did he ask?!” All of them look at me and waiting for my answer

“ never mind Ms. Evans, you seem distracted for something?” He sound like something but only he and me knows what are really happened.

“ oh, I’m sorry, Mr. Grey you’re I’m a little bit distracted but it never be happened again!” I smirked at him and continue of eating.

“ do you have something to tell me Hope?!” Were heading to outside, i look her in a question look.

“ you’re hiding something and this is the first time,?!” Well she always does know if something is bothering at me.

“ I’ll tell you later ok?!?” Before she say something we got interrupted by others.

“ take care,!” We hugged each other before she hopped in the car.

“ hope, you’ll accompany Mr. Grey, i have some urgent to go, I’ll meet you later at lunch ok?!” I didn’t expect this

“ but sir Anton can i go with you?!” Well I’m not comfortable of his presence

“ I’m sorry Hope, but we can’t cancel the meeting of the art gallery director, after our commitment to him later he will fly to England so you have to meet him? I trust you’re judgment Hope don’t disappoint me ok?!?” Do i have other choice, well this is important too.

“ ok! I’ll do my best Sir’” i assure him I’ll do better

“ Just Anton, hope?!?” I smiled at him and he say goodbye,

“ so let’s go?!?” Speaking of the devil, i turn around and face him, he looks yummy.

“ sure” i smiled at him, we ride his red sports scar, i open my self the other side of door. Oh great the weather love me, i see it’s raining and now i wore something soft cotton floral dress above the knee. I check the weather status earlier and it say 60% sunny day. It takes 1hr driving before we got there so I’ll spent and hour to this hot man beside me. Wait did i say hot? Well it’s true, every girl desire for a man he has it. Before that scene last night will appear at my mind he touch my arm.

“ what?!” I ask him in annoying voice

“ this is how you treat you’re school funder?!” I know what his up-to but I’ll not allow him to defeat me this game his into.

“ i treat differently every person I encounter it depends how they act?!?” I tap his hands to get off of mind but he just smirked at me and instead he will get off his hand it slowly down to my waist and squeeze it softly.

“ i assure you that my touches is better with you’re boyfriend?!” I’m little got insulted of him, he think me like the other bitches of our school who got sleep any boys in school.

“ do you feel so assure Mr. Grey but My Rudy is the best sex partner i have been missing around!?” I slowly put my hand into his lap and way up, i saw how he reacts of what I’m doing, you want to play games I’ll give it to you. This is new to me but i love reading romance books so I’ve got a little lesson of it.

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