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Chapter 7

Leandro Grey

It’s been 2 days past after that encounter with hope, I’ve been busy my self to get her out of my mind. That day I decided to claim her, face her father that i want her daughter and I’ll do everything but how can I force my self if she love someone.

“ Mr. Grey?!” I didn’t notice her enter the room

“ what?!” She froze of my reaction

“ I’m sorry Mr. Grey but I’ve been calling you but no answer and i even knock many times” she was trembling in front on me

“ I didn’t hear you, what is it!?” I calm my voice

“ Mr. Calves been calling you, he said please return the call it’s urgent!” Crap, I’ve been distracted about hope and didn’t notice the ring of my phone.

“ you may leave” after she leave the room i reach my phone to call Andy, and i see lots of miss call and txt messages

“ what the hell Leandro? I’ve been calling you but you didn’t answer?!?” I think I’m gonna deaf of his yelling

“ stop yelling Andy!?” I answer him

“ well, I’ve been reaching you since yesterday to say that Hope is missing at the party and till now? “ i stood up and grabbed my keys

“ what?!? Where are you I’ll be coming” shit what happened to her

“ I’m still here at folks and I’m with her friend” after that we talk i leave the town immediately

“ cancel all my appointments and please just update me all” I didn’t make her to speak, i have to go there, what happened? If I didn’t leave that night I’m sure she will be with me and nothing gonna happens to her.

“ what happened Andy?!” I saw him leaving at the house of Perl

“ well, when you call me you’re leaving and back to city she’s with us and she excuse herself to the restroom and after that no one see her?!” I was so angry that night and i want to leave immediately

“ any updates were she is!?” Were heading to my house, yes my have a villa here

Hope Evans

I don’t know how long I’ve been here, I didn’t see anything because of the blind folds and can’t move because of the handcuffs. I even heard girls crying with here but I can’t speak because of tape at my mouth, no water and foods but i have to survive this.

“ well..hello bitches!?” I recognise that voice

He down the blindfold and get the tape at my mouth

“ Rudy?!?” I can’t even imagine my abductor is rudy and he was my closest friend

“ surprise my dear hope!?” He is not the Rudy i known, i see it in her eyes the pain and hatred, i scan the room and i saw 5 others girls and I recognise the 2 well the bitches of our school and others I don’t know.

“ what the hell Rudy??? Why are you doing this? Are you the...” I didn’t finish what I’m saying when he slapped me at the face

“ Yes! My dear!?” I see how others girl scared from him, and the 2 girls are bleeding

“ Rud? Why? This is not you?!?” I cry in front of him

“ i care about you Hope? I like you? I thought you’re not like the bitches like them but i saw you with that guy making out at school! I was so angry Hope you’re like them?!” I see hatred in his eyes but I didn’t understand why his doing this

“ what rud? This is not you?!?” I yell at him, i saw him sit at couch

“ 10years ago were so perfect family, I didn’t saw them fighting or arguing about something but it’s suddenly changed everything when dad back from his duty. My mom cheated on him with the older man and leaves us behind no turning back. I saw how dad hurt about mom hope, and i see it in his eyes the disappointment and hateful by seeing me. I hide my true identity to impress him to even recognise me my insistence of his life but no, he always make reason not get home saying his busy and etc but i know deep in my heart he just didn’t want to see me. One day i make decisions i have to act and revenge with the bitches. At first it was so scared hope but in every i hear them begging for their life it makes me happy deeply hope and thats why this pass 2 years I’m enjoying this kind of torture and killing and this time you’re one of them?!,” i make time to distracted him to get the hidden pin at my dress and thanks to my dad never forget about it.

“ but rudy you have no right to judge us!? Yes you’re mother cheating with old man but were not like her?!?” He stood up and walk to the blondes girl it’s michele one of most bullies at school, he grabbed her to the centre and i saw her the bruises of her face and body.

“ this bitch hope? You know what she done?? She broke 3 families? Even sleeping around our director and mayor of town? Is this how you say she’s not like my mom but she’s the more bitches.” He slapped and kick to death the girl, i saw others shouting and crying

“ please rudy stop it please!?” I yell at him yes i hate michele but she doesn’t deserve this kind of torture. He grabbed another girl but before he kick the girl i hit him the baseball bat in his back, he was a gay but he was built and stronger he even in the team. He manage to stand.

“ you’re good for everything Hope but I assure you can’t get out here alive?!?”

We fight, his good in fighting and I didn’t know his skill is good. I’m weak because of no food and water but i have to fight for our self. I got bruises and he even stabbed me but I can’t loose before he stabbed me again i got the chance to hit him the baseball bat at his head,

“ i hate you,,,!?!” I hit him again until he was nock out.

“ please, stand! Were safe and help the others” I untied the other girls, and we make sure he can’t scape.

“ thank you hope?!?” They’re crying in front of me. I’m so tired but before i blackout i hear the commotion.

I hear Perl voice and dad, I slowly open my eyes and i see white walls and saw them.

“ hope?!? Hope?!?” Dad is here I’m alive, perl call the doctor. After checking me the doctors i sleep again.

“ dad!?” I called dad, sitting at the couch

“ hope? How you’re feeling?! “ i smiled at him and the girls.

“ dad? Are they safe dad?!” He smiled at me

“ they’re all ok, hope! You scared us hope we thought we loosened you!?” Perl is now crying and i see dad tears too.

“ I’m ok dad,! Perl see I’m alive?!” I smiled

“ yeah, were glad you’re ok and i see it” She hugged at me

“ I’m so scared hope? 5 weeks you’re in comatose I thought you’re gonna leave me too like you’re mother!?” Dad is crying right now, wait did i hear 5 weeks?

“ dad, don’t worry I’m all alive ok?!?”

Well i stay more 3 weeks here to make sure I’m not in danger anymore. Everyone is visiting here and there is only one I didn’t saw. Rudy is now in prison but they say he can’t walk anymore because i hit him hard at it cause his damage one of him nerves. Well it deserves him, the reporters begging dad to see me but I declined them. But after that incident I’ve been in nightmare and distress about it.

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