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Chapter 26


The day of the battle was fast approaching. We were keeping track of the moon phases and we knew we had days before the attack was imminent.

My skills were vastly improving thanks to Athena's daily mental exercises and Max's physical practices. My mind, my body, all ached with the continuous practice, but it felt good to know that I would be at my best.

Numerous packs had joined our cause, we were now twenty strong, and ready for anything.

Max and Damien were meeting with Sonja and Anastasia daily, and Lyssa was also playing a vital role that she wouldn't share - but one that would still keep her and her pup safe which is all I could ask for.

I hadn't had any other mental meetings with James, but I was feeling anxious. I knew something was up. There was no way he would reach out only once, but I also knew that this time I was prepared. I had excelled at the distanced mindlink, could reach other packs, could also protect my own mind from any external threats. I purposefully did not put up any walls because I wanted James to reach out and see if he would give anything up.

With the final days fast approaching, I was pleased to say that the pieces were coming together nicely, but there was one still important one missing -- we still weren't able to identify how James fit into my family pack.

I was too young and knew it was a useless feat, and my aunt Sonja tried her hardest to remember, but it she was coming up empty.

I knew that whatever drove him to his current state of mind came from whatever happened to him while he was part of my parents' pack, but it couldn't have been anything they did - everyone knew our pack was extremely welcoming and loving. So yet again, I was hitting a brick wall and didn't know where to begin.

The fact that whatever happened made him lose faith in the Moon Goddess so much so -- that he was willing to build an army to fight those who still believed in her -- means that it must have been a huge blow for him.

Knowing that the constant thinking would get me nowhere, I decided to get my mind elsewhere.

I met up with Athena and decided to bring her over to Sonja and Anastasia to spend some quality time together since she was mostly training me this whole time.

"Sonja? Ana?"

"Yes" they respond in unison, while they are both hovering over a sacred text.

"I'm bringing Athena so you can pick her brain on the distanced mindlinking. I figured her skills, rare as they now are, are meant to be remembered. Maybe you three could see if there was anything in detail written up on them and if not, update the texts for future generations? I don't think this is something that should be forgotten with time, and after this war is over, I want to start instilling the skills in more wolves. Not all may necessarily want, need, or are able to master it, but I don't think we should leave this part of our legacy to be swallowed up in history"

I heard Athena take in a deep breath and looked over at her, seeing her smile light up her face. I knew this meant a lot to her. She trained her whole life for this, dedicated much of her time to teaching others, and I know what I said must have really struck her.

I squeezed her hand in response and smiled back.

"Of course Kyda. Athena - welcome to the pack. We can spend the day seeing what's already been written while you correct and add as needed to our sacred library. The Volkis will guarantee the preservation of your knowledge"

I nodded and left the women to their talking while I went to find Max. I knew he was spending a lot of time with Damien training in both human and wolf form, as well as planning. But now with the war so imminent, I just wanted to enjoy his presence.

I found him and Damien nodded briefly at me before stepping out, leaving Max with me.

"Babe? Everything okay?"

I ran the rest of the way to him and jumped while he captured me, bringing my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

"I've done so much preparing for this war. I just want to spend some time with you"

I inhaled his scent and he leaned in to kiss me before he set me on my feet.

"Shift" I immediately shifted to my wolf at his command, recognizing his voice as both my mate and my alpha.

He soon shifted after me and started chasing me as I ran into the woods to a quiet lake and jumped in.

I heard the splash knowing was right behind me before his wolf nipped at my tail playfully while I growled in return.

We spent the next few moments chasing each other in and out of the water before he stepped out, shook out his fur, and shifted back to human, his cock already hard and flat against his stomach.

"Kyda" He growled and I whimpered as I also shifted back to human form.

He came for me, like a lion to pray, while I tried to back away back into the water but he was too quick. He grabbed my arms and twisted me, my back to his front, before he lifted one of my legs and wrapped it around my hip, his other hand coming up to my stomach, gliding down towards my wet skin, and dipping into my pussy.

I clenched as his fingers massed my folds before two dipped into my core, my pussy squeezing at the intrusion.

He lowered his mouth to my neck, nipped at my skin, before he worked his magic, scissoring his fingers in me while I mewled in his hands.

"So fucking wet Kyda"

I whimpered before he added a third finger and started rotating in me, hitting my spot and bringing me to a quick orgasm that I almost forgot where I was.

He removed his fingers, bringing them to my mouth while I immediately opened and cleaned them off.

"On your knees for me" he whispers. I slowly walk out the rest of the water and get down on all fours on the ground, feeling the cool breeze touch my body and my pussy.

I see him walk slowly behind me, his one hand pushing my face to the ground while his other tips my hips up.

I feel his fingers move up and down my glistening folds, "You're beautiful"

He positions his cock at my entrance and thrusts hard and deep into me while holding my hips attached to him that I cry out at the intrusion.

"Take me babe. I know your wolf wants it"

I hum in response, my pussy squeezing his cock like a vice while he pistons in me.

"God, I love you like this Kyda. Ass up, face down, giving yourself to me, trusting yourself to me."

He brings one of his hands to my puckered hole and I tense.

"Shh baby relax. Just a little play you aren't ready for more yet"

He inserts a finger into my tight hole while his cock is deep in me while his other hand comes and pinches my clit before my orgasm hits me with such force that I lose myself. He comes soon after, jetting his semen so deep into me that I warm at the thought of potentially getting pregnant.

As I continue to milk him, he finally pulls out of me and takes a step back. I go to lift up, but he keeps me pressed down, "Not yet. I want to watch my cum in you"

I shiver at his crass and feel his fingers swirling our combined juices before he takes his finger and pushes it back into my ass.

"After this war is over, the next thing I'm going to conquer is this."

I whimper as he slides a finger in me, trying to pull my ass forward, but he keeps me there.

"And don't worry baby, you're going to love it so much, you'll beg me to do it again once I'm done with you"

He slowly removes his finger and lifts me up before he places a kiss on my lips before he pulls us to walk back towards the packhouse.

I look at the lake, thinking it would make sense we just wash up here before going back inside, but Max already answered my unspoken thoughts.

"Oh no Kyda. We're shifting into our wolves and running back to the house. I want my cum inside you just a little longer"

He smirks as my cheeks redden, but I already know, what my alpha commands, he gets.

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