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Chapter 18


Damien and I head over to where Anastasia and Sonja are, wondering what else they have discovered about our particular role in the upcoming war.

The main key seems to be Kyda, so I'm curious what he and I have in our cards, so to speak.

Sonja clears her throat, before speaking, "Alphas. I've been speaking to Anastasia about what I remember from the prophecy, and in combination with what she has provided me in the scriptures, you both will have a role in this war as well."

She turns to make eye contact with me, before continuing. "Alpha Max. You're the Chosen One's mate. You are just as sacred to this war as she is, especially given your markings that match hers. You need to keep her safe. She is the key to all of this. I said the war will begin with her, which it will. She has a target on her back. Whoever tried to kill our old pack knew of her and did not succeed. Word will spread of her survival and he will return. I also said you will finish this. Her journey cannot be done alone. The Moon Goddess provides mates for a reason. There will be a moment in the war when the tide will turn. She will have fulfilled her part of the destiny, and you will be required to do yours. It will not be an easy mission, but you must fulfill it for the sake of your mate, and our survival. There's a reason your pack names are White Moon and Blood Moon. You have been destined for each other for centuries."

I nod, not really knowing what I can possibly do here, and the details are vague, at best.

"How will I know?"

Sonja chuckles, "That's what Kyda asked me when she was inquiring about the identity of the Chosen One, and that was very clear, was it not?"

"Yes" I state, knowing Sonja doesn't miss a beat.

"What about me?" states Damien, clearly not understanding how he and Lyssa have a part of this.

Anastasia now speaks up, "Damien, Lyssa's disappearing from the pack for the last decade and well, my absence as well for some time, has unfortunately set us back in getting her all caught up on our pack's history. We are the Moon Goddess's communicators if you will, the holders of the sacred text. The Volkis library has been expanded on for over a millennia. It's the reason we are able to use Sonja's memories and decipher your tattoos and the timing of the war. You're part of The Claws pack; the protectors. It's no surprise that your reputation is one of the most forceful, violent overtakers of our kind. While we cannot transfer the sacred texts to your land, you and Lyssa will be meeting with me in the library for the duration of your stay in between fighting practice, to understand the translation. You will not only be Max's right-hand warrior, but you will be his eyes, providing a vision, a foretelling of what's to come. We cannot go into this war blind. The leader of our enemy has had decades to prepare, and now we are playing catchup. It is your physical, mental, and psychic vision that will help us all"

I see Damien pause, taking all of this in. Neither one of us expected we would have such mates. Fuck, I chuckle to myself, all we wanted were some brilliant females who are great at sex. Well we got all that, and a whole lot more that's for sure.

"Alright. Everyone trains, even Lyssa, but gently given her pup, and then we separate. While Kyda and I formulate a plan of attack, Damien and Lyssa will oversee the texts. We may have to prolong our stay a bit more to ensure there is enough time. Afterwards, we meet, share our battle strategy and what they've deciphered and prepare. We cannot be too prepared. Our Lunas need us. However, Sonja, Anastasia, you will also need to help us with numbers. Contact pack members whom you trust. Your legacy, your history, puts you both at a much better advantage than me and Damien. We will rely on you to be our eyes and ears outside of the pack while we take care of everything here."

"Of course" they speak in unison. I nod my head and Damien and I get up to leave and head over to a quiet place near the woods.

"Man, what the fuck have we gotten into" speaks Damien first, before letting out a chuckle.

"I was just thinking how we were talking about having brilliant, sexy Lunas, and how we got so much more than that" I laugh loudly, remembering my thoughts from earlier.

Damien proudly taps me on the back, "you got that right brother. And to think, Kyda and I basically grew up together and I had no idea she would save our entire kind. But it doesn't surprise me. Ever since she was little, my father was obsessed with her. He saw something in her and treated her like his daughter from day 1. If anyone in the pack so much as breathed wrongly in her direction, he would come down hard on punishment. She was untouchable, and fuck, he was right all along. It's like he knew..."

I smile up at him, "And you motherfucker never even introduced her to me!" I nudge him in the ribs and he laughs.

"Dude, how the fuck was I supposed to know she's the Chosen One and my best friend's mate? Or that my Luna's pack is the holder of the Moon Goddess's texts for crying out loud"

I groan. "Damn. We've got our hands full for the next few weeks don't we?"

He nods his head. "Let's shift for a run before returning to our lunas. My wolf needs to get some of this energy out before I lose it."

"Damn straight"

We immediately shift and start running through the woods, letting out the tension in our muscles from what we've just discovered and man it feels good to have these last few moments to ourselves before we literally, save the wolf world from madness.

A/N Alright guys give it to me straight (but nicely please I have feelings!) How is the pace so far? We still have some ways to go, but want to make sure it isn't too slow or too fast or anything. It's kind of a build-up until it starts to all pour out of the pages!! I really hope the big scenes don't disappoint eek!! xoxo Happy Friday!

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