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Chapter 4

Hope Evans

I didn’t expect my behaviour today, if my dad found out that his naive daughter is making fun with this wealthy man he will disappoint on me. In his presence around me i act like and a naughty girl that i never act before. But all of this will end after the event of everything.

I got call from Anton that he can’t make it now, so I’ll be going alone to be back but unfortunately Andy and this Mr. Grey decided to go with me. So we’re dropping first andy to get his stuff and we’re heading back to his house to get our stuff. Luckily for me I didn’t sit beside him I’m here at back so no words i just ignore him till the car stop in front of his house. Great i got wet at the rain so i pass him immediately to go to the guest room and get change.

I needed a quick shower to let go all tense of my body. I forgot to bring the my dress at the bathroom so i went outside by wrapping my self by towel. Before i reach the bed, i feel his presence at my back but before i turn a round he grabbed me to his chest and hold me tightly of my waist.

“ wait...” before i finish my word he crashed my lips with his lip and i feel the hungry or craving for it. I push him with my hands but I realised I’m fully naked under the towel. But instead i kick him I wrapped my arms around his neck and touches his smooth black hair, his a good kisser cause i even learn it faster, he insert his tongue at my taste everything inside of it. He lifted me and now mu legs wrapped to his waist and slowly walk to the edge of bed. He dropped me slowly at bed but he continues biting my lower lips, the towel was unwrapped till to my waist and my breast is more exposing to him now. Before i can got react he lower his kiss to my neck and to my left breast while his other hand moving to my between of my legs, he slowly massaging my clit,

“ ohh..dro...” i arch my body towards me, so this is what they always say about sex. I’m new to this kind of experience but he have a magic hands, when he inserted one finger at my whole i feel small pain of it.

“ you’re wet already for me huh??i s this what you’re imagining with andy will do to you? Well sorry princess I’m most capable of this, I’ll fuck you hard till you’re brain will explode and...” I stopped what his gonna say cause i got my first orgasm.

“ then let me take this favour?!” I gather my strength to lifted him and now I’m top of him and i feel his hardness at my core.

“ you have beautiful small breast hope!” He sound sexy and i like it, but I’ll make him crazy, this is my first time to try BJ. Before he reacts i unbuttoned his belt and pants then I freely his torch, I gasped when i see it, his big and not just big he has a good asset and i don’t know if even will fit mine? Or even my little mouth?

“ like what you see? This is my asset that even Andy is no for me?” Let me try it, yes I’ve seen porn, i and perl watch it sometimes for fund I’ll try to apply this to him.

I lick him, taste him before i insert it my mouth and hell his so big, but i try to manage it.

“ magic with that little mouth...ohhhh” before i know he cum at my mouth but before he back his senses I grabbed my dress and run to the bathroom and lock it. I hear his loud growl but i have to scape before I can’t resist it. I heard he slammed the door and that’s my signal to get out of the bathroom.

I saw Andy waiting outside and his already at the car.

“ lets go?!” Andy open the door for me before he enter beside of Leandro.

I put headset in my ears and listen some music and ignore him, i see how he watching me at the side mirror of the car but i pretend like nothing.

Someone waking me up, too bad i sleep all along the way.

“ where here? You looked tired earlier i saw you and you sleep well.” Andy smile at me and i see a jacket covered my exposed legs?

“ yeah, a little tired?” Then suddenly a scene earlier happened popped out my mind and i feel my whole face is red like potatoes.

“ you’re more beautiful while blushing?!” He laugh at me and get of the car, well i know whose jacket belong, his smell is all over it.

“ thank you for the ride Mr. Grey, and anton see you tomorrow?!?” I smiled at them went to the door at our house.

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