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Chapter 5

Hope Evans

I get up early, Ive miss the other event of the foundation day, well here at our school I’m the type of girl whose so addicted to dresses. Yes I’m so girly person, i hate wearing pants or shorts but i wear those pants only if winter time. But to day i check the weather and it’s 90% sunny day. So I’m choosing tube dress up to my half of legs but i put blazer to less more skin revealing and matching with strapped flat sandals, dad never complain about i wore cause he always say i have freedom to choose i want to wear.

“ you looked beautiful to day sweetie” i smiled at him and sit ready for breakfast

“ dad, i think I don’t need to attend tonight?!” I have to make sum excuse but the most important is I don’t like the presence of Mr. Grey

“ no, this is you’re last year of school, you have more effort this whole event sweetie so should attend? You’re dress I ordered arrived yesterday and i even choose a matching mask for it” dad is always good for everything even choosing dresses.

“ you know what dad? Being police officers not fitted to you? Maybe a fashion designer?!?” I smiled at dad and he just smiled at me.

“ dad, I’ll gotta go?!” I ask him

“ I’ll dropped you by sweetie, “ we reach to his car and we talk some kind of funny things. We reach the gate of school and i saw there lots student now this earlier in the morning.

“ dad, take care always ok?” I kiss him at his checks and hugged

“ i even Ask Rose to do you’re make up and hair style sweetie!” I saw some sparkle at his eyes every time he say the name of the owner of beauty’s salon

“ dad? I know you like her? Don’t deny it dad i feel it dad, and advice from you’re only one lovely daughter make a move?!” I smiled at him and he just laugh at me

“ get in my dreaming daughter?! Before I forgot to tell you, i leave for 5 days i have this seminar, i even talk to the parents of perl and she will stay with you while I’m out!” I know he didn’t want to go

“ don’t worry dad, I’ll be ok? What time you’ll leaving?!” I ask him

“ around 8:30am today, my things is in the car already and keep safe tonight ok? Don’t get drunk and I trust you!” For the last time I hugged him and say goodbye

Perl is not here yet so i look around and check everything, 10am I’ll be in function hall were the ball will be held.

“ beautiful as always Hope!” I recognise Rudy, well his tall in 6’1, had a chocolate brown eyes, masculine and hard chest and the most important is his so handsome and he is one of the hearth rob of our school and every girls in our school are jealous of mine cause me and perl are his closes friends and know his Darkness secrets.

“ you’re hot at that outfit Rud, and I’m excited to ripped out that shirt of you’re with our makeout session!?” I intentionally say with other girls pass to hear out me.

“ I can’t wait it!” He lean at my ears and whisper, I giggle of it. Yes we always do this to make the girls stay away from him. This is our plans and to make people believe that his straight. Well if i have a general father and only son of him and if he know the truth maybe my father will kill me.

“ you know what? I’ll be free after we graduate, i don’t know how i can handle the killer stare of girls who are crazy for you?!” I wrapped my arms around his waist.

Leandro Grey

I’m here at the office of the head director and from here i can see all the whole ground of school and where the events held. I even recognise the girl i want to see, she’s so different of others student girl she wore that beautiful dress. I clench my teeth with the lower of my lips when i saw a handsome boy who approached her, so that was Rudy she talked about.

“ Lean, I’ll go downstairs to look around, go with me?!” We just finish talk with the director and we say goodbye to him. Well one of the teachers accompanied us to tour the campus and went to the event where there lots of different booths. We ignore the giggling of the female student.

“ there she is” Anton find hope busy with his boyfriend and perl is with them

“ Ms. Evans, can you accompany them for a while the dean called my presence.” She just smile at the teacher and say yes, she didn’t even take glances at me.

“ Anton, i want you to meet my 2 special friend of mind, this Perl Anders my bestie and Rudy Carlos my playmate, guys this is Mr. Anton Calves the owner of the few paintings were displayed later and Mr. Leandro Grey the chairman of the Grey foundation. “ she didn’t even look at me.

“ babe, i have to leave a moment my presence needed to our booth!” The boy lean to her ear and why she giggling about and the he excuse and walk away.

It seem the attention of Anton focus to Ms. Perl so i have this moment to her.

“ you’re tense Hope!!” I whisper to her ears, well she didn’t notice while we walked were at back at auditorium.

“ what!?” Them she realised were we are right now

“ I’m sorry Mr. Grey i got little distracted and I didn’t notice where we heading at” she try to walk but I grabbed his wrist and push her slowly to the wall, its seem this spots more quite and i didn’t see student walk by.

“ please, Mr. Grey let me go? And...” before she finished her words i kiss her, i miss that soft lips of her, when she responded my kiss i even more push my self to her. She wrapped her arms to my neck and i savour her lips more. I move my hand way to her between of thighs and i feel she’s wet for me.

“ oh..please Andro!” I like the way she moan my name before she reach her orgasm we heard some voice looking at us, then open her eyes and push me, she fix herself.

“ i hate this, why always we’ve got interrupted?!” I say with annoying voice

“ cause for the first thing, Mr. Grey this wrong” there she is again with her cold voice.

“ there you are, sir Anton need you’re presence Hope” perl say in front of us and behind her is Anton looking at me like asking something.

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