Binding Leah

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Book Two in the Saving Leah Series. I let out an exasperated sigh as I try to plug in the vacuum cleaner. I crawl out from under the table and try to move the sofa a little, so I can reach the plug. I push it as hard as I can and it barley moves. I let out another huff and crawl over the sofa, trying to reach the plug. My finger tips barley grasp one of the plugs to pull it from the wall when suddenly the vibrator inside me kicks from off, to high. "Son of a bitch!” I growl, trying not to fall over the back end of the sofa. It has been a year from when Leah's Master saved her and almost a year since he proposed. After waiting for so long to have a family, Rylan, is ecstatic to finally marry the love of his life. Follow Leah and Rylan's adventure through love, marriage and bdsm. Avaliable on Amazon under a new title “Saving Leah Squeal” ! Click on the “Support Author” button in my bio to find the first book and from there check out the rest of the series I have for sale so far!

Romance / Erotica
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Rylan’s POV

“Rylan, are you being mean to Leah again?” Troy accuses, looking over my shoulder at my computer screen.

“Son of a bitch!” Leah yells after I turn on her vibrator. I smile, watching her as she goes tumbling off the sofa.

“Are you gonna let her talk about you that way?” Troy jokes. I smile and kick up the power of her vibrator.

Leah sprints to the kitchen, trying not to cum. She hunches over, grasping her core while trying to call me on her phone. Me and Troy burst into laugher.

I feel slightly bad that I have been doing this to her periodically through the last couple of days, but she needs to learn to control her orgasms better.

Leah slumps to the floor and I see her look up and glare at the security cameras.

Me and Troy smile and I let my cellphone ring for a bit before I finally pick up. “Did my Pet miss me so much she had to call?” I tease. She grits her teeth and I can see her loosing it. “Why are you touching my pussy with out my permission?” I ask her rhetorically as she cups herself.

“Master, may I please cum?” She begs, ignoring my questions. “Please, please, please!” I chuckle and flick through my phone to slow her vibrator down.

I can tell she can barley concentrate, “You may cum, Pet, but if you do I’ll make sure to ruin your orgasms tonight when we play.” She groan and I chuckle.

“I will wait, Master. Thank you,” she says politely. I can hear her disappointment, but I know in the end, by denying her pleasure now, she will feel much better later.

“You’re doing very well with my teasing, Pet. Hold out for the end of the day and I’ll make sure my good girl gets a fitting reward.” She hums and I hang up and turn her vibrator off completely.

“Are you punishing her?” Troy asks, taking a sip from his sofa drink.

“No, the doctor thought starting to implement more control over her orgasms might help her nerve damage down there. It’s been six months and he thinks the treatment worked well, so we are taking it slow. I feel bad for teasing her so much, but I’ll make it up to her tonight.”

“How long has she gone?”

“Four days,” I respond with a frown. I honestly miss giving her orgasms.

“That’s rough for just starting. Have you been edging her that whole time or just today?”

“The whole time. How is Melissa doing?” I change the subject.

“Damn—Oh, she is good. Super excited for the wedding. She has already booked a sitter to watch Anne.” I laugh and shake my head. “How is Leah doing?”

“She’s so excited, but super frustrated with the whole edging thing, she has been really good about it though. She went with my mom and picked out a few dresses too. She wants my approval though before she picks one.”

“But you’re not suppose to see it until you walk down the aisle,” Troy pouts. I nod my head.

“Leah wanted to help me get dressed before the wedding and I told her that she would have to let me put her into her dress, so we are already gonna see each other anyway,” I explain.

“Man, it must be nice that she cares about your opinion. For our wedding, I didn’t even get to pick what flavor cake,” Troy complains. I laugh and nod along.

It is nice that Leah is so considerate with my opinion, but I know the price for her being that way.

Her old owner had messed her up bad. After seeing Mr. Hue a couple times, even he said Leah would probably always be so insecure and dependent. I don’t mind though, Leah does her best to not let her past hold her back. Sure, she still occasionally has night terrors or flashbacks and is almost always timid with others, but she has grown so much in the past year.

Leah has gained much more independence inside our home and maybe even a little outside of it. Melissa finally convinced her to get into an adult ballet class which she does by herself now. She doesn’t drive or work of course, but I would rather keep my little love at home anyway. It is nice to come back to a clean home and a waiting submissive.

Me and Troy finish lunch before I head back out to train Zues. Throughout the day, I switch on Leah’s vibrator, low of course. I knew she will call if she needs to cum.

