The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 13


I'm in a haze after what happened at the mating ceremony. My hip is still a bit sensitive to the inflamed crescent moons on my hip and I still don't understand what the meaning behind any of this is. And the fact that now Max carries a similar mark on his own hip leaves me more perplexed.

We shower, get ready, eat breakfast, and decide to make a visit to Sonja and explain what happened last night.

"I'm afraid child, I don't know what the meanings are, nor why Max carries them as well. The prophecy was not very specific dear. I know only of the scroll, and the basics of what your parents told me"

"What did they tell you?" I ask, eager for any information I can get at this point.

"The scroll had been in our pack for the last three generations. The White Moon pack was a creation of the Moon Goddess, or so the story goes. It was started as all great things in this world are -- out of love and sacrifice. Three generations ago, your alpha relatives made a blood oath. They took in a rogue child as their own who was born outside of the pack whose parents were shortly killed after birth. It was your ancestors who found the pup and brought her in as their own, but the alpha at the time was furious. Taking in rogues, or adoption, was not as common as it is today. So your family simply separated and were lucky enough to have allies to go with them. They formed a new pack. The story your mother and I were told as children, was that the Moon Goddess came to the Alpha's dreams and bestowed them the name of White Moon and that there will come a time when their act of bravery and kindness would be repaid. A scroll was delivered a few days later by a Moon Goddess warrior, stating that your generation would receive a Chosen One to carry out the war of our survival."

I was stunned. I only vaguely remember my parents, but I knew they were good. Our entire pack was known throughout our community as one with kind hearts. Rogues who wanted to re-enter a pack, or wolves who were escaping tortures in their own pack, all knew to come to us and we would accept them all. It had infuriated neighboring packs, but the fear of the Moon Goddess's blessing on White Moon kept all attacks at bay.

"If our reputation was so strong to have protected us from attacks, what changed?"

My aunt stood silently, pondering how to answer the question. "I do not know Kyda. The knowledge of the scroll is not vast. It was your alpha and luna parents, and a few very close family members who knew of its existence. And our generosity to our kind made it so we did not have any traitors among us as far as I know. I simply can't understand what happened"

Before I can ask Sonja any more questions, I hear Max speak up, "We should check in with Lyssa to see what else the Volkis could know about this. It may have been three generations ago that your pack was formed, but it could have been hundreds of years ago that the creation was prophesized. Their vast collection of knowledge over the years could be helpful. They are one of the oldest lineages of werewolves."

I nod my head, agreeing with him. "It's true. Lyssa had heard about it and her mother confirmed it. I wonder if during this time, they managed to collect any additional information we could use to help us prepare. The important piece she had recently told us is once the Chosen One's identity is revealed, that the war is close and we must start preparing at once."

She nods and we all head out to look for Lyssa and Damien to bring them in.

They arrive and Lyssa is immediately running up to hug me once she sees me. "OH MY GOD Kyda are you okay?" She is screaming at me while I just hug her back and confirm I'm fine.

"I'm okay. My hip still hurts and Max got a twin tattoo as well" I look towards him as we both lift our shirts up and show the two what we mean.

"Shit Max. Your woman branded you good" Damien chuckles as Lyssa hisses at him to shut up.

"We were hoping to see if your parents had any additional information on this. We know my pack was started 3 generations ago due to my ancestors taking in an orphaned rogue pup which resulted in their separation from their old pack who frowned upon the fact. The Moon Goddess then blessed the lineage and said we would be rewarded for our selfless act."

Lyssa nods her head profusely. "Yes my mother has been chatting to me about it. But she said it's of utmost importance we go to them. She found an ancient book that specifies the prophecy, but due to the sensitivity around it, we cannot transport it. We must go there. I know it's so soon after the joining of your pack and the introduction of them as your luna, but I'm afraid this is the only way. She wouldn't tell me much over the phone."

I look to Max warily, but he is immediately at ease in his response, "Not a problem. Just give us a few days to get the pack used to Kyda and I'll have my Beta run everything while we are away. Kyda, if your cousin Lucy and her mate Alex can assist him, that would be of great help to us. My beta is unmated so it would help during this process that there is a male and female leader to transition them into having a luna while we are gone"

I nod my head, "That won't be a problem. I'll talk to Lucy, but I'm sure she understands what needs to be done. And it may have been years since I've seen them, but she was like my sister growing up. I sense no worries in her and I'll have Ansie and Georgie aid your Beta as well. That will be enough since we will only be gone for a few days at most."

"I do want to bring Sonja, my aunt, if possible"

"Of course" Lyssa responds. "Not a problem. Bring who you can trust, but keep the crowd small. My mama warned me of the dangers if this information gets into the wrong hands. No one except those who need to see it can come with us."

I hug her in agreement, excited to travel to see my former Alpha's mate show me around her home and pack members.

I head back with Max to tell Sonja of the trip and we pack in quickness to be ready. We plan to head over in about three days' time, which should be enough to prepare everyone for our quick departure.

Max senses my unease, and comes in to grasp me, kissing me slowly on the cheek, "You'll be okay love. I will protect you with my life. Damien and Lyssa will as well. "

I take comfort in his scent, leaning my head on his shoulder, "Thank you"

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