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Chapter 16


We all head back to the Volki common areas to grab food while Anastasia and Sonja leave together to see if they can uncover more about the prophecy.

I grab Kyda from behind, twisting her quickly in front of me and plant a kiss on her lips.

"Max" she pouts at me.

"Kyda..." I glare at her. "You've been stressed for the last week! We'll be here for a few days to plan and discuss, however, before we leave, I plan on taking full advantage of the luxury of our stay here and fucking you on every surface of our bedroom, starting with that solid gold bathtub we have in our room, crazy Volkis" I growl at her, pressing her body into me so she can feel my dick.

"This. will. be. in. you. tonight." I tell her as I push her into me each time, making her whine in anticipation.

I grasp her by the neck and push her into me as I roughly kiss her lips, making her gasp at my behavior.

"Max, what is going on?"

"I'm horny as fuck. And I haven't had a taste of you since our mating ceremony which involved getting some tattoo burned into my hip so I want my reward."

I pout at her, but I can tell she is giving in. "Ok, tonight" she smirks at me, before I grab her hand and lead her to get food.

The amazing traditional food that Lyssa presents us with has all of our mouths watering. Damn.

We dig in, everyone finishing off their plates in record time.

"Based off what Anastasia said, we have about 2 weeks to think of packs we could partner with. We have the Volkis, Damien's Claws, my pack, Kyda's old family pack so far."

"My aunt." Kyda interjects. "She said my old pack was always welcoming of the neighboring packs, accepting strays, mates, anyone really. I'm sure she can come up with a few more that would be willing to help us"

I nod in agreement. The more wolves we can get on our sides, the better. None of us know the extend of this war or what we can expect, but we can never be too prepared for what is to come.

After we finish our meal, Lyssa abruptly stands, "I'll help you guys train. No one beats me in human form"

I nod my head in acceptance. I knew from Damien that Lyssa is a crazy skilled fighter, getting her black belt in BJJ, she took down her uncle in human form. Her skills will be an asset.

"Perfect. You, however, won't be near us when any of this happens and I'm sure Damien will back me up. You're with pup. Don't get me wrong, you will be very useful to us still Lyssa. We need you to get all the other packs into shape in their human form. Kyda, Damien, and, I will train with their wolves. Both sides of us need to be strong and prepared, no matter what."

I look to Damien who clearly agrees, knowing he would have the head of whoever goes after his unborn pup or his wife.

"I'll bring my trainer with me. He's human and doesn't know about wolves so we need to keep it that way. But he can go over technique so I'm not tiring my body out."

"Done" I tell her. "We'll have a meeting to announce to all attending wolves to not shift during that time and have a lookout if anyone gets overemotional and needs to be escorted off"

I turn to see Kyda figdeting a bit by my side.

"What's the problem babe?"

"What if I can't do this?"

I immediately face her, grasping her head in my hands. "You will. It's your destiny Kyda. You will." I tell her.

I see Lyssa approaching, clearly overhearing the conversation and trying to ease Kyda's worries.

"Let's go find Mara and Alexei, Kyda. I want to play with their new pup" She beams at Kyda and I see both of the women smile brightly thinking about the little pup running around.

I let them both go, kissing Kyda on her forehead before whispering, "Don't forget about tonight. Don't be late." I smirk, seeing her eyes widen before she gives me a smirk back and running off.

I turn to Damien before we both head over to the training center.

He puts his hand on my shoulders. "We will protect them both with our lives Max."

I nod my head as we reach the Volki training center. "Shit, is this place all glitter and gold damn. Who would have thought Lyssa came from this"

"Eh" Damien shrugs. "Her living among humans for the last decade basically allowed her to be a normal person of society vs a spoiled brat luckily. But I'll admit, this training facility is fucking awesome." He chuckles at me as we both get to work to train ourselves and meet more of the Volki pack who will be fighting by our side.

We spend the next few hours training and fighting with some of the pack's best warriors until we see the sun head down and start to pack up, heading towards our cabins.

Damien and I meet with Sonja and Anastasia and we both stop them. "We will keep them safe."

"We know darlings. They will be the key to everything boys. Your pups will lead the future of our kind after this war."

I stare up at her, a bit perplexed, but all I receive is a smile.

"Keep each other safe. Make sure you all make it out alive. It will be of the utmost importance that you four survive for the sake of our kind."

Damien and I both nod in respect of the wisdom we've received, feeling each other's nervousness as the seriousness of the situation grows on us, but we have to be strong for our mates.

We head to our respective cabins and look at the clock. It's late and Kyda is not here yet.

I finally hear the door open and see her stepping inside, a warm glow about her. I'm happy to see she's lost some of the rest while she's been here.


"Yes?" She tells me sweetly.

"You're late."

She looks down at her feet.

I walk over to her and lift her chin up to look at me before I take her clothes and shred them with my claws until she's standing before me completely naked.

"Tonight, you are mine." I tell her as my hand slowly dips into her already wet pussy.

"This is mine." I interject as I shove my fingers in her, causing her to yelp, before I bring them to her lips. "Taste yourself. This is only the beginning of what's in store for you this evening, love"

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