The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 15


Max already announced to the pack our departure and everyone has been extremely understanding of the circumstances and our journey ahead. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but I need to finally try to understand my past and who I am.

I laugh at the irony that I thought I was a nobody, only to find out I'm a Chosen One.

Me, my aunt Sonja, Max, Lyssa, Damien, Mara, and her mate arrive at Volki territory after a long flight. I ease out of the car, quite comfortably considering both me and Lyssa had a little fun on the flight with our respective mates.

I walk across the land and am greeting by a very enthusiastic elder wolf who runs up to me, "Oh my God! You must be Kyda! My daughter Lyssa has told me so much about you! I'm Anastasia and my mate here is Vlad. Welcome to our home!"

I return the hug, clearly seeing where Lyssa gets her energy from, before I face Vlad and slightly bow.

"Thank you both for helping us on this journey. This is my mate Max."

Max kisses Anastasia's hand and bows to Vlad, already aware of the more traditional aspect that this pack follows, although I know Mara and her mate Alexei as pack Luna and Alpha have been modernizing the community as we speak.

We settle in quickly where we will be staying and I am in awe of the luxury surrounding our room. Damien had warned us on the flight here that we would be memorized by the gold and glitter everywhere and I thought he was kidding, but I was wrong. I wondered why Lyssa was so humble, but she had been living among humans before meeting her mate so it explains why all of these riches didn't go to her head.

It's still morning so we stopped to grab some breakfast before Anastasia meets us and takes us to their library. I gasp at the magnificence of it. A 17th century building with gold detailing and an architecture that is to die for unravels in front of me. Glass-painted murals surround me and paintings all around the ceiling make me feel as if I'm stepping into the Vatican and looking up to see Michaelangelo's work. I gasp audibly when I take all of this in.

"It's gorgeous isn't it?" says Anastasia, giving me a few minutes to absorb it all.

"Yes, it truly is" I respond breathlessly, squeezing Max's hands to take a moment to witness what I'm seeing.

Anastasia beams at me before pulling me into a quiet room and ushering me, Max, Sonja, Lyssa, and Damien. Alexei is also here to understand more about his pack's treasures while Mara went to tend to her newborn pup.

"Please sit and refrain from touching anything. These books are ageless and the reason that they have survived so long is the minimization of oil glands from our fingers flipping through them. We have a librarian of sorts who takes care of our collection and she already prepped the book I wanted to talk to you all about today. The language is an old Slavic tongue that is no longer present, but the Volki elders such as myself do comprehend the gist of it" states Anastasia, as we all settle around a big round table, preparing ourselves for what we are about to learn.

"It was prophesied centuries ago that there would be a rising of rouges, led by a wolf who would try to denounce the Moon Goddess. Your tattoos that Lyssa mentioned are symbols of who you represent. Kyda, you have the New Moon surrounded by the 1st and 3rd quarter moon on your hip, correct?"

I nod my head, letting her know it's true before letting her continue.

"And Max, you have the Full Moon surrounded by the 1st and 3rd quarter moon on your hip, right?"

He lifts up his shirt and confirms, since we hadn't realized that our middle tattoo of the moon actually differs slightly.

"The moons, in general, represent your devotion to the Moon Goddess, the fact that you would be servicing her side of the war. You mated during the full moon, yes?" We nod again, confirming the prophecy. "Good. It has already begun. The Chosen One was to mate on the full moon with her mate, at which time, the clock begins. The War is planned to start at the next Full Moon, meaning you have a little less than a month to prepare I'm afraid. By the first quarter, it will be revealed who your allies are and by the third quarter, it will be revealed where the battle shall take place. "

"What about what happens in the middle, during the New Moon?" I ask.

"Kyda, your New Moon shows your new beginning. It is a representation of your transition to become our savior. Max's markings are to show that he will be your second half, your equal, and your protector. You will lead this war to victory, but Max will be the one to end it."

"What does that mean? If I'm the key to all of this beginning, how is he the key to the ending?"

"The word of the Goddess is not specific Kyda, it is a mere guidance to your calling. The Volkis have been in charge of the sacred texts for generations. Lyssa, it will be imperative that you inherit the Volki legacy and protect it while you help Damien lead his pack. You are the direct bloodline of the protectors of our world and you too will have a role to play when the time comes. But one thing is certain, you all must work together. Your trust and love for one another will be keys to your success. Your pack Kyda, has done well at nurturing loving relationships with neighboring wolves. Use that to your advantage during this war"

We still, contemplating the information we've received. We have a timeline, which is important, and we know how long we have to prepare as well as when we will discover next steps.

"Thank you so much Anastasia for your knowledge"

She nods in acknowledgment before turning to both Max and Damien.

"Alphas. Your lunas will play incredible roles during this war. Kyda leads the salvation of our kind. Lyssa, you are the protector of both our historic slavic tongue as well as our sacred texts. Use these tools to lead Kyda to victory. Max, Damien, you are warriors. Your lunas entrust their lives, their hearts, their hope into your hands. Never leave their side for mates are our weaknesses or our strengths, and only your actions will decide which ones you will be."

The Alphas bow in respect to Anastasia's words before Vlad speaks up.

"My Zhena, let the children rest now yes? You are told what you need to know? We can revisit, but you just landed within our home and rushed into the library without so much as a meal. Please, join us."

At that, my stomach already grumbles and Lyssa already stands up to grab food, rubbing her growing belly.

"Mama, what about my pup?" asks Lyssa, a final, but utmost important question before we head to the dining halls.

Anastasia looks at her daughter, grabbing her hand, "The Moon Goddess protects her pups. And if the Chosen One succeeds in her mission, all of our pups will be safe for years to come, " she smiles looking at both Lyssa and me as if I am her second daughter too.

I smile back, " pressure then! Alright!"

My comment causes a few giggles, which is good, because the last thing I need is more stress as I'm about to embark on a journey to save our kind. No big deal.

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