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Chapter 3

Leandro grey

“ hello, Andy!” I got distracted of call with Andy,

“ can you dropped by at coffee shop near at my pad?!?” I want to spent more to her but we have to dropped by and get him to ride us way to his gallery, I gasped when her hands slowly stroke the bulge of my pants.

“ shit” i press tightly the wheel

“ what?!?” I forgot Andy is still on the phone

“ nothing, where here, but An can you bring us 1 black coffee and i milk?!” I stop the car in front of the coffee shop and face her

“ what are you doing? I’m driving in the middle of this heavy rain?!” I hold her hand to stop, instead she put my hands to her lap and slowly up under her skirt and i feel her silk panties but before I forgot everything i heard knock outside and i unlock the door.

“ you didn’t tell me you have accompanied by Ms?!” His getting attention by hope and she turn him and smile sweetly.

“ I’m Hope Evans represented of my school Mr. Calves!” What the hell, why she acting like that to him, they talked like I’m not here. Until we arrived, they’re still talking and laughing. Well Andy is great i entertainer specially with girls. Well I’m impressed to her, I didn’t expect that her a lot, she knows a lot of the art, I’ve notice Andy fond with little girl.

“ i like her personality Lean, i think she and him will get along more” i saw how he look at her.

“ Andy..Andy...I didn’t know you’re into teenager girl?!?” I mocked at him

“ but she’s turning 18 Lean” we cut the conversation when hope is back after she finish talking to her phone.

“ it is sad Andy you can’t attend tomorrow night?!” She make pouted look to Him, wait did she call him to his name?

“ can I resist this young beautiful girl, Leandro?!,” wait did he just confirm his gonna attend tomorrow?

“ wait? What about you’re business trip?” I looked at him

“ well..the exhibit is move, so if I’ll fly to day I’ll spent there 3 days for nothing so I’ll attending tomorrow? What do you say Hope!?” She smiled widely

“ then I’ll accompany you at the party then?!?” Wait are she flirting 12 years older than her?

“ really Ms. Evans what about you’re boyfriend is he well aware of it you’re entertaining him than his?” I sound like annoying, but she just smirked at me

“ in a relationship Mr. Grey there is no fun of it if both of you will not playing around?” I know this kind of action, and she’s teasing me

“ wait, wait! Lean if I’m not known you enough? I’ll think of you like a jealous boyfriend? “ he tap at me

“ well.. Mr. Grey I’m sorry for my misbehaviour?!?” She look straight at me in the eye, and i see her victory for missing me around.

“ let’s cut this tension between the two of you? I’m hungry, my treat!” Andy interrupt the tension between us,

We went to the nearest restaurant, we sit into the round table and she sit across mine while Andy sit beside her. We order heavy meal but her she order vegetables salad and pineapple juice. While we wait our order we discuss something Andy about business and she was busy with her phone. I froze when i feel her feet rubbing my legs slowly up-to my thighs, she slowly stroking my torch,

“ Hey! Lean are you listening to me,?!” How can I concentrate what his telling me about, if there is someone here making me crazy under this table.

“ Why Andy?!?” She pretend innocent of her face.

“ nothing, I’ll excuse guys I’ll take this call” andy stand and live us a moment

“ you cross the line hope?!?” I stare at her seriously but she didn’t stop what she’s doing and I’m almost to cum

“ huh? What it is Mr. Grey? You play the games first so..I’ll play along?!” She lick her lower lips in a sexy way but before i react the foods arrives and Andy is back but before i cum and mess up at my pants she stop and smirked at me. This is what she wants? Fire for fire lets see who will wins.

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