The Alpha's Purpose (18+) [Complete]

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Chapter 2


I’m pulled awake, sweat gleaning all over my skin, yet another nightmare haunts my vision. They’ve become more frequent lately and I don’t know if that’s a sign from the Moon Goddess to prepare, or my own mind going bonkers.

I slide out of bed and take a shower, looking at myself in the mirror. My mother’s bright blue eyes stare back at me and I have my father’s brown curly hair down my bag. They are the two traits I have which always remind me of them.

I quickly put some cream in my hair, light makeup, and throw on a pair of tight jeans and a black tank top with a hoody tied around my waist. I’ve already been told to go meet Alpha Vladimir of the Volkis pack - Lyssa’s father -- at his office to get introduced to the rest of the gang and set this plan in motion. While my body is that of a fighter, I do have fairly soft facial features which help with the whole finesse part of my missions and I do want to look somewhat put together as I’ll be meeting a Russian wealthy Alpha none-the-less.

I head to the office with Lyssa quickly pulling me into a hug.

“Kyda! We’ll talk quickly over the plan and then we can grab some food and catch up!”

I smile back at her, returning her hug. “She’s going to make a great sis Damien, another female in the house to torture you” I wink at him.

As I step inside, a sense of calm washes over me. A strong smell of forest rain invades my nostrils, with a hint of smoked wood, takes over. I look around and spot the most gorgeous male I’ve ever seen. His short, but thick brunette hair covers his head. He’s cleanly shaven, with a chiseled face and warm hazel eyes which are currently staring at me.

I’m somewhat startled when I feel Lyssa grab my arm “Helllloo Earth to Kyda”

I blink a few a times, letting my eyes adjust to my surroundings again before I look up.

“Well, guess this won’t be a fake relationship after all” I hear Damien smirk at me.

I look at him confused before I raise my eyes back to the male in front of me and hear Damien speak again, “Little sis, this is Alpha Max, your real mate”

Well fuck.


I stare, my mouth going wide as I take this woman in head to toe. A few brown curls frame her face, her bright blue eyes peeking up at me beneath a thick set of lashes, and the most amazing cinnamon scent invades my nostrils. Before anyone even speaks, I already know this is my mate, and this is supposed to be the woman “pretending” is my luna. I chuckle at myself, taking in the irony of this whole situation.

When Damien called for me to assist with his mate’s pack and gave me a glimpse into the little acting I’d have to perform, the last thing that crossed my mind was my fake Luna becoming my actual Luna.

She’s gorgeous, her plump lips turning a brighter shade of red as she bites at them nervously. I’ll have to yell at Damien and ask him where the fuck has he been hiding her all these years.

As realization hits her after Damien makes the announcement of who I am, I walk over to her slowly, bowing, grabbing her hand and kissing it, “Kyda. Pleasure to meet you”

I take a step back, reluctantly letting go of her hand as I hear her whisper back “Alpha Max. Pleasure”

“Please, just Max” I give her a wink as her face turns a slight shade of pink. She looks cute, but from what Damien caught me up on as we awaited for her arrival, she’s anything but a little teddy bear. She’s one of his strongest fighters and is the first female in his pack to lead the training of his warriors and that’s no small feat.

He also vaguely mentioned that she’s an orphan. Her parents were Alpha and Luna at her old pack and that Damien’s father took her in. I cannot imagine what she must have been through and the thought of someone hurting her already makes my blood boil. I shake my head at the thoughts clouding my brain and force myself to listen to the rest of this meeting without getting high on her intoxicating smell.

After what feels like hours, the meeting is finally done, plan is in place, and we move to leave.

I see her turn to walk and I do a light jog to walk up to her, feeling her skin shiver slightly at my approach.

“Kyda! Wait up!”. She stills.

“So… Damien tells me you’re one of the best warriors his pack has.”

She looks up at me with a smile in her eyes, “No I am not. I’m the best warrior he has” as she winks at me.

“Would I be too forward if as a method to get to know each other we train together before the fight? Kill two birds with one stone?”

She thinks about it for a minute, before genuine excitement flashes across her eyes and she agrees.

“You have a deal Max. Let’s grab food and tour the packhouse to see where all the exits and plan of attack will be and then we can head to train.

“Done” I nod.


After we enjoy our meal and talk a bit about ourselves, we move towards the training center at the Volki pack. I take my shirt off, leaving just my gym shorts on, and I can feel her eyes roaming my body. My wolf puffs his chest out, loving the admiration of his mate. The tattoos probably don’t hurt either. I have my actual wolf tattooed across my chest, with an intricate pattern flowing down my left arm, a full sleeve.

She’s in her tank top and jeans, but quickly runs back to her cabin to change into shorts, making me wonder if she has any tattoos on that delicious body of hers.

She returns and I notice she has two dates tatted on her right hip with a little crescent moon above them. I’m already salivating thinking of kissing that spot of hers. Before I get lost even more in my thoughts, I hear her clear her throat.

“Ready Max?”

“Born ready babe”

She charges at me, sliding her legs to try to knock me down, but my hands catch me and push me immediately back up, already blocking one of her punches. She knees hard in my stomach and I almost lose my breath, Fuck she’s tough I think to myself.

Kick, punch, uppercut, right hook, she’s mixing all kinds of martial arts styles, landing a few of them which frankly, I’ll admit, I’ve never had a female land a punch to the side of my face before.

The sweat on her body is a slight distraction, giving me a hard disadvantage. My wolf growls at me, letting me know playtime is over. I charge at her, and as much as I know she can take my hits given what she’s dishing out, I can’t make myself hit her and she knows it. She becomes angrier, hits harder, faster, until I grasp her body, twist her underneath me and push us both on the ground, using my legs to lock hers in place, and my arms holding hers tightly above her head.

She tries to lift her hips to push me off of her, but I grind into her. Big mistake as I already feel my cock coming to attention.

“The fuck” she hisses at me. I know she’s angry that I wasn’t treating her as an equal. But I physically cannot.

“Kyda. You are fucking ruthless. I know you can take my hits, but please listen to me when I tell you I physically cannot hurt you or my wolf will make me lose my fucking mind at hurting our mate.”

I give her a moment, looking into her eyes, “I swear to you - I wasn’t holding back out of fear that you can’t take it; I was holding back because I can’t take it.”

Her chest heaves slightly, but slows as she begins to calm down.

I slowly lift myself off of her body, missing her warmth, and reach my hand out to lift her. “I know you don’t need it to get up, but humor me will you?”

She smirks, but takes my hand as I lift her body against mine, taking in a moment to slightly lean in and take in her scent, swirling around my brain like a vice sucking oxygen from my body.

“Good fight wild one. I know I’m not in a place to demand, but for the love of God please take a shower because if I have to smell that sweet essence on you the whole day, I’ll get blue balls”

I’m blunt, but fuck it. Her sweat on my body is already driving me nuts.

She smiles at me, “Ok wolfie. Just this once, I'll submit to you”

God my dick twitches at the thought of her submitting. I blow off some air and head to the showers myself, wondering what the hell did I just get myself involved in.

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