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Chapter 6

Hope evans

“ hope? Are you ok?!” We leave behind them i need to get away out of him.

“ yes, Perl I’m ok!” But unexpected she grabbed my arms and she sniffed her nose to my shoulder.

“ oh, noh? The smell of mr. Grey is all over you? And i see you’ve done make out session earlier Hope?!” Well how can i deny her? She knows everything.

“ I’ll tell you later the whole story promise!” I give her an assurance look.

So here i am with Anton, we were busy for preparing tonight event. So everything is ready and this is breathtaking, i say goodbye to them, i have to ready my self to and I’ll look for Perl now.

“ are you done?!” I see perl enjoying the presence of Anton, but there is someone I’m looking now its Rudy, he said to be back now, but I didn’t see now him.

“ did you saw Rudy!?” I ask perl

“ nope, after earlier I didn’t why!?” But before i have something to say someone just tap me.

“ we can give you ride girls?!” And there he is again

“ ahm,,,sorry Mr, but i have to find someone for now?!?” Before he speaks i run off to, I’ll just call perl later,

I look around but i didn’t see Rudy and i ask even his team they didn’t see him. Wait he just said he will be at them booths. I even call him but it turn to voicemail. Well he always like this, gone for a weeks or days maybe his just something came up important.

“ thank you Rose,!” She did a great make over and hairstyle.

“ just don’t get drunk tonight girls, be careful whom you’ll talk or mingle girls!” She sound like odd

“ will always rose, thank you for the concern” i smiled at her

“ so, let’s go?!” Perl stood and get her purse

“ rose, It will be great if you joined us dad for dinner until dad back?!” I saw sparkles of her eyes and i know dad is special to her.

“ sure Hope!” She smiled at us and we say goodbye to her.

So were a little late Perl, as we enter i see most of the girl wear pure whit gowns or black and white, while the boys are all in their black suit. Well code dress is black and white, but here i am as i can see I’m the only one wearing completely tube black gown, it’s shows more my shoulder, a little shows of my cleavage with matching black mask and I’m the only one wearing it.

“ Ms. Evans you look so stunning and make any man here focus on you?!” Anton first who approach us

“ hello, Anton! Thanks to my dearest father who choose this!” I smile at him

“ you’re father have a good taste” he smiled at me, then usual I received different compliments with our teachers for job well done.

“ a very stunning as always Hope! “ I look around and it’s Andy

“ and you as always Anton!” I smile at him

“ can i take a way you’re friend here hope!!” I knew it, there is something about them.

I’ve been busy for checking, mingle and little chat for others, but I didn’t see Rudy. I’m little confuse of whatever i do or walk i feel there is looking at me, but he’ll how do i know who it is. I saw Perl and Anton at the dance floor they just not only dancing but flirting each other.

As ever unexpectedly i saw him, dancing with one of the single teacher of our school and the way i see it They’re flirting.

“ may i dance with the great Hope Evans” i know that voice and i hate it

“ oh, john! What a pleasure surprise? “ I mocking at him

“ can you please this ones!” Well it will be rude of me if I reject him and he even ask me nicely

“ ok!” So he lead me way to the dance floor, his hands at my waist and my arms in his shoulder,

“ why do you hate me so much hope!?” He ask me at his soft voice, well the truth is his not bad, in his gestures is perfect and popularity at our school but he is dummy, always bullied others student or torture them.

“ you know the answer John!?” He didn’t say anything until the song ended and he lead me to my table

“ at lest a friend?” He smile at me

“ maybe..maybe..” before he say something the dean and Anton are coming to us.

“ my dear Hope,!” Anton is a little tipsy maybe and John excuse his self.

“ Ms. Evans all of the items are sold, and thanks you’re judgement to choose them!” I can’t believe it, i smiled at them

“ hope, if don’t want to go college and willing to work for me? You know where to find me right?!” Yeah, Anton always bragging about it a while when we were at the city

“ maybe Anton, but like I’ve said my dad and i have plans already but if i change my mind I’ll contact you?” He smiled at me and hugged,

“ waiting for you’re boy?!” I was interrupted by a familiar voice, I’m here now at my favourite spot at school, under the tree near from the fountain, well no one can even see us here because this spot is dark in the evening you can the light only coming from the fountain.

“ yes! And will you just leave cause I don’t take it’s a good idea if he see us in the darkness like this?!?” I was avoiding him this whole night and i swear if were a lone like this body is craving for him

“ really you want me to live?!” He was whispering at my ear and body reacts every time he do that to me, and if I didn’t stop him now? I’ll be under his spell

“ this is insane Mr. Grey and you should stop it? It’s not appropriate for others to see us like this!” He slowly down to my neck

“ what are you hope...I can’t control my self around’re’s like a drug to me...” he hold me tightly at my waist, i push him with my hands

“ please....?!?” He stare at me, i see sad in his eyes but i have to do it

“ if that what you want Hope!” And then he just walked away

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