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Chapter 10


I still as I try to wrap my brain around what Sonja said. What does she know about the Chosen One?

She grabs my hand and rushes me over away from the crowd and into the cabin. We head towards my room as she closes the door, both her and Lucy taking a seat on my bed.

"The scroll, your parents told me about it. Only a few know about its existence, but it's true Kyda. The White Moon pack was chosen by the Moon Goddess to protect the Chosen One, whose identity would be revealed during the mating ceremony."

"What does that even mean Sonja? Will it be during the Chosen One's mating ceremony? During the Alpha's ceremony? Could my ceremony reveal his identity?"

She pauses and grabs my hand before continuing, "I'm not sure little one. I think it's when the Chosen One finds his mate, all will be revealed. That is why we were attacked. That is why your parents risked their lives to protect us. That wolf was looking for the Chosen One"

I'm trying to slow my breaths and take in what my aunt just told me. "What if the Chosen One isn't alive anymore? Could it be Ansel, George? Should I ask Max for extra protection for them just in case?"

My head was spinning, trying to think if the attack that night was successful and if we potentially lost the Moon Goddess's gift.

"Nonsense Kyda. I think the Chosen One is still alive. Had the attack been successful, we would have known. I trust that the Moon Goddess would have revealed herself again to tell us otherwise. We are her creation and I have faith she has not abandoned us, thus I believe he is still alive. And most likely near your age. The reveal will be soon. We must prepare."

I nod my head and hear Lucy speak up, "If what you're saying is true Sonja, then it must be a member of the boys we brought here today. I think Kyda should tell Max and increase protection around the border. We should keep a lookout at the future matings and since they will take place here once their Luna arrives, we will know."

She nods in agreement. "You trust Max, Kyda?"

"With my life" I reply back, no hesitation.

"Good. Tell him tonight. Increase protection during the ceremony. No one outside of our pack knows that we are merging and we best keep it that way in the meantime."

I give them both a little squeeze, "I am so happy to have found you. I never thought this day would be possible"

I start to get emotional as my aunt and Lucy grab me in a hug. "Us too babe," she says.

We spend the rest of the day catching up, telling them about my role in the Claws pack, about Damien and his father and how they took me in. About how I found my mate and how I am now a part of the Red Moon pack. They fill me in on what has happened the last decades of my life, how they have been finding each other and staying close for protection, which explains why no one knew they still existed.

We leave the cabin and I give them a tour of the grounds and meet up with the rest of the group.

I see Max already sending the boys of my old pack to train and I use this moment to pull him aside and fill him in on what my aunt told me.

He promises to make sure our borders tomorrow are under tight protection and after the ceremony, he will announce the merger as well as the importance of the secrecy. We both agree to hold off on revealing the scroll or its contents for the safety our pack. If word gets out, we could have another attack on our hands and I couldn't survive the death of another family.

We finalize the touches of the ceremony and announce to the entire pack to be prepared for the festivity. My heart is full to see how well my family has taken me in and how caring Max's pack is towards them and towards me.

After the details are done, I show my old pack where they will be staying and go with Max back to our cabin to settle in.

Max feels my heightened emotions and motions for me to sit on the bed while his hand rubs my back.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah... I'm just emotional. I found my family when I thought I lost them forever, I find out about the Chosen One we were harboring and the reason for my parents' death, and the mating ceremony tomorrow...it's just a lot to take in" I breathe.

He looks at me and places a kiss on my cheek as he grabs my hand, "Kyda we will get through this. Please don't worry. We can talk to Damien and Lyssa tomorrow to bring more warriors here for protection. I'm sure Alexei will offer his fighters from Lyssa's old pack as well. We will have enough wolves to protect us. They will understand the importance of the Moon Goddess's message and I have no doubt they will give us the numbers we need for defense."

I pat for him to lean on the headboard of the bed while I go to his side and have him hold me.

"I've been fighting my whole life for this Max. I don't want us to just be on the defense. I want to find the fucker who attacked us in the first place and slit his throat."

I feel my anger rising while Max tries to soothe me into calmness, "We will Kyda. We will find him together. But I need you to just focus on the present okay?"

I nod before turning to him, "Max...with the mating ceremony tomorrow... I, uh, I want to prolong the idea of pups for a little while longer, is that okay? We just have so much on our plate, and I just met my family, and I'm still getting accustomed to your pack, and.." before I continue he pulls me in for a deep kiss where I almost forget what I was babbling about.

"Kyda. We can wait. I really don't mind. My pull-out game is strong" he chuckles at the joke he made while I eye him dangerously. "Max, we're using protection tomorrow. I can't risk it."

He whimpers, but nods his head in agreement. "What about when you'll be in heat in a few weeks' time? You know that won't go away until you conceive..."

Fuck. I hadn't thought about that. I start to fidget, but he speaks up before me, "Actually. We will talk to the pack doctor and see what we can do. She will know how to handle this and how we can ease your pain."

I smile as I lean my head towards his chest. "I'm so happy I found you. I'm sorry for all the trouble I brought to your pack. I hope you don't regret us..."

His hand grabs my chin and lifts my face to meet his, "Never kitten. You're a gift. Damien spoke so highly of you, your fighting skills, your detective work on missions...and frankly, your gift of fucking is the best I've ever had" He laughs while I slap his arm.

"God Max. You are so blunt." I tell him while my face is already red like a tomato.

"It's true. We're made for each other. And tomorrow, I can't wait to unwrap the Moon Goddess's present to me fully."

A/N Not too much action in this chapter besides the reveal of the reason for the attack on the White Moon pack, HOWEVER, this puts into play what will happen in the next chapter and the ones after...BIG surprises coming up in the next update. Stay tuned :-)

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