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**18+ Mature Audience** Alpha Series Book #2 An orphaned Alpha’s daughter escapes after a rogue attack slaughters her parents and the rest of her pack. After spending 20 years with her new family and training to be the best fighter under Alpha Damien, the son of the Alpha who originally took her in, Kyda meets the unexpected on her latest mission - her mate. Will he understand her past and accept her? Will he be there to protect her when the same haunted past catches up to her?

Romance / Adventure
J. Writing
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Chapter 1

A/N: The Alpha’s Purpose is the second book and takes place after The Alpha’s Match. This can be read as a standalone, however, this book does give away what happens in the first book so keep that in mind. It also picks up where the first book left off and will be written from Kyda and Alpha Max’s POV (you will still see A LOT of Lyssa and Damien).

This, along with my other books, is MATURE 18+ AUDIENCE. There are some scenes that will contain some smut, or will be ALL smut. I will try to remember to include warnings at the beginning of each chapter, but sometimes I like surprises so I may just pop scenes in. Enjoy!!



Escape. That was my first thought as I saw my parents and the rest of the White Moon pack slaughtered by rouges. I was 7. That was 20 years ago and I still remember the look of his face. The man who took everything from me. I ran through the woods, stumbling into unfamiliar territory until two warriors approached me. I yelped and fought, but was too young and weak. I prayed to the Moon Goddess for mercy.

As I’m dragged in, I hear one of the warriors, “Alpha, We have an intruder”

I slowly kneel, tears forming on my face. I feel the man lean reach for my cheek while I shift away slightly.

“Little one. What’s your name?”

“K..Kyda, Alpha”

“Your parents? You’re an Alpha’s daughter are you not? I smell the bloodline on you”

I start to cry, not having the courage to say more.

I hear him speak again, “Come little one. You’re around the same age as my son Damien. He’ll show you the rest of the pack. You are safe now”

--Present Day--

I punch the bag harder, bruising my knuckles in the process, but unrelenting as the memory of that night haunts me. It’s been years, yet I fight for the day I know I will receive my vengeance on the man who still haunts my dreams.

I’ve been part of The Claws pack for the last two decades of my life -- serving under Alpha Damien -- the son of the original Alpha who took me in on that terrible night that I lost everything. I became the best fighter he ever had. The first woman of the pack to be trusted as the first line of defense.

I was a lethal force to be reckoned with. I fought hard like all the males, but had the finesse of a woman to ease under the skin of our enemies and infiltrate. I built myself to be a weapon on a physical and mental level, all in preparation for the day I would ever meet the devil himself and deliver my sweet revenge.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I almost missed my phone ringing. I look down and see it’s Alpha Damien. He was currently at the Volkis pack and last I heard he found his mate Lyssa who supposedly is a bad bitch so I’ve been incredibly excited to meet her.

I pick up, “Hi bro! Heard you found your mate. What can I do for you?”

“Hi little sis. Word travels fast huh? Yes I did. And speaking of her and her pack - how quickly are you able to come to the Volkis pack with me?”

“Say the word and I’m there. What do I need to do?”

“Come as quickly as you can. My mate’s pack is under attack and we have a plan in place to beat him. I’ll need your fighting skills and I trust you with my life”

“You got it. I’ll head over now and bring a few of the other warriors with me as backup”

Before I hang up, I hear him continue, “Oh and Kyda? I’m going to need your roleplaying skills on this one. We’re setting you up with a fake mate. My best friend Alpha Max is pretending to be the new Alpha of my mate’s pack so we can draw attention to him while I take out the threat. We need a believable luna by his side and you’re the best, and the only option, we have.”

I smirk. It’s been a minute since I had to seduce and fight and frankly, I have missed it. “You got it bro. As long as he knows I’m not some floozy he can play with! I’ll bring some elegant attire as I’m assuming we’ll have a ceremony too?”

“Smart girl.” Alpha Damien responds quickly, “The attack is expected to take place during the ceremony where Alpha Max and you will be handed the title. I’ve known Max for years and trust him with my life. I should have introduced you two sooner as this would have made the process easier, but alas. I’m sure you can handle yourself little sis if he even dares try to underestimate you” I hear him smirking on the phone.

I laugh knowing damn well that Damien knows I can handle any of the pricks that try me. “You got it big bro. I’ll see you soon”

I hang up and call up a few of the warriors and let them know what’s going on, sending everyone to pack before we head to Alpha Damien’s location.


I reach the new pack I’ll be staying at for the next few weeks and quickly get caught up on the plan. Alpha Damien’s Luna, Lyssa, is getting attacked by none other than her uncle, a man thirsty for power and willing to kill his own brother to get it. Pathetic. Men can never seem to get past their ego. Her pack - The Volkis - are well-known even at my own pack. They are one of the largest and wealthiest packs given their Russian heritage. They are known for their expensive jewels and land, and I couldn’t wait to see what type of living quarters they have set up for me.

The plan is relatively simple. I play the new luna role with Alpha Max during the ceremony, and when Lyssa’s uncle attacks, Alpha Damien is prepared to kill him and his men. All I care about is the mission. Easy in - easy out.

I see Damien and bow to him and his new mate Lyssa and I can feel her worthiness as power radiates off of her.

“Luna, pleasure meeting you” I state. “I’ve heard good things about you and am excited to have you lead our pack”

She comes in for a hug and squeezes the life out of me “Kyda! I can easily say the same thing Damien here has lauded your fighting skills all the way up to the Moon Goddess’s ears. Oh and please call me Lyssa! No formalities” she chuckles while I give her a smile.

“Ha, thank you. I can say the same about you! I hear you can keep my brother here quite level-headed” I smile at Damien, giving him a quick jab. We basically grew up as true siblings after his dad took me in so it gives me a bit of leeway to pick on the big bad Alpha.

Lyssa smiles at me, “You heard damn right!” as she gives Damien a wink. “Well Kyda, firstly thank you again for doing this for my pack. I’ll bring you to your cabin where you will be staying in your own suite and have food brought to you so you can get comfortable. My best friend Mara will give you more details of the plan and we will meet tomorrow at my papa’s place to introduce you to everyone else and to Alpha Max, your fake mate.” She smiles slyly at me.

She motions to where my cabin is and I head over to unpack. The room is gorgeous -- rumours were most certainly true about Russian elegance. I swear I stepped into a mini palace room looking around the decor. I settle in quickly and prepare to take on my new mission.

A/N Fun Fact: I picked the name Kyda stemming from Arabic roots meaning strong/warrior :)

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