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Chapter 21


I could tell whatever Kyda saw had spooked her, but to know that she had a face to our enemy was reassuring. As soon as she finished her portrayal of him, we set to get copies out immediately to all the neighboring packs and anyone who would be willing to take a look at the drawing to help us get more information.

The next order of business was to find out how he got into her head and block out that connection immediately.

Sonja had some connections, and we were already putting Anastasia and the Volki pack on high alert, but I remembered my mom had mentioned something similar happening in our pack when I was a pup. I figured it was worth a shot to ask around.

I grab Kyda's hand and head over to where my parents were on pack grounds, already noticing many of our members eyeing the picture of the wolf we were at war with and committing his face to memory.

As I approached them, my mom immediately noticed Kyda's state.

"Honey! Are you okay? Did something happen to you?"

I squeeze Kyda's hand, knowing this was difficult for her to rehash so I decide to speak on her behalf.

"Kyda had a vision of sorts mom. The man who attacked her pack mindlinked her somehow. He's the guy who will be leading the war efforts against us and the Moon Goddess. His face is what is on the posters we are handing everyone to look at so we can find out more about him. I remember when I was a pup, you had mentioned one of our pack members experienced something similar. I may be misremembering, but I figure it's worth a shot to ask and see if there were any similarities between what happened all those years ago and what just happened to Kyda"

My mom pauses a bit, before asking a few questions. "Was it as if he entered your mind while pulling you out of reality...somehow, giving you the illusion that you were no longer in the present and instead, in limbo in your head Kyda? Were there any sharp pains?"

She nods at everything my mom was asking her. "Yes, exactly. I had a sharp pain and then felt that I was losing my senses. I entered a dark abyss and he just appeared. I don't know if what he did to me in that state would actually hurt me because I never gave him the opportunity to do anything harmful to me. Max's hold on me helped pull me back into my head. It felt so real"

I notice my parents looking at each other with worry, before quickly masking it.

"You're right Max. This has happened before, but not to one of our own. A pack was visiting us when you were just a pup, looking to build alliances. During one of the meetings among the alphas and lunas, the luna experienced a similar out-of-mind experience. In the past, there were wolves who were trained to hone in their mindlinking skills to communicate to wolves outside of their pack. They would strengthen or alter the skill and were usually in charge of out-of-pack communication and this luna happened to have the knowledge passed down from her ancestors. It was more common in what we called "messenger wolves" during that time; wolves who were in charge of delivering messages among packs, sort of like mail carriers if you will. However, with all the technology being developed, there wasn't a need to teach the practice anymore so it has sort of died out. Like humans, we kind of liked cell phones" she chuckled as she finished her thought. "I don't know much about it, but we did in fact create that alliance and her pack is one of the groups who agreed to join us in war. It may be best to have her and her alpha stop by and tell us what she knows. It sounds like you were on the receiving end of something like that Kyda."

Kyda and I stare in shock at one another. "Why wouldn't have we continued this tradition? It seems it could be vital for battle to be able to communicate. You can't really stop in the middle of a war to send a text"

My dad chuckled. "Max, kids these days barely want to take the time to learn anything old and are all about the new. Both wolves and humans have lost numerous traditions over the years. Your mother and I certainly would have taught you if we knew ourselves. Plus, the skill takes years to master. Even when it was practiced, not many wolves outside of the messengers were taught it."

Before I speak up, I hear Kyda, "That's perfectly alright. If she would be willing to come here with her pack a bit earlier, I would love to be able to get any knowledge I can on this. Even if I can't master it, I would at least like to know how to block it, and maybe teach the others during the battle as well. I don't want him targeting anyone and preying on them while they fight."

"Here, take a picture of the wolf and email it to her to see if she knows anything. If the circle of super mindlinkers is small, perhaps she recognizes his face" I tell my mom, before letting my parents head back to the make the call.

I turn to Kyda, "If they're free now, we can expect them either tomorrow or in two days tops. Pretty sure that pack lives close by if my memory serves me right so it won't be long."

I see Kyda trying to smile reassuringly at me. "Babe. Follow me"

I turn and quickly shift into my wolf, tuning in to make sure Kyda does the same and follows me as we run out back to a quiet lake farther away from the center of the pack where we can have some peace and quiet.

I know this whole war thing has been looming over Kyda since our mating ceremony, but I also know she can't spend the next several weeks stressing out and she needs to relax.

As I reach the lake, I shift back into human form and wait for Kyda to the same before I jump into the warm water. Calling her over, she does the same as she swims towards me, her naked body peaking through the water driving me mad with lust.

"Kyda...I know your role and trust me, I know the clock is ticking, but I also know you need time to yourself too. Too much stress won't do you any good you know that right?" I tell her, leaning in to kiss her.

She looks up at me as I roam my hands over her naked body, taking her in, my hands stopping briefly over her belly.

She shakes her head, "Sorry Max" she tells me, answering my unspoken question, but I'm not disappointed at all when I respond back.

"It's not the time for a pup Kyda. You were right. The Moon Goddess was watching over us" I lean in to kiss her on the head. "But I know we will have one soon when this is over. A little Kyda running around" I chuckle as I lift her body and feel her legs wrap around my waist.

"So until this war ends, I say we spend the next few hours practicing our pup-making" I wink at her as she chuckles, warming my heart that I get to enjoy this beautiful luna for the next few hours.

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