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The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 17


I moan around his fingers as I taste myself, knowing full well that just his scent has me in a daze.

Recently mated wolves are already sex-crazed, and the fact that this mission has prevented us from going at it like animals has only intensified our emotions and desires.

My knees buckle as his fingers return to my core, teasing my already slick folds. I feel his other hand grasp my waist to prevent me from falling before he lifts me up and takes us to the bed.

He quickly removes his clothes and helps me remove mine, before he lays me back gently on the bed and separates my legs.

"I love how wet your pussy is for me Kyda" He places his body between my legs as I feel a finger gently move up and down, causing my hips to thrash upward.

He uses one hand to push me back down while his other hand returns to touching me, before he slips two fingers in, working my inner channel as I start to moan out his name.

I grab the sheets on the bed tightly to prevent me from losing my mind, but his fingers are too good before I feel his shoulders further separating my legs.

"Fuck" I shout when I feel his mouth press into me, suckling, licking, and using his fingers simultaneously, my orgasm hits me as I try to squeeze my legs together, but his hands hold them firmly separated.

He lets me ride my wave and catch my breath before I eagerly grab his shoulders and try to pull him up to me.

He follows my command, bringing his lips to mine as we kiss, my hands traveling all over his muscular body. I look into his eyes and see his wolf make an appearance -- a realization that we have yet to shift since our battle against Lyssa's uncle.

My own wolf makes an appearance, as I lean in and re-bite over my mark on Max's neck.

I feel his cock twitch at the sensation while he returns the favor by licking his own mark on my neck.

"Later, we let our wolves play. But now, I'm the one fucking you Kyda"

I moan out as he enters me swiftly and deeply, and I feel his entire length in me driving me wild. The suctioning of him in me as I'm dripping wet is only driving me more off the edge, barely holding on.

I bring my hand in between us to play with my bud of nerves and his balls, causing him to push into me even harder, punishingly so, to make up for lost time together.

He pulls out of me and flips me over on my stomach, "Shift".

I turn around to make sure I'm hearing him correctly, and see his wolf in his eyes.

I shift into my wolf and feel him do the same before he enters me from behind. The sensation is incredible as our wolves relish in each other before we mark each other again in wolf form, howling at the feeling of completion.

As soon as he pulls out, he shifts again and I feel his Alpha command in my mind, telling me to shift again too.

We're back in human form, my mind barely catching up with what is happening.


"Now now babe. Damien said you're a wild one. A fighter. I want you in all positions possible tonight and if you complain, I will personally grab you by the tail and make you sing on my cock as your punishment"

He flips me again on my back, but my wolf is at the surface after hearing his threats and isn't one to back down.

I rotate him under me, "Your wolf is pretty Max. He's cute"

I hear Max growl at the fact that I called his wolf cute. "Maybe he needs to take you from behind again to show you your place" he smirks at me, before entering me swiftly once more.

Our bodies are slick as we reach our climax together before he slowly pulls out and we both take a moment on our backs to regain our breath.

"That was..."

"Incredible" I finish for him. "You're wild Max." I state, acknowledging that having sex between shifting is something I've never done before, but thoroughly enjoyed.

"Don't worry babe. We'll be doing that again" he smirks at me, knowing he's heard me threw the mind link that I turn a bit pink in the cheeks when I notice that I didn't block him from my thoughts.

He pulls me into him and I nuzzle myself into his neck, taking in his scent which is driving me wild with lust again.

Needless to say, we barely sleep the rest of the night as we continue fucking both in human and wolf form before we pas out on the bed, trying to catch some sleep before the next day.


We both wake up and head quickly towards the shower followed by breakfast, unable to keep our hands off of each other now that the mark has been fully completed in both our human and our wolf forms.

I feel more connected to him than before and I revel in the fact that he is is the perfect mate for me, accepting of my past and all.

We meet up quickly with Damien and Lyssa, noticing that my aunt Sonja is off with Anastasia, doing Goddess knows what while we still have a few more days at the Volki pack.

We immediately head towards the Volki training center, knowing that the first half of it will be spent with Lyssa's BBJ trainer and then after he leaves, the other half will be wolf training.

Everyone from the pack is attending, considering we will need aid to prepare for the war.

After a long, almost full-day of training, I see everyone is dripping sweat and fatigued from almost no breaks and constant fighting.

We separate and hit the showers before Anastasia and Sonja call Damien and Max to go to them. Lyssa and I start to follow but Anastasia holds up her hand.

"No need Lunas. This is a meeting of the Alphas"

I look at her perplexed and notice Lyssa has the same look before Sonja speaks, "Don't worry Lunas. All is well. Alexei is waiting for us, but Mara is looking for you both. We'll come find you after we're done."

I shrug and take Lyssa with me and as we separate, I hear Sonja speak to the Alphas, "Now Alphas. Time to discuss your purpose in this war."

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