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Chapter 22


As we await to hear back from my parents' about the messenger wolves' ability to mindlink outside of the pack and figure out a way to protect Kyda from that, I want to make sure I fully remind this alpha Goddess that her relaxation and her safety are just as important both to me, to the war, and to our kind.

I slowly pull on Kyda's hand and bring her upstairs.

"Babe, my parents are on it. We have packs on our side, we've passed out the flyers. Tomorrow we'll get more info on the mindlink, but now I want to just enjoy you. Can I please have that?"

I give her the best puppy eyes I can, and feel her already giving in.

I bring my hands to cup her face, kissing all over her cheeks, her face, her lips as my hands slowly trail underneath her shirt, feeling her smooth flesh.

I bring my hands higher, removing her bra, as I feel her perfectly-sized breasts in my palm, squeezing them, tweaking her nipples as she moans in my arms.


"I know babe"

I deepen the kiss as one of my hands trails lower, across her stomach, and I dip into her pants and panties, slowly slipping my fingers into her wet folds. I moan into her mouth, letting her know how pleased I am that she is so wet for me.

"I love how I can get this reaction out of you" I tell her, slipping in my fingers, hearing how wet she is, barely holding on to my sanity.

I work my fingers into her as her hips slowly buck, her legs wrapping around my waist as I move towards the bed and place her in the middle, never leaving my lips from hers.

We quickly remove the rest of our clothes as my fingers return to her dripping center, coaxing her into an orgasm slowly, but powerfully.

"Eyes on me babe" I tell her, loving the haze in her eyes as she looks at me.

As I feel her squirming subside, I place my hard cock right at her entrance, swirling it around in her essence before I slowly start to push in, holding her legs apart by the thighs as both of our moans take over the empty room.

I seat myself fully into her, feeling her pussy clench around me, before I slowly start to move, building a rhythm until I know she's driven wild at my pace.

"Give it to me Max"

I smile up at her as I slowly ease my way out of her before I flex hard into her, swirling my hips into her, hip to hip as she lifts herself off the bed, trying to increase the friction while my hands hold her hips down.

I continue the pace until I feel like I can't hold back, "Come for me babe. Now." I tell her, feeling her vice-like grip on me as my own orgasm takes ahold.

I wait for what feels like ages before our breathing returns to normal, me still seated inside her.

I look at her eyes and finally see her relaxation take over her body, an emotion that's been missing from her since this whole ordeal started.

"Better?" I ask her, and she smiles as she slowly separates from me only to quickly straddle me and place her chest flat against mine, her hands wrapping around me in a secure hold.

"Yes. Thank you" she responds, as she nuzzles her nose into my neck and my hand slowly moves up and down her back.

We're both spent, but fully satisfied and I know we both needed this. A chance to reconnect.

I remember when I spoke to Sonja and Anastasia with Damien - we were both told we needed to be our lunas' anchors and to ensure they stay rooted. It was our connection that led to her identity as a Chosen One to be revealed and it was our connection that brought upon the tattoos. It would make sense that our connection would also be what would keep us grounded.

I finally feel Kyda's gentle breathing, knowing that she's finally asleep after the long day, and passionate evening we had, and I already have in plan to know how to wake her up. With my mouth between her legs.

I smile, as I also let myself fall asleep.


As promised, I wake before Kyda and immediately shift my body down, separating her legs as my mouth is on her hot core.

She moans as she starts to gyrate her hips, in between a state of reality and dream as I delve my tongue into her. As soon as I add two fingers, I feel her stir, knowing that she's awake.


I bring her quickly to her climax before she quickly returns the favor, mouth on my dick and fuck, if it wasn't a good way for us to start the morning.

We head to the shower to get dressed and make a quick breakfast, knowing today is the day my mom should give us some more details on the messenger wolves.

As we start to walk towards the office, my parents are there already waiting for us.

"Max, Kyda, I spoke with the pack. They will be here this afternoon and the luna will have exactly all the information you need. I didn't send her the picture of the man from Kyda's dreams yet because I figured we'll know in a few hours either way and I'd rather way until they are settled"

Kyda gives my mom a quick nod and thank you.

"It will be alright" I smile at her as I tell her what I already know. I'm confident in her ability to lead our packs, and in her. She's already shown me she's the strongest luna I've come across. She was made for this. We were all made for this.

"Relax babe." I slowly lean in to kiss her cheek and she beams at me with a bright smile. My soul eases knowing that last night fulfilled its purpose in calming her nerves.

We head out and prepare for the arrival of the pack and before we know it, the pack is near our borders.

My parents call us in and we head to the office, awaiting the alpha's and luna's arrival.

I squeeze Kyda's hands as they both enter; they already recognize me from when I was pup.

The luna already runs towards us, hugging us both.

"I'm so happy to see you both! My name is Athena and this is my mate, Asher"

We all shake hands and get prepared to sit when Athena glances at the photo of the man from Kyda's dreams which we left on the table and her eyes widen.

"Is this...is this the man from your dream?"

Kyda slowly nods as we both notice Asher tightening his hold on his mate.

"Oh my God."

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