The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 14


After the recent revelations in regards to Kyda's old pack, I know I have to prepare our own and make sure they are protected while we are away.

I call a meeting asking for everyone's presence, making sure I have Kyda, Lucy, Alex, my Beta in attendance.

"Firstly, thank you all for welcoming our Luna's old family in our embrace. You have no idea how proud you've made me as Alpha to see all of your hospitality."

I pause and feel the warmth of my members taking us all in.

"As you now know from the mating ceremony, your Luna is touched by our Moon Goddess and we have yet to figure out what this entails. We know a war is coming and that we must be prepared. An outside force will come to attack our kind and the key to our salvation is in your Luna. Therefore, we will be leaving the pack for only a few days to see if we can get more answers. your Beta will be in charge, with the help of Lucy and Alex from Kyda's pack. Show them the utmost respect. I know the timing is not ideal so soon after our mating, but we must get answers and I will share them with you upon our return."

I sense no hesitation in my pack and see the acceptance in their eyes as they look towards their Beta, Alex, and Lucy for future guidance.

"Are there any questions?"

There is silence, before an older of my pack speaks up, "Alpha, I think I speak on behalf of the pack that it is our honor to have a blessed Luna. We hope we can make her, and you, proud. Her story was foretold by my family for generations and to know that she is now amongst us is truly amazing. Is there anything we can do in the meantime to keep ourselves safe?"

I nod to acknowledge the elder before I lift my gaze to the crowd, "Train. And train hard. The war is certain, therefore, we must make our win also a certain. What we know thus far is minimal, however, it has been confirmed by sources that a war against werewolf packs is coming and will be led by a rogue who questions the existence of our Moon Goddess. We have no timeline, but it is coming sooner than we think. Prepare, stay safe. Stay together. We will only be gone for a few days, but should I be needed, my Beta has utmost power to call me back sooner"

They all nod in acceptance before Kyda steps forward, "I want to thank you all for allowing both me and my family into your hearts and for giving me the opportunity to be your Luna. I will try my hardest to not disappoint you nor your Alpha. Thank you for believing in me"

I beam at her as I walk over and plant a kiss on her cheek, the crowd bowing towards her as a sign of respect.

I take her hand and make our way towards the cabin, leaving my Beta, Lucy, and Alex to discuss specifics.

We reach the cabin and see Damien and Lyssa fully packed, sitting outside in the common areas between our cabins.

"Everyone all set?" Damien asks

"Yes. The pack knows where we will be. They know of the upcoming war and that we are on a quest to find out more."

He nods in my direction before I hear Lyssa, "alright boys. We leave soon, so let's enjoy tonight! Bonfire!"

I roll my eyes as she runs and grabs Kyda's hands, rushing towards the pack, I hear her screaming "GUYS BONFIRE!! Come on wolfies! Alpha Max is paying!"

I chuckle as Damien approaches me. "Man, we have some women on our hands" he tells me as he grabs my shoulder.

"Fuck yes we do" I smirk at him as we make our way towards our lunas and already see the pack headed towards the common pit area to light the fire and some of the younger pups with their moms bringing out food to cook.

"You know we have your back right?" says Damien, looking me in the eye to tell me he's serious.

"I know man. You've been like a brother to me, and Kyda, your sister all this time. We would expect nothing less. But I'll admit. I'm nervous for her. I hope that when the time comes, I'll be enough to protect her"

"You will be more than enough. We all will. She is an incredible fighter Max. There's a reason she led my warriors. She has a fight in her I've never seen before. It makes sense she's been chosen for this because frankly, no other wolf could do the job better than her"

He gives me a pat on the back before we both settle down with our lunas around the bonfire, everyone feeling at ease around us.

I see Lyssa already jump on Damien's lap, the woman is wild, while I see Kyda snuggling near me, deep in thought.

"You okay babe?" I ask her, sensing her stress through our mate bond.

She slowly nods her head. I take my fingers and gently lift her chin up, making eye contact with her, before I slowly bring my lips to hers, kissing her.

Her eyes close the moment our lips touch, and I feel her snuggle closer to my body, my wolf humming in happiness.

"No one will touch you. We will find your pack's attacker. We will take down the rogue. And we will win this war. Remember Kyda, you are blessed by the Moon Goddess herself. Your victory was written in the stars generations ago."

I pull her to sit on my lap and press her head to my chest. I feel her relax as she listens to my heartbeat while I stroke her back.

I look down and see her beautiful face resting on me and I feel so much pride to know that she is mine. I know tomorrow is a big day for us. We leave bright and early to head to the Volkis territory and meet up with Lyssa's mother to see what we can discover. We haven't been told much, but we know that what she discovered in their texts is momentous enough to have us physically be present.

After a few hours, the crowd is as wild as ever, but I look at Damien and laugh, realizing both of our mates are now passed out in our warms so we lift them up and walk to the pack house.

"See you tomorrow brother" I call out to him.

"You got it. I'm a little pissed they fell asleep. Could have used some sex right about now."

"Nah Damien. We have the flight tomorrow. Never too late to join the mile high club" I tell him.

We both smile as we look down at the beauties before us before we step into our respective cabins and rest.

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