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Chapter 11


To say I'm excited is an understatement. In a few hours, I will officially welcome Kyda, my Luna, to the Blood Moon Pack. Our union will also symbolize the joining of our packs under the full moon. It couldn't have been more perfect if I planned it myself.

I'm dressed in a nice suit while Kyda put on a beautiful creme-colored tight dress, showing off her beautiful curves.

"You look beautiful love" I beam at her, while she smiles back.

"The dress is stunning on you; I cannot wait to see it on our floor tonight" She playfully smacks my chest, already used to my raunchiness, but I can't help it. My mate is gorgeous.

We head to an area near the woods that we use to host special occasions and I see everyone already waiting outside.

I clear my throat and begin my announcement.

"Thank you all for being in attendance for the official mating ceremony. As you all know, my latest mission at the Volkis pack led me to meet my mate, Kyda. Her birth pack - The White Moon pack - was almost slaughtered twenty years ago, but recently we discovered a few family members have survived. We will welcome them fully into the Red Moon pack tonight."

I hear howls and claps in the background, a welcoming sign from my family, and I couldn't be more proud of the love they are showing to my luna and her family.

"We ask that you keep the pack union a secret. The attack on the White Moon wolves was intentional and we have reason to believe that the attacker will come for them again. However, do not worry. Alpha Damien and Alpha Alexei will both supplement extra warriors around the borders and within our home to ensure our safety until we discover more. But for tonight, I ask that you enjoy yourselves. Please use the next few hours to welcome our extended family. We will witness the official Alpha-Luna binding in about half an hour"

With that, I step off the podium and go to our Alpha table where my best friend Alpha Damien, his mate Lyssa, and Alpha Alexei and his wife Mara from the Volkis pack join us.

"Alexei - how has leading Lyssa's birth pack been?" I question.

"Good thank you Max. We are slowly breaking away from Russian traditions and women are given more freedoms as we speak. Mara has done exceptionally well with helping our members adapt to the change and thank the Goddess we have not had much pushback."

I nod and look towards Mara. "Mara, how are you feeling? You just had your pup recently right?"

"Yes" she beams at me. "He is incredible. He is a mini Alexei, but with my eyes. We left him under the care of one of our expert nannies so as not to tire him out on the trip, but he is beautiful, big, and healthy. He will make an excellent heir to the Volki pack"

I let Mara squeal over pup pictures with Kyda and Lyssa while I turn to Alexei and Damien.

"Brothers. As I'm sure Kyda told Lyssa, who has informed you both, the joining of Kyda's birth pack is cause for concern. We are quite positive her pack has the Moon Goddess's Chosen One and that he is among us. You know the story of how he is to be revealed, and I want to personally thank you all for allowing me to borrow a few of your warrior men for the time being until we figure something out"

They both nod to me in understanding. "I will be training the males from both packs personally to ensure they are ready to fight. And I am planning to send a few men on expeditions to see what they can find out about the attack on Kyda's pack from twenty years ago. I ask that you keep your eyes and ears peeled for any information."

Damien then speaks up, "Max, I was speaking with Lyssa's mother about this. It seems she has heard of the prophecy of the Chosen One. She didn't have many details, but what she was aware of is that there would be no doubt in his identity. Once it occurs, that will be the signal that the war is close. We will not have much time to prepare. I've doubled down on training and have told Alexei to do the same with his men. I've asked a few neighboring packs to join and they are fully on board. It seems many of the older wolves have heard of the prophecy but were not expecting it to be revealed so soon."

I take in the information, "So long as they do not know it is tied to Kyda's pack, I am not too concerned, but we will be ready."

I realize the mating ceremony is close so I reach for Kyda and step back to the podium.

"All, the time has come for the official joining of my Luna. Please rise."

My mother and father step to the stage, along with Kyda's cousin Lucy and her mate Alex to complete the transition.

My mother recites the mating ceremony text, "Alpha and Luna, under the Moon Goddess, under the full moon do you both accept your union in your human and wolf forms and swear to protect, love, and honor one another until the end of your times?"

"I do" we both recite.

My mother takes a small knife and cuts both my and Kyda's hand, asking us to join for the blood oath.

We join hands and feel our bond connect. The minute our hands touch, I feel her already connected to my pack's mindlink, along with her birth pack.

Power radiates through my blood, along with her emotions, with the strongest being love.

My mother looks to both of us before whispering to me and Kyda "You both can wait until later to mark each other. Traditionally Kyda, our pack has placed the marks on our mate during the ceremony, but it is whatever you feel comfortable with as traditions vary from pack to pack"

She smiles before looking up at me, "We can do it now. My old pack did the exchange under more intimate circumstances, but I want to respect your traditions"

I smile at her, kissing her gently on the lips as she then leans her head to the side, exposing her neck to me.

I lean into it, taking in her cinnamon smell as my wolf goes wild. "I love you. And after this is over, I will ravish you"

I feel her heartbeat pick up at my statement.

I grab her hips and bring her close to my body while my teeth sink into her neck, her body thrumming with pleasure while her arousal reaches my nostrils. I feel her own teeth sink into my neck, my dick hardening at the feel. As I sense our emotions and power mix, I pull back once I feel the bond complete.

Her eyes are hazy while I feel her stumbling. "Mother? What's happening?"

Kyda almost falls to the floor as I grasp her, her body spasming while I slowly lay her down on the floor.

"What the fuck is happening?!" I am screaming as her body feels hot to the touch.

She starts to claw at her waist, "Max please. It burns!"

I lift her dress up and see red blisters forming on her hip, right below her two prominent tattoos which I hadn't noticed before.

"Please Max! Make it stop!" She is screaming and I feel a presence near me. I look up to see Lyssa and Mara already at her side. The rest of our pack is quiet, looking, wondering what is happening until I hear Sonja speak, "Please move out of the way at once! Everyone step aside!"

She comes barreling in, pushing almost everyone out of the way. "Sonja, she's burning up, her hip, it's bubbling up."

She lifts up her dress, while I use my body to shield her from the peering eyes, my wolf howling possessively at anyone getting too close. I peek over Sonja and see 3 new marks appear on her skin, one full moon in between two crescent moons on either side. What the fuck?

I look to Sonja and she turns to me, "Max. The markings...the prophecy. Kyda is the Chosen One."

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