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Chapter 8

Hope Evans

6 years later

I’m well good now, after the suffering of stress of my pass I’ve been in seeing doctor in 2 years but I’ve manage entering college and finish it. Now I’m working at the company of Anton as a supervisor. Well i like my job, earn me a lots, I didn’t struggling about money, i can afford to buy my own things, dad and rose married so he was not alone at folks. When i turn to 21 i got my inheritance money from the family of my mom, even dad give me another bank book, i have monthly allowance from my mom but dad save it for the past years. I inherited a townhouse from my mom family, I’m so lucky girl, i can even build my own company but i rather work here and invest his company. Well Perl now is in medicine and she have more 4 years to complete her degree. I even blackmail her to live with me cause I’m all alone and i want her to live comfortable here in city. She was always busy, and we rarely seeing each other. I always want to travel but i want with perl so I’ll wait for her.

“ how was you’re date?!?” I visited her and we are here eating lunch at the canteen.

“ you mean the blind date you arranged at? No!” She have been arranged me at blind dates but it turn in bad ways. I’ve been in 3 relationships and its not long last in 3 months.

“ what? His a good catch here at the hospital and he have a good record?!” His talking to dr. Lim well his good but I don’t feel spark at him.

“ are you planning to be old maiden?!?” I was shock of her words.

“ no,! I think its not a right time?!” I don’t know what gotten to me but I didn’t want it for now.

“ hey, do you have dress for tonight?!?” I smiled at her

“ don’t smile like that? We plan this like month ago?!?” Yes she’s right last year I didn’t attend but tonight Anton make sure I’ll be attending this event.

“ don’t worry about our outfits the question is what about you?!?” She have shift tonight and I didn’t know if she can go with me

“ i even done with that problem!” I don’t like her naughty smile.

“ don’t tell me you!?” She smiled widely

“ well, I’ve been thinking lately that I’ll give him a chance?!?” I cannot believe it, she just said his not her type

“ and,,,you!!?” I knew it, that kiss marked at her neck I noticed yesterday

“ his good!?” She just shrugged his shoulder

“ good? Not very?!” And she nodded at me, well since the break up of her with Andy 5 years ago, she focused on her studies, she want to succeed for one day he can get revenge with him for betraying and playing with her. I’ve seen how she’s hurt and insulted with in front of people. She takes summer classes to advance more her studies. Well I don’t blame her she’s genius. But now? She can just change like a meal easily boys in her life. She’s not that addicted to sex but she wants to enjoy.

“ so? What time you’ll gonna off?!” We finish our lunch

“ at 5, Charles make a request to his colleagues to allowed me to go home early but he will be my date tonight!” The heir of Realm Hospital and luckily the bastard is working at other of their hospital so it didn’t effect the student and their superior relationship.

“ Chris is my date tonight!” She smiled at me and hugged before we say goodbye each other.

“ Hope, I’m hoping you tonight, I don’t accept any excuses?!?” He is now at my office and make sure I’ll be attending tonight.

“ don’t worry my deAr I’ll be there with my Date?!” He stare at me like in confused

“ then see you?!? I didn’t know what kind of reaction of that. I don’t think his jealous cause he have been in a relationship.

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