Cara And Lorenzo

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Meet Cara Her whole family were killed, at the age of 18 she didn’t have anyone by her side. She has been in 1 relationship which didn’t end up good, and now she ran flew away to Italy to start a new life. Meet Lorenzo He is one of the cities most feared person, he only has 1 younger sister and no more siblings. He does not sleep around and is against sleeping around for some reason that no one knows. So what happens when one broken girl meets the town most feared man and is forced to work with him. READ TO FIND OUT

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Cara’s P.O.V

I am currently sitting on the chair facing Ms. Carly who I just handed my resignation paper “can I ask why you want to resign from this work Ms. Cara?” She asked as ahe places the paper on the table, I looked at her with no expression “because I will be moving countries, I am not staying here in the US anymore. I hope that answers your question” I said eyeing the 40 year old woman.

She took off her glasses and folded her hands in front of her chest “ok Ms. Cara since you already gave your resignation paper and want to resign I will just transfer this paper to the HR and you will be ready to go” she said while standing up.

So if you all are wondering who I am, I am Cara Johnson, am 26 years old, I am a lawyer at cases and co. (Pleases do know that this is not a real place it is from my imagination) well not anymore I thought.

I am resigning because I will be going to Italy that is one but there is another reason a bigger reason and that is because I want to change myself, I don’t want to be the innocent, naive, stupid girl that I used to be, I want to change.

And many more other reasons which I don’t want to think about, as I was saying now Ms. Carly went to the HR department to give the one in charge my resignation paper and hopefully after that I will go back to my apartment and this will be the last day I stay here.

After what feels like fifteen minutes Ms. Carly came inside the room “ok Ms. Cara you are off to go I hope that you enjoyed your time here and I hope you the best of luck with your life and work.” She said and came in for a hug surprised I didn’t hug her back till she patted my back.

I am shocked she never hugs anyone like wth anyways I hugged her back for a minute and pulled away “yeah Ms. Carly I hope myself some luck too, hopefully the law firm in Italy accepts my resume” I said as I went towards the chair to take my Fendi bag.

Going outside the office I went straight to the elevator hoping not to see the people that I didn’t want to see, and thanks god I didn’t see them or I wouldn’t know what I would have done, I reached the ground floor and headed towards the exit when one particular voice stopped me dead in my tracks.

There he stood the oh so mighty Cole my boyfriend, well my ex-boyfriend now taking large steps towards me spoke to soon should’ve know he was here I thought “where are you going? I just heard from the people in the HR that you resigned” he said reaching out to hold my hand but I pulled away looking at him, did he think I wouldn’t find out well if he did stupid him.

I glared at him and took a step back he again tried to reach for my hand but I slapped it away this time “why are you acting like this Cara? What happened? You on your monthly time?” He asked and took his phone out from his pocket to cheack the massag that his wife probably sent him “why don’t you come after thirty minutes to the diner that is across the street and we’ll talk ok” I said and his eyes drifted from his phone back to me and nodded his head “see you in thirty” he said and walked away.

the rumors that were around about him being married I thought they were lies but I didn’t believe until I saw them his family with my own bare eyes, well truth hurts sometimes I thought as I walked out off the building and went to my car.Well I didn’t want to confront him about what I saw yesterday but I should’ve believed the rumors that were around about him being married I thought they were lies but I didn’t believe until I saw them his family with my own bare eyes, well truth hurts sometimes I thought as I walked out off the building and went to my car.

for around a year now turns out that he is married and has because he cheated I cried the whole night yesterday and cried a bit more in the morning today I am truly hurt the guy I’ve been dating three kids, I feel terrible becaus he cheated on his wife with me, he slept with me spent nights with me and left his family probably lied to his wife and stayed with me.

So what I did was that I mailed a masssage and couple of his photos with me to their house and made sure to tell the mail guy to give it in her hand which hopefully he did, I know it’s not my place to do this but the guilt was eating me alive.