I doubt she will though. I already told her the conditions, and it obviously didn’t appeal to her.

I wrap up the rest of my work slowly and around 5:30 I loaded Zues into the car and head home. As always, when I open the door, Leah is waiting for me on her knees.

Zues runs up and licks her face. She shies away a little bit, but doesn’t get up. I push Zues away from her as he continues to place kisses on her face. “Hey, Love. How was your day?” I ask her, leaning down and picking her up into my arms.

She winces a little and worry runs through me. “What’s wrong? Did you hurt yourself?” I ask her, looking her body over.

“Your body just brushed up against my... you know,” she blushes. She looks away bashfully and I break out laughing. She frowns her face turning stern, “It’s not funny.”

“I’m sorry, Love. I didn’t know you were that sensitive,” I amend, wiping the smile from my face in order to appease her. I set her down on one of the kitchen chairs before I take my own seat.

“You have been edging me for four days,” Leah grumbles none to happily.

“I know, Love, but it’s for your health, Baby Girl.” She ignores me and continues to eat her dinner without looking at me. I’m about to say something, but when I look up I see tears. “Oh, Pet.” I sigh coming over to her.

She scoots away from me in her chair. “Don’t touch me please,” she cries as I pull her into my lap. “Master, please,” she begs as tears run down her face.

“I’m just holding you. What’s wrong?” I ask her in concern.

“You’re just t-teasing me more,” she says through hiccups.

“I’m not trying to tease you, Darling. I’m just trying to comfort you.”

She continues to try to push me away. “I can’t straddle you right now. I’m going to cum.”

My brows furrow. Shit I forgot to turn her vibrator off. “I’ll get it. I’m so sorry, Love.” I apologize turning off the toy. She sniffles and gets up on shaky legs to sit at the table with me. She doesn’t say anything and goes back to ignoring my presence. “I’m sorry,” I repeat again, hoping to evoke a response.

“It’s not your fault,” Leah finally whispers. She wipes her tears away with her thumb and I rub the back of my neck awkwardly.

She still won’t look at me and I question if I am pushing her too far. I don’t want her to hate me.

My poor Pet.

She obviously isn’t enjoying it, and I realize edging her for days on end may be heightening her nerve sensitivity too much. She looks frazzled beyond belief, and I can tell her sexual frustration is getting to her.

“I’ll take care of you after dinner,” I promise and she nods, standing up and washing her dish. I rub between my brows in frustration.

Leah’s arms wrap around my neck and I relax. She stays there hugging me for a second before she moves to kneel down next to my chair.

I pull her head into my lap and run my fingers through her hair. She relaxes against my leg and Zues comes over to check everything out.

Leah lets him and he sits beside her. After petting him for a bit, she stands and gets my plate before putting it into the dish washer.

I come up behind her and pull her back against my chest. “Yes, Master?” She ask, setting aside the last of the dishes.

“Did you already take a shower and get all ready for me?” I ask her, kissing down her neck.

She hums and nods, turning around in my arms. I press her against the kitchen counter, and she just looks at me unamused. I know she isn’t happy about my teasing, but I’m not enjoying her unhappiness either.

She has always hated edging from the first time we tried it, and now it’s almost the only thing we do. I don’t force her to give me blowjobs or anything with her not being able to release, but I still feel guilty every time I jack off in the shower or something. At least I get to release my sexual frustration, albeit by myself, but Leah doesn’t get to at all.

“Why can’t you just save edging for a punishment?” She asks me, resting her head on my shoulder tiredly. “I’ve been good and you are still punishing me,” she says in frustration.

I pet her head sympathetically, “I know, Love. I’m so sorry. I know you hate it and it’s frustrating, but it’s for the best,” I tell her she nods and looks up at me and more tears run down her face.

“I’m all better now though, Master. We don’t have to keep doing this,” Leah complains. I wipe her tears away and let her head rest back on my shoulders.

“Hang in there for me, okay? I know this is very traumatizing for you, but Dr. Harvey says everything is almost back to normal,” I tell her.

She sighs and nods obediently. “May I please go take another cold shower?” She asks me after a minute.

“I’m letting you cum tonight, remember? You’re getting your reward.” She smiles tiredly and I pet her head some more. My poor baby. “Would you like to go play, Pet. I promise only pleasure tonight.”

Leah nods and clings to my chest. “Yes please, Master,” she says in relief. I nod and take her hand.

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