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Chapter 25

Lyssa (!!!)

To say I'm nervous is the understatement of the century. I had just gotten back into the wolf community, found my mate, found out my uncle was planning to overthrow my father to take control of the pack, found out he had been hiding my mother, discovered I'm pregnant with Damien's pup, and am now planning to partake in a war involving our kind who is against the Moon Goddess.

I chuckle internally, wondering when the hell I'm going to catch a break. Luckily my papa, my mama, and Damien have been an incredible support system. And now with Max finding his mate Kyda, the Chosen One who will lead us to victory, I find that I'm a lot more calm than I would have imagined someone in my situation would be.

My mama had been a Goddess-send to me. She knew all the different types of cures for my morning sickness, had explained what her process was like when she had me, and her medical knowledge from being a pack nurse made me feel extra safe.

Damien, my other half, has also been incredible. His pack has been very welcoming and he's been taking me to my old pack to see how my best friend Mara, her pup, and her mate Alexei are all handling being leaders of my papa's pack. All in all, I feel blessed.

I sit in the cabin, my mama just leaving as I tried to help her and Sonja go over some of our old scripture to discover all we could about the upcoming war when I hear a knock and see Kyda at the door.

"Come in!" I tell her cheerily.

"How are you feeling Lyssa?" she asks me, clearly worried about how the stress of the war is making me feel while pregnant.

"I'm honestly great" I beam back. "You have all been incredible and my mama, Sonja, and Max, have already discussed in depth where I need to be during the war and how under no circumstances I am to go near James. We have a plan in place considering this pup is due any minute now." I rub my belly tenderly while I see her return a smile my way.

"I'm so glad to hear that" she tells me and I can tell she's worried.

"How are you Kyda? This is a lot for you as well."

She nods, "it is, but I've been training so much physically and mentally and I feel more confident that I'm prepared now. I still have a ways to go, but I'll admit, the burden of being a "Chosen One" is tough at times. I feel like all these pack members are looking up to me to be their savior and I just hope I can follow through."

I take her hand and give her a gentle squeeze, "We trust you Kyda. We don't expect perfection. We know you're giving your best"

I reach out to hug her as much as I can with my big belly in the way and we continue to talk about ourselves, the war, life, anything and everything, catching up and just taking in a breather until we both hear a knock and look at the door.

The door opens slightly and I see Damien peek in, "Oh sorry. I don't mean to interrupt". Before I could speak, Kyda responds, "No Damien please. I'm finished. I was just checking in."

I look at her and she gives me a reassuring smile, "Thank you so much Lyssa for everything. I'm good I promise. I'll be back. I'll leave you to your man" she tells me cheekily before she steps outside.

Damien walks in and shuts the door. "How are you feeling? How is our pup doing?" He leans in for a kiss and gently rubs my belly.

"We are doing really good Damien. You're amazing. I love you."

"I just spoke with Alexei and he was telling me about Mara and the pup. We can't wait until all this is over and we can visit again. Maybe stay a couple of weeks there. Would that be okay?" I look at my mate with such love in my eyes, knowing that of course he would keep his word and make sure I see my best friend and my old pack. "That would be more than okay my love"

I stand up slowly and walk towards the door, Damien giving me a look, before I head and lock it, turning to look at him.

"I need you Damien. Right now."

He looks at my belly to protest, but before he can continue, I slide into his lap, "The pup is fine! But if you don't have sex with me right now, I won't be"

I growl at him before I lean in for a kiss, quickly taking off our clothes in the process. He's hard already. I slowly lean on my back, but feel a slight kick on my tummy. Before I can hide my reaction, Damien is already lifting off. I grab his arm quickly to pull him back. "Please Damien. Please don't leave me like this. It's just a little kick I'm fine. But turn me on my side."

He hesitates, but I pull him harder and he helps turn me.

He growls before telling me, "I'm not going to fuck you Princess."

Before I protest, he shushes me with a kiss, "I'm going to make love to you instead"

We're both fully naked as he cuddles me from behind, lifting one of my legs and placing it above his own, his hand reaching from the front, playing with my clit.

"You're so wet Princess"

I moan as his fingers slip inside, coaxing me, hitting that sensitive spot, inserting two fingers at once, I can feel him scissoring in me.

"Fuck" I swear, before he pushes on the bundle of nerves and I feel myself cumming on his fingers.

"Good girl" He places a kiss on my neck before I feel him moving towards me, slipping his already hard cock in me, gently moving in and out. He's not as deep this way, but I can feel the ridges as he moves in me.

"More" I state barely above a whisper, trying to get him to go deeper, understanding the position we're in is making it tough, but whining about it anyway.

"Are you okay now for me to pull you on top?" He tells me, and I nod, knowing that the kicking has subsided, and thinking I can manage.

He shifts underneath me and pulls me up. "I'm too heavy to move up and down" I pout, but he just smirks at me.

"Then move side to side Princess and let me do the work"

I start to gyrate my hips on him, and squeeze my pussy on his cock, making him groan in response.

I feel one of his hands on my breast, toying with my nipple, another snaking around my folders, playing with them as he watches himself inside me.

I feel my walls starting to tighten around him and I squeeze harder, wanting him to come with me.

"Fuck Princess" I hear, barely, as my orgasm hits me with such strength I almost fall on top of him before he secures me, feeling him cum with me, feeling his load inside me. It warms me to know that his man owns my entire body completely.

He slowly turns on his side, pulling me with him gently, before letting me on the bed. He pulls out and I feel the rush of cum drip out.

He moves lower, lifting one of my legs before I try to close them.

"I want to see you dripping" He tells me and my cheeks flush, knowing how much he loves to watch and describe in every detail how turned on he is, I let him, trying to will away my embarrassment.

"Beautiful. And mine" He tells me possessively, before he dips a finger in my pussy, spreading his cum around.

He slowly gets off the bed to grab a towel and clean us off.

He slips behind me, pulling my body to him.

"Worried?" He finally asks, and I already know that he's talking about the war.

"No. I'm honestly not. Kyda is amazing. Max is perfect for her. And you're here with me. My parents are here, we have so many pack members by our side, and the Moon Goddess."

"Good. Because I'll kill for you Princess"

"I know my love, I know"

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