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Chapter 12


"What? How is that possible?"

Sonja leans in, "Max. The prophecy never said it would be a male. We just assumed...but the markings. I was told there would be a physical, clear symbol, to identity the Chosen One when the time comes. This is it. I know it. I feel it"

I stand and see my entire pack looking at us, knowing that their wolf hearing has allowed them to listen in on the conversation.

"All - as you are now made aware, there was a prophecy long ago that foretold of a Chosen One leading wolves into battle against rogues who deny our Moon Goddess's existence. We had assumed it would be a He, but clearly we were wrong. No one outside of this pack is to know what happened tonight or our loved ones will perish. We will prepare, but for now, please either continue the celebrations or return home."

I turn back to Kyda, but Lyssa nudges me to look back at the pack; they have all kneeled on one knee as a sign of respect for the Moon Goddess. One of the elder pack members speaks up, "Alpha Max. It will be an honor to have this pack protect her, a gift from the Goddess herself."

I feel the bond surge with their love and it makes me proud to see my family show such trust and love within our walls.

"Is she okay Alpha?" I hear a pup speak up, probably asking a question that everyone else was already wondering.

"Yes she will be. She will need rest so Max will take her to the cabin. But she is alright, do not worry" I hear Sonja speak for me, and I am happy since I would have no fucking clue what to tell them right now. She turns to me quickly, "Take her to your cabin. Complete the bond fully tonight. Keep her safe Max. She is the beginning of everything."

I turn to Damien, Lyssa, Alexei and Mara, "Go" says Lyssa. "We will keep your pack entertained, not to worry. Take care of her."

"Thank you" I whisper, as I grab Kyda's body and bring her to the cabin, careful not to touch her already swollen hip.

I set her on the bed as she slowly starts to awaken. "Max?"

"I'm right here kitten"

She starts ripping off her clothes, "What are you doing Kyda?"

"I'm soo hot. My skin is on fire" As soon as she takes off her panties, she notices the mark. "What the fuck is this?"

I take in a deep breath while I sit next to her, my cock already hardening at her naked form. "Kyda, you're the Chosen One"

"But...that's not possible. I'm a female!"

"Yes, but the scroll never specified gender. There's the mark to prove that"

She looks down at her hip, her hands gently grazing the area.

"What are the other tattoos you have?" I asked, never noticing them before.

"They are my parents' birth dates. I had them tattooed when I turned 18 and added a little moon next to them. Guess I didn't need that if I knew I was getting another 3 moons on my body" she chuckles.

Her body is hot to the touch, she squirms on the bed. "Max, I feel so hot. Please."

I look down at her naked form, she's rubbing her legs together. "Kyda your arousal is intoxicating."

She brings her hand down to touch herself before I grab it. "No." I look into her eyes, before I spread her legs on either side of me.

"Max.." she whimpers. "No foreplay. Please. I just want you in me for fucks sake"

I chuckle at her separation. "You sure?" I bend down and lick her already glistening cunt.

Her body arches off the bed. "Fuck. I'm sure. I've had your tongue. I want your dick"

I take her hands and place them at the headboard. "Grab onto the headboard. No touching me or yourself."

She brings her hands up and grasps the board while I quickly take my clothes off. I rub my dick up and down her folds, getting it wet before I slowly slip the tip in. Her hips are already moving of their own accord while I use my hands to hold them still. "Kyda..." I warn, but there is no use. Her body is spasming out of control.

"I'm sorry Max, but the tattoo, the burn. I can't wait." She takes her hands, grabs my cock to place at her entrance with one hand while she uses the other to push me into her, effectively fucking herself with my dick.

My head falls back as I feel her wet cunt squeezing me like a vice. "Fuck Kyda!" I begin pounding into her, taking both of her legs and putting them on my shoulder, allowing me to go deeper.

After a few pumps, I remove her legs and flip her on her belly, pulling her up so she's on her hands and knees.

I push her head down, push gently on her back, and lift her ass up in the air as I go balls deep in her. My hand wraps to her nub, while my other hand is at her breast, squeezing her nipple.

The noises of my balls slapping her ass is making me dizzy. I look down as I enter her, seeing how wet she is, dripping on the side of her leg.

I grab the headboard to anchor myself while I pummel into her from behind, feeling her cunt squeeze me as I feel her orgasm approaching.

"Fuck Max. I'm cumming!"

She is squeezing the life out of my dick. "Fuck Kyda I'm not wearing a condom!"

"Fuck. Max. I .. ah.. just cum in me"

My emotions are all over the place. My head is telling me this is a bad idea. I try to pull out of her as I feel my orgasm, but she brings her hands to my ass and pushes me into her.

"Do not fucking slip out of me. If the Moon Goddess chose me, then fate will decide if I'm pregnant or not. Cum. in. me."

I pump into her a few more times and I feel myself spirt my seed into her. I keep myself deep in her hole, making sure my cum is in her. I'll admit I'm fucking ecstatic that she changed her mind. And although it might be the sex talking, we're both sober enough in our sexual escapade to realize the impact of our decision. But we both know after tonight, we will never leave each other.

I pull out of her, my cum and her juices flowing down her thigh, down my dick, when I feel a burning sensation at my hip. I look down and notice the same tattoos she has on her hip are now on mine.

"Ah" the burn itches and at the noise, Kyda looks behind and sees them as well.

She crawls towards me, her body glistening in sweat. "I'm so sorry Max. I didn't know."

I pull her into my lap, "Kyda. I will never leave you. We are in this together. Do you know what this could mean?"

She looks up, "We can ask Sonja tomorrow. Maybe there are two of us? Maybe you are meant to be my protector? Although not fair. Your tattoo process was a lot more gentle than mine! And you didn't get it during the marking, but during sex!"

I chuckle at her outburst, "Kyda, I just think that means you're more special than me. No pain no gain kitten." I push her back on the bed. "You know you could be carrying my pup now right?"

Her face turns pink, "I trust the Moon Goddess will know what to do"

I lean in between her legs, using my fingers to spread her pussy, still seeing my cum in her. I take both of my fingers and push into her. "Well maybe I'll help the Moon Goddess along and ensure my cum stays in you just a little longer."

I continue to finger her as her hips start moving against my hand. "Max...fuck"

I hit her sensitive spot with my fingers as I feel another orgasm of hers take ahold of her convulsing body before I take my fingers oat and wipe the juices onto the bedsheets. I bend down and place a kiss at her quivering pussy.

"You're officially mine now, Chosen One."

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