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Chapter 20


I recognize his face immediately. The bright yellow eyes, the thin set lips that frame his menacing growl at me. He's the same wolf who attacked my pack and killed my parents His face was the last I saw before I took off sprinting into the woods.

To this day, I don't know how I outran him as a pup, but it must have been the Moon Goddess looking out for me.

"What do you want?" I snarl at him, not giving him the satisfaction of seeing my fear.

"You. And I will have you soon enough Kyda. You, your pack, your wolves."

I want to tremble at his words, but I don't. I've been training my whole life to meet him again face to face and deliver my revenge, and regain my peace of mind back.

"You'll never win. You couldn't capture me as a pup then, and you won't capture me as a leader now." I growl at him.

He chuckles slightly, but doesn't elaborate on the comment, until it strikes me.

"You're the one leading the revolution against our kind aren't you? You're the one leading the uprising against the Moon Goddess."

His silence his my answer. I start to chuckle, "You'll never succeed."

His eyes lock into mine at my statement. He starts to walk toward me, and I remind myself that this isn't real, at least, not physically. I stand my ground as he approaches. He tries to grab me, but I lift my leg high and kick his hand out of the way. "You'll never touch me. Mark my words. I will kill you."

He gets angry, both at my comments and my actions. He tries to dive again and grab me, but all of a sudden I feel a strong light and blink, realizing I'm back in reality, with Max holding onto me. We're both on the floor, my head being cradled by his hands in his lap, looking into my eyes.

"Kyda?" He says wearily, trying to slowly bring me back to focus.

"I'm here Max" I tell him, slowly trying to stand up, but still feeling jittery while he catches me as I fall back down.

"Take it easy babe. Don't rush". He strokes my hair a few times. "Can you tell me what happened?" He slowly whispers.

"I saw the man. The one who attacked my pack and killed my parents..." I state barely above a whisper. I feel Max already freeze at my statement, but he continues to slowly stroke my head to keep me calm. "He's the one leading the war Max. He's leading the rogues against the Moon Goddess. I don't know why, I don't know who he is, and I don't know what he wants. But it's him. I'm sure of it"

Max continues to hold me, taking in the information. "So your aunt was right. It wasn't a mistake. Your pack was targeted. You were targeted."

I nod at his statement.

"When you're ready, I want you to meet with Sonja and sketch him out. We'll try to send his picture to neighboring packs before the war. Firstly, so they know who to look out for, and secondly, maybe someone knows something about who he is. We can hopefully get some details, maybe find out which pack he belonged to before he turned rogue and why he left, or was maybe pushed out."

I agree with Max. He seems to know everything about me, my pack, although I'm not sure if he knows I'm the Chosen One or not, but why else would he enter my mind? Which speaking of which, is another thing I need to discover, how he actually did that. It felt so real.

"We need to talk to Lyssa and her mom. Find out how he was able to make a connection with me Max. I don't want him doing that during battles, I don't want him having access to my brain." I shudder at the thought that he could potentially be steps ahead of us by knowing our plans, being able to listen in.

Max agrees, and leans in to kiss my forehead, before helping me on my feet again.

"Don't worry, we will find out. We have many people on our side Kyda. We have the Moon Goddess on our side. Someone will know something about him somewhere. It's rare for wolves like him to truly be alone his whole life and become a ghost. We survive in packs."

Max is right. He can't possibly have no connections to any wolves. Someone must know him from somewhere and the sooner I can get his picture out there, the sooner we'll be able to get some information and be more prepared.

When I feel like I have enough strength to be able to carry me, I make my way towards Sonja and turn to Max, "Bring me someone who can draw well. I want to describe his face"

I notice his eyes glaze over as he mindlinks someone from the pack before his eyes revert back mine, listening as I reiterate my vision to my aunt.

"How was I able to see him? How is he able to enter my mind like this? I need to learn how to block him. I don't know what secrets he can pry from me and I will not let him have the one-up on us" I growl, feeling myself shake with anger.

She pauses a moment, letting the words sink in, before responding, "I will double-check with Anastasia, but I'm sure we can find a way for you to block him. There has to be some sort of connection he has with you that allows him to do this. That, or dark magic. But mother nature is all about balance Kyda. What he can do to you, I'm sure you can either block, or do back to him, and we will learn how. I'll ask the other packs if they've heard of something like this before and see what we can find out. In the meantime, put his face to paper. The faster we have an image of him, the better."

I start to describe his features and once the drawing is done, I take a look and express a few changes and touch ups before I look at the spitting image of the main in my vision.

I ask the pack member to make as many copies as he can, both on paper and electronically so we can send and email them out as soon as possible and pray we hear something back.

In the meantime, I turn to Max, and before I can even say anything, he leans in and kisses me deeply, already easing the pain and stress that I start to feel.

"I recognize that face babe. And I don't want to see it. Don't stress about this. We have so much on our side: the sacred texts, two alphas willing to serve you, 11 packs who have your back, the Moon Goddess's faith in you. Please breathe. We will get him"

I start to bite my lip nervously, "Max...he destroyed my parents. They were stronger than me. My pack was stronger than me, and he..." before I finish my sentence he kisses me again. "Yes, but you are much stronger than you think Kyda. Know that. There is a reason you escaped. And I look forward to the moment when all you will see in his eyes is fear as you defeat him"

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