I am now in the diner I ordered myself a chicken sandwich with freshly squeezed orange juice in what seems like fifteen more minutes he will be here and I will confront him, hopefully that he doesn’t draw us attention which now thinking about it he always does anyways yeah I hope I just want to get over with this.

The waiter came with my food and placed in front of me “no Cole here today?” She asked looking at the empty seat I shook my head “no he will be here in ten minutes now” I replied glancing down to my watch then back at her, she is a really kind and nice girl I like to talk to her we often go to each other places but are not really friend I don’t know if that makes sense but I myself don’t even know.

Nodding her head she walked away to the other thanks that were ready to order I picked up my sandwich and took a big bite and started chewing on it slowly savoring the taste because it is the last time I eat it.

The door of the diner opened and there came in the one and and only Cole he stood by the door and searched for me and when he saw me he waved his hand and started coming to where I was sitting, when he finally reached he sat down “look I know that you are on your monthly time but a good evening would be nice” he said looking at me “ and you ate without me now I am truly hurt” he said looking at my now empty dishes.

I then cleared my throat hoping that my voice doesn’t crack when I talk “ I actually told you to come here today because I wanted to tell you some thing” I started and he looked at me telling me to continue “so I know that you have wife and kids Cole I dont know why you didn’t tell me, I didn’t believe the rumor until I saw it with my own eyes you sure did keep them a secret from the world” I said and looked at him to say he was shocked would be an understatement.

Looking at him his face was full of emotions regret,sadness,worry,panic and so on but I didn’t care he opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it “so as I was saying I invited you here to say that me and you are no more and that I don’t know” I said as tears started running down my cheeks he looked really pained looking at me but I could careless “please lay me explain Cara I swear to god I was going to tell you but I didn’t know how to, we are going to get divorced in two months she doesn’t know about us. I will tell her today please let’s not break up I will slice everything” he said pleading me.

I just shook my head and moved away from him “you have to be kidding me you are the one that didn’t tell me that you had a family we’ve been dating for about a year now and I had to find out the hard way, I don’t know what more you are hiding from me. I just wanted to tell you that and goodbye” I said opening my bag I tilook out my purse and dropped a hundred dollar bill on the table.

I look like a mess right now with tears streaming down my cheek my eyes puffy and red I opened the diners dore and stepped out not missing Cole pleading voice, I really loved him but he did what he did and this is the result of him hiding the truth from me.

Crying I opened my cars door and sat in not missing Cole shouting in love you’ which just made me cry more, I wiped my tears and reminded myself I am starting new Cole is in the past.

45 minutes later

After what seemed like an hour I reached my apartment everything was packed I didn’t have many things to start with, I am keeping the furniture the way it is maybe some wants something they can keep it.

TLing off my heels I went to the couch and threw my bag on it then went to the kitchen and saw that my food was already prepared thank to Mary the old woman she knows it’s my last day here said that she will meet me in the airport, I took my food and heated it up and sat on the stool eating my food in complete silence.

After I finished eating I washed the dishes then went to the hall way to my suit case and took out a pair of pyjama for the night.

The hot water cascaded down my back and I signed in comfort I loved hot water and bating it relaxes my body and my thinking, after shampooing my hair and soaping my body I was done with my shower I took my panties and wore them and placed my bra on the table next to me.

I wore my pajamas and went back to the hall way to take out clothes for the flight that I have early in the morning tomorrow, I took out a sweatshirt with sweatpants with a comfortable shoes and placed my heels inside the bag and my dirty clothes I kept it it a plastic bag and shoved it in the suit case and closed it.

I went to my room and layed in my bed closing my eyes I thought tomorrow I’m going to start a new me.


This is my first story I really enjoy writing

I hope you all like this story because as I said this is my first time writing so I don’t know.

I hope you all are safe as well as your loved ones : take care of yourself and thank you for giving this book a try

